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  1. So humid hear my glasses fog no matter what I do, mask or not.
  2. I remember once, my photo was used on the Bill Mahr show. I called them and they paid. the EL license next day. I've had a photo used on Good Morning America. They paid me an EL. How can these companies not afford at least that much while they're raking in tens of millions?
  3. And being in the middle of pandemic, even a few hundred bucks a month can make a difference if they shut the economy again. I think cutting our income at this point in time was a horrible thing to do. Kicking people when they could be suffering while raking in millions from them just isn't responsible.
  4. I've thought about it I've already done the work and most of my images have earned what they needed to earn at this point. I just won't upload new images anymore, and I'll wring out the last bit of dollars that I can while I can. I'll put new imagery on other sites. I don't see how pulling my relatively small port would make any kind of point.
  5. Thanks! We earned them a lot of money, especially at a time when they were growing to be the leading agency. It really stings to be hit like this when people like you, me and thousands of others helped this agency to become what it is today.
  6. I am definitely considering it. I had recently just started uploading again, but that has stopped. I had plans to start uploading drone pics and footage as I learned to use that platform. The issue is that I've already put the work in. I want to see what this month leaves me and then decide.
  7. Signed. Cutting commissions in the middle of a pandemic when most people are financially struggling is just a low blow. Could have at least given us to the end of the year to get things figured out.
  8. Not very big. Maybe the size of a cat, but a little longer.
  9. Not very big. About the size of a large cat.
  10. Saw a river otter the other day while hiking. Was a first. Usually the river is too polluted in this area for them to be comfortable. And today was first copperhead sighting of the year. Almost stepped on him.
  11. I got that one from Amazon for $22. They have a variety of colors and sizes. That's why I'm including it in the package. Makes it easy on them and it doesn't cost me much.
  12. Sari, There are way too many snakes in your yard!
  13. Sometimes, you just have to do it through glass at the zoo.
  14. Wow! I came close to stepping on a copperhead on the river trail last year. I was maybe an inch away. I might have pooped a little in my pants.
  15. He's six now. He actually likes me doing his photos. He's so used to it.
  16. Doing some stock shots with my other son and right now, i'm putting together a package for high school or college grads that are missing out on their graduations. I'll offer portraits with them, their family, a nice architectural pic of the school, etc., in a frame. We'll see how that goes. I can do this while still social distancing so it should be cool.
  17. I'm ok for now. I have a good savings. I usually take summers off anyway. I don't know about the product shoots. I don't think anyone his hiring to do that. I don't rely on stock photo income. It's gotten so low now. Im not sure uploading product pics would help make up the lost income. We're talking $60k a year here.
  18. Thanks! That pic is still making me money 7 years later. I'm so thankful for it. My photo business is really hurting right now because of this virus thing. Since 2012, I've made most of my income photographing people in sororities and fraternities. I have no idea what will happen to me and my family if things aren't back to normal by fall. I'm way more scared of that than the virus. I'd rather take my chances, knowing that it could kill me as much as anyone else. I'm just a small voice though.
  19. What it is? Are you guys surviving the pandemic?
  20. I hiked all over that mountain and run the trails now. Helped me lose 100 pounds.
  21. Hi Patrick! Nice meet you. Yes. Plenty of history around. I actually spend a lot of time hiking and running on Kennesaw mountain. The newest images in my port are from there. Not big sellers but fun to shoot.
  22. My older one is 11. I still have a younger one who is 5 now. He's a piece of work. I've lived in Kennesaw since 2015, but I'm about to move closer into Atlanta. I went through a divorce in 2016, but still hang a lot with the kids. I kinda got away from stock while working on my portrait business. My sales have dropped off so I need to get my portfolio back to working for me. That's why I looked at the forums. I need to figure out what sales because I've only uploaded a few files over the past couple of years.
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