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  1. Wendy - LOL - not many things are squirrel proof, nor raccoon proof. They're both just too good climbers! ๐Ÿฟ๏ธ ๐Ÿฆ Sheila - city Turkeys are too brave for their own good, LOL!
  2. The butterfly image you have is not a Monarch (looks nothing like it) - it is an Old World Swallowtail (Papilio machaon).
  3. I have other feeders that are hanging on shepherd's hooks, and the raccoons can't get those because they're too thin and slick to climb up on, and the feeders are too high for them to reach. This one feeder, however, is big and heavy and it's on a big post for that reason; a shepherd's hook would never support it. So now it's a feeding station for raccoons, too... ๐Ÿ™„ The squirrels don't come where these feeders are, because Bob and Sugar both like to go after them. So they stay away farther.
  4. Yeah, and usually the results (that I have seen) are poor quality, too.. However, I do believe that you get better results if you add more keywords to refine your own search, so the results match your image better. The other day I wasn't getting almost anything until I added more keywords to the search, and then I had more and netter images to choose from.
  5. Wendy that "castle" is actually a church in Helsinki - MrSorbias just made a nice composite of it with clouds to make a dream castle out of it Sheila - we have hundreds of trees so I'm not worried about that. I'm just sad for the birbies that lost their nests, and the fact that was a really nice tree until MaNature started demolishing it. Now we can't see up the driveway to the top of the hill from the house, either, till we clean up the fallen trees, as the smaller one blocks the view. It's nice being able to see up the driveway, so you know if someone is coming down. Your
  6. There are old rotten trees in the woods that should fall over if you just look at them for too long, and they're still standing because there were other trees around to block the brunt of the wind. The three that fell are out in the open in the same line, so the wind hit them full force. I'm just sad for the birds that had their nests in there Last year the Scissortails had their nest in the biggest tree on the very top, and when the wind blew down the west-side part of the tree (they were growing from the same base, but two separate, very large trunks) their nest on the east-side
  7. I *think* it should be submitted as a photo, since it's a composite of two or more photos, right? I have an image in similar style, and I'm sure it was submitted as a photo - And no, it wasn't a restaurant, it was a travel agency. It's long gone now, I think some other agency bought them out a lifetime ago, LOL! Gee, Sheila - you need to slow down! LOL!! The severe thunderstorms rolled through this evening and we lost at least three trees. It got dark while it was storming, so I haven't checked the rest of the property, the three that I can
  8. Sheila - yeah, probably a good idea to take a day or two off from the yard work - it's so easy to hurt yourself when you're already sore and you start compensating and using all the wrong muscles to work. Those bricks look really heavy - I have some around one of the flower beds, but they're no more than 2/3 of that size, or less. Mine are plenty heavy enough. MrSorbias - I like your medieval pics, I hope they sell well for you. You also caught a good light for the Uspenski pic; I was just counting that it's been 36 years since I had a job one summer in one of the old buildi
  9. The smilies are causing this thing to glitch and I couldn't continue the previous post -- anyway, Sheila - that was a beast of a job and I'm sure you're happy that part of it is over now!
  10. They're already almost full size, one of them I have a hard time telling if she's one of the youngsters or the old ones. I also think that's why the other time that one "chick" had been half eaten and then puked back out (you can tell where it's been inside the snake by the slime vs. the dry part) - it was probably too big for the snake to swallow. Their jaws can stretch out pretty dang far for the size of their heads, but there's still a limit. I had a video of mating butterflies rejected for "Mature Content Designation: This content must be designated as โ€œMature Content."
  11. Yeah that was before my time. Does that make you feel better
  12. The two missing chicks were outside the chicken run waiting for the others this morning ๐Ÿ™„ They must have been hiding somewhere last night since I tried to look around for them, but never saw them. But anyway, so there's still two more for wildlife to grab.... eh eh.... so out of the eleven there's four left total, right now. I hear and see hawks every day as well, sometimes they come check out the chickens right over the house. I hear one screaming just a while ago, and it was flying low on the west side. Went to grab the camera - which was just 15 feet away in the house - an
  13. Yeah, some of us were here when Shutterstock went public and he became a billionaire. Also, he's not the CEO any more, Stan Pavlovsky is - when the change happened we got the new earnings structure as a present last year.
