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  1. Here on shutterstock can you sell exclusive photos? how does it work? can you tell me all the details? thank you
  2. however I have sold many editorial photos the same also many old archive photos like the maradona one, those of berlusconi :)
  3. Yes it takes too long, in fact it bothers me because I was a news reporter, so I know you have to be quick to sell, whereas when I worked with gossip magazines you could do it more calmly :)
  4. emipress


    hello I did not accept the photos for this reason: Credentials required, please see Shutterbuzz - http://www.shutterstock.com/buzz/credentials I have sent the mail with the credentials writing the code number of the service with several pictures but they have not yet approved, maybe I have to resubmit it again?
  5. emipress

    facebook page

    How can I promote my portfolio with a facebook page?
  6. emipress

    you came back

    HI, because you have to work the photos one at a time like before? you can not do more to groups all together?
  7. Hi, you said that now you can also write in Italian but I was not able to send photos to the review because I always mistake, I always write in English?
  8. thanks, so I can not do less than $ 75. Now I have earned $ 53 so I'll have to wait to apply for the money.
  9. It seems to me that I have read that the way you write the captions were changed and became easier to write the city was without date, etc. etc. right?
  10. Hello, I saw that my minimum payout is 100 but it is not a fixed number and saw that you can modify. So I change it? I put $ 50 payout? thanks
  11. emipress

    Photo sales

    Hi,I make editorial photos but I do not know which photos they bought and who bought it if newspapers or magazines or anything? on this site do not know which photos were sold?
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