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  1. "Sometimes" would certainly be an improvement as far as I'm concerned 😄 Sheila - yeah, the camera gear can be heavy, even if you play it smart and only grab the mere essentials. It's steamy here today, 94F with 110F heat index (right now!). For some reason my husband is not willing to go back out to finish up the break job on the big truck...LOL!!
  2. Ahh, we can blame that on slow internet connections, there was probably a whale sleeping on the under ocean cable and squishing it so hard that data couldn't get through In the other news it appears the raccoons gave up scavenging the yard for bird seed after I started putting the big feeder in the house for nights.
  3. If you look at the top on right of the image it still says editorial use only - the problem is that it's not visible enough.
  4. You should be able to set your view to "narrow" also separately so it doesn't have the super wide angle. I mean, you CAN do it with the stabilization, but it's also available in the regular settings for the video. I have an older GoPro and it has that, and depending on the other settings (resolution / frame rate) you have more or less options for the width of view. The data rate is quite high on those settings, which probably causes an issue with the connection between GoPro and your phone? In your other setting the GoPro does the stabilization in the software, so it probably can'
  5. It is a good pic, but I think Doug is referring to an old inside joke about ducks and shooting them...... I don't have a link to the thread, but it's from 2010 or so.... probably in the archives. I found it -
  6. I was just thinking that it would probably save my nerves a little if I switched the bells to something less loud... it's actually a dog collar with LARGE jingle bells, five of them, and when Marshall starts tossing it around it's LOUD. Well, it's loud for someone who expects darn near absolute silence like me
  7. I put one up for Bob when she was little, and she'd just touch it with her nose for a little jingle, I didn't even train her, I think she trained herself (the smart cookie that she is ). When Marshall arrived he took all his cues on everything from Bob, and he became a monster jingler as soon as he was tall enough to touch the bells - it was too high for him at first, but he grew quickly to reach it. He was also really good about going out to pee/poop right from the start; the first day you could tell he wanted / needed to go out when he was looking out of the windows towards the y
  8. We have a "doorbell" at the door that especially Marshall uses when he wants to go out. We HAVE TO put him in his crate and close the door for the night, because if he can roam free he thinks it's appropriate to jingle the bell to go out at 3AM -- and the truth is, he doesn't need to, he just wants to. He also whines in the crate in the morning IF my husband is at home, because he knows my husband will let him out early. If my husband is not at home, Marshall will not utter a sound until I get up, because he knows better... Bob, on the other hand, can roam around all
  9. Thank You, Heide. Apparently they're still working on it.
  10. I don't see any of that even on Edge.
  11. What browser are you using, I don't see anything like that? 😲
  12. Jeff - I absolutely agree. Also, if it was up to me, I'd ban all traps unless there's a way to make sure only the intended species of animal can get caught in it, AND it doesn't have to suffer in ANY way. Live trap is fine to an extent, and then you MUST check it so often the animal won't suffer in it, say, in heat/ drought / other conditions. I don't like killing any animals at all, especially if one lives in the sticks and WE are the ones encroaching on THEIR habitat - they were here first, for generations, long before us. I still understand that in some situations it's necessary, but a
  13. Sheila - yeah, that was just a wing left over from the buzzards. Sadly they get most of the "goodies" since they're out and about during the day and they spot the food and get to it hours before the coyotes or others even know it's there. But they're not mother nature's cleaner uppers for nothing, they're quick and efficient!
  14. Jeff - yes, she got caught in a trap back in late December, I think. She hobbled by one of the cameras with the trap hanging off her paw, and the chains dragging behind. A couple of days later she showed back up without the trap, I'm sure she chewed her paw off to get rid of the trap. People shouldn't put out traps that ANY animal can get into. And yes, those are Turkey vultures - but I did have a Black vulture in one of my clips (surprised me, I didn't think we have them), I probably didn't include it in this set. I had tons of vulture footage because of the frikkin' snakes killin
  15. Was there no option to just have it delivered, and you would have installed it yourself, or are there some regulations about that? I ask because the set of appliances we have now are the only ones I've ever bought, and we went to the store, bought them, carried them home and put them in. But we also have the most basic appliances, and no fancy, expensive stuff.
  16. Sheila - I'm not sure you know it, but price of lumber is absolutely sky high right now. Anything is pretty much 4 times the "normal" price. It'll be a good while before the prices go down - and hopefully they will. That said - $150 and $75 is steep, but I'm sure they counted in their labor, or did they charge for that separately?
  17. Well, July has always been pretty slow, as people in a lot of places actually do have vacation and they're not working So the DL Faerie must be following suit - she has a hard job, anyhow, having to fly from one port to the other delivering downloads!
  18. The forum and the contributor pages are separate entities, so that may be part of the problem. I log on through my phone so seldom (to either one) that I don't even know if it works like it's supposed to. Sheila - I hope the delivery of the new oven goes smoothly And maybe the problem with the fridge is something small that you can just fix easily?
  19. That's right, Ruudeeeh They did finally crack open the door to my port and I was allowed to have two DLs late yesterday for a total of 55 cents. Today's been much better, a decent SOD and a decent video sale, plus smaller stuff. Maybe I can forgive SS a wee bit
  20. Seems like Shutterstock doesn't agree with you..... they stopped my downloads yesterday sometime (I'm thinking early afternoon or so) -- and NOTHING since. Not even a 10c DL. Thanks, SS Deb - that's dang near ingenious! 😮
  21. Ruudeeeh! Kelly is going to HAVE TO create a new username for the forum Thank You very very very very much, both of you! Yo Kel, if you're reading this, Thankies, Sis! I always appreciate you remembering that I'm getting older We all know the alternative is plenty worse, eh? Yes, I got plenty spoiled - I even had cake for breakfast! Ha! Also for lunch, and after dinner You could say that I'm almost caked out! I also got long video chats with both the kids and the g'kid was there, too, for one of them T'was a great day, I'm almost ready for zzzzzzzz
  22. Unless you get one of those videos that sells at 25 cents a piece for hundreds of times. That'll get you there in a hurry.
  23. I got two 34 centers yesterday 😐 Also a $6 one, so I guess that's a wee bit better. At least that's putting me a little closer to the next level, if nothing else.
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