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  1. ss asked me earlier not to mess with their site. only they can mess (it up). but unless they fix this, i will have to disagree with them. however, right now i have no free time to do this so it will have to wait mid-december...
  2. yup, i didn't go into details, just the idea of having the main window (with keywords) on the screen whole time, to avoid scrolling.
  3. ss team, could you please not use word "exciting" in your announcements and posts? i agree with @Alexander Kirch regarding the layout. but if there ever was a test user, it must have been @Authentic Creations
  4. yes. but, review isn't consistent. one reviewer made a mistake, another was more careful.
  5. have you ever read submission guidelines? https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/pkb_sstk_core_contributorkb_home?l=en_US&c=ContributorKB%3AGuidelines_by_content_type
  6. some genius now "improved" the process by linking "submit images" from the top menu to the new upload page which then has "start here" button that takes you to the old page where "submit images" used to link. jesus. you just added another useless click to the process. it was fine even after the new content editor last night, but ss team continually "improves" things. is there a sane UX designer working at ss?!?!? oops my mistake confused it with "upload" button.
  7. kate replied to everybody but me. my posts are being ignored. thanks for that. is it because i keep telling you how bad UX you keep pushing on this site? also... those are not improvements, those are changes. the fact that you have to teach people how to use the new interface is a clear indication it's step backwards. you should have asked a group of beta testers all these questions and come up with a release that would be great. in my emails earlier this year i offered free help, you don't need it but this is what you come up with in your shiny great empire state building offices...
  8. and now, every image is one batch. this is ridiculous. guys, we're wasting our time. they can never truly fix this, they won't even try and they will never admit they are plain wrong with this UX design - so we have to get used to this horror.
  9. Sure, they always listen to what contributors say.
  10. maybe even an online course. if you need to draw boxes and arrows - it's a bad interface! hope you can accept it at ss some day.
  11. the good thing about the old editor was that with one glance you could see everything about a photo you were about to submit. now, you have to select the photo and scroll on the right side to see all the data you provided. if you choose multi-select and decide to go back to single image, the cancel button is on the left side, not really what i'd expect it to be - near where the "multi-select" button was. why not clicking on the suggested keyword to add it - now i have to click on + and that requires precision. why allowing over 50 keywords and then writing "Sorry, please have at most 50 keywords" which becomes visible only when you scroll back? why not giving a visual feedback when all the info for the image is properly given (make its border green?) and when it's missing (make image border red?). and so on... but, i don't work for free. and you already cut my earnings (no sales in 6 hours!) so why should i work for you for free? i also gave you feedback on the front page and on the earnings page - but did you even consider it?
  12. oh, late shift? just make sure a few contributors test it before you roll it out. i know, never gonna happen...
  13. irina, yes, you can submit more than one image at a time, just select more of them before you click submit. but... that should be obvious from the interface. perceived affordance is what's missing at this site. guys at ss, check out this book: https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Make-Think-Revisited-Usability/dp/0321965515 many more also available. sad. i guess work day is over at ss so we won't hear alex and kate soon.
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