  14. I've got a ton of more yard work waiting again, but I also have to clean up / re-arrange the loft, which is a shit ton of work, and besides that, I have more than a dozen videos uploaded, but waiting to be keyworded. Not enough hours in a day! LOL! Temps are in the low 90s for the next few days, with heat index a little higher, so it could be worse! Re: the Hummers - we only get the Ruby-throated ones (that I know of), so no variation there. Just with the exception of the leucistic one(s), but that's just a loss of pigmentation. In the other news, the rat snake ca
  15. I wonder if a foot print would suffice?
  16. The scammers can also spoof numbers - as in - it shows you some number on your display, but the call is actually coming from a number that you never see. Most of the time the intent is to make you think it's a local number, so you feel "safer" to answer the call.
  17. Yeah, BUT - you can have SUPER simple images / renders that can sell hundreds or thousands of times, and your job is to figure out the essence of something that can be used in lots of places and in lots of different ways.
  18. There are lots of baby name websites, and they usually include names from other countries as well, so you won't run out if you pick a letter and go from there. And really, people are likely to rename them anyway, so save yourself some trouble and pick a website, and go from there. Also, I don't know if you've ever watched kitten academy live stream on youtube, but they usually have themed names for their [fostered] baby sets, and they can be quite cute. Look it up for ideas!
  19. Sheila - that's a lot of work, and having to be super careful around all those lines doesn't make it any easier! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Re: naming the kittens - you'd probably make it easier for yourself just to pick a theme and name a set of them with that theme (like you have your own pets!), or, just start with letter A and name all in one set with a name that starts with A, and the next set everyone's names would start with B. Then just use a list of baby names from the dozens of websites available for that. Also, your kids could probably provide you with piles of character names from the gam
  20. Everything around you is different than most other places. What seems "normal" to you is "different" for people from other parts of the world. You see that spruce forest right next to you - or all those beautiful birch trees? Go shoot them, in summer, in winter, along waterways, any which way you can think of. Where I am, there are only oaks, oaks, oaks everywhere, and small ones at that. For here, that's "normal", for you, that would be different. The thing is - is a buyer needs a pic of birches, I can't provide that - but you can. So go use that opportunity. The sheep -- Finnsheep, huh?
  21. Yeah, if I ever had a water tank of any type, it would need to be freeze proof. Our deep freeze last winter was unusual, but even on a normal winter we can get a week's worth of freezing temps. I saw that leucistic Hummingbird from last year today again! I've been wishing to see her again, and today was the day. So, she apparently lives somewhere near for the summers. It'll be interesting to see if she has any leucistic offspring! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  22. Sheila - looks like a giant job! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Don't get zapped by the power line! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Our rain finally stopped. Now I'm gonna start worrying about the next rain, or the lack of it ๐Ÿ˜„ I had to fill in a giant hole in my flowerbed where the gophers had made their tunnels, and with all the rain the dirt just washed out until the top just collapsed. It darn near swallowed one of my newer roses as well, it was barely hanging on to the dirt that was left.
  23. I keep the chicks in the coop until they're basically so big that they NEED to get out, and by that time they're so big that they can't get through the chicken wire, either (which they do when they're tiny). Problem is - they don't always get into the coop for the night, but roost in the run on the perches I have in there. If they go in the coop for I can close the door and snakes can't get in there. If they stay out the snake can get them. Also, if I leave the coop door open overnight then of course the snakes have access. Enclosing the run with hardware cloth would keep the snakes out,
  24. Yeah, Wendy, we're at 6+ inches now for the last few days. If we calculate the rain for the last 30 days, which includes the dry spell we had, we're STILL at 200% of the rainfall we normally get at this time of the year in 30 days. So it's kinda crazy. In the other news, the snake is back again, or one of them, anyway. I saw it yesterday in the barn, but it went hiding as soon as it saw me. Not a very big one, maybe 4 foot, or 4'6" tops. Well, this morning the stinker was in the chicken coop, with two youngsters killed in there, one had been half swallowed and then puked back
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