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  1. I am currently level 5, (one of) my photo is a year and a half old has about 4300 dl, and is now selling for 0.10... yes, with rank 5 I get for 1 dl 0.10. Shame on you SS!
  2. This is very frustrating, instead of using time for photo retouching, I'm wasting it on reuploud...and in that way I lose the notion of what I sent and what not...
  3. @Atgier My new files have very little sales, and that's just some files in the first 2-3 days and after that there are no more sales. I just can not accept the fact that in those 1300 files there is not a good stock photo that would continue to be constantly sold. Simply my problem with selling new files was not created gradually, but literally overnight. I contacted the support and they are ready to follow and watch my problem, so I hope that it's just a bag with my profile that they will handle.
  4. I worked like this before, so there was no problem to the change since last year when they were removed graph statistics "sales of new files" from that moment everything went bad for my new files I sent
  5. Hi Alexandre, Yes you are right, some are underexposed because I love the cinematic look/cinematic color grading
  6. Zdravo! It makes sense that they changed the algorithm, but many of my colleagues do not have this problem their new files are being sold. So, Maybe it's a bag or I'm just an experiment for algorithms that do not work. I just do not accept the fact that due to the increased number of files, sales have been reduced. This happened suddenly, as if someone switched off the switch and turned off the light.
  7. Hi People, all the files I sent since May-June 2017 until today they do not have sales, or they sell a minimum, and quickly disappear. Before that date, everything functioned normally, after May-June 2017 until today they I almost 1300 files thrown into the toilet. This is very frustrating. What's happening? Someone with similar experience? Costs are increasing, and there is no revenue from new files.
  8. Hi, I need help. Several of my photos were rejected, the reason is: Title / Keyword Trademark -- Title and/or keywords contain trademark issues (e.g., brand name, compa.. The title is: Young man and woman warming up on bikes in the gym Keywords: gym; fitness; bike; exercise; workout; woman; man; training; young; people; indoor; bicycle; sport; club; cycling; equipment; spinning; health; fit; active; lifestyle; cycle; female; male; athletic; attractive; exercising; warming up; handsome Where did I go wrong, which keyword? Tnx! Milenko
  9. Hi There! Single & Other Downloads $0.33. In the last month I have had several such sales. If I am not wrong minimum should be $2 Anybody had such sale?
  10. Here are abused my vectors http://www.dl4all.com/graphic/1310083-logo-for-your-business-vector.html Whether it is worth this report, and to whom to report?
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