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  1. So we should be screaming yes yes, it is
  2. Jeff, they both are, the female with a gimpy left front, and the male with a gimpy left hind foot. And they were hanging out together....
  3. I'm with Wendy, don't know anything about that site. Here's my newest one:
  4. If your earnings haven't been zeroed yet, there's probably something wrong. Mine were zeroed several days ago. Have you checked that your tax information is up to date? If it's not, you won't get paid till it's fixed. There has also been occasions where contributors were accidentally skipped and they didn't get paid till the next pay cycle. Check your tax info and go from there.
  5. If the "free photo sites" exploit people and their work, it's better that it's also known by people who use it.
  6. Yeah if the designers had any clue of how stock works, they'd probably try to use the more fair sites to source their material from. Also, it costs them less in TIME and frustration when they have a subscription to a good stocksite where they can find what they need, vs. trying to find something for free for hours. Time is money, and less frustration is less stress. Hopefully enough people read it and adjust their thinking a little bit.
  7. ...aaaand the other way round I learned to ice skate as a kid, I was probably about 30 when I tried rollerblading for the first time, and never had a problem with it. I've never even seen roller skates I've been watching the Olympics every day, but there are lots of things I care nothing about. Of course I love all the equestrian disciplines, and apparently I missed my favorite one, dressage. I never look at the schedules, so if it's on TV and I happen to be there, I will see it - IF it's something that I want to watch. There are some sports that seem to take a
  8. Patrick since you switched your port off, can you not see your old video sales any more at https://submit.shutterstock.com/earnings/details?category=video_all&language=en to see what you were selling before?? My best selling video literally stopped selling for a long time (I want to say a year, but I'm not sure if it was that long), but it started selling again and has since racked another dozen sales.
  9. Yeah, all SS images and videos have ALWAYS been royalty free. Same for AS and many others. The customer pays a single license fee to use the product, but doesn't need to KEEP paying royalties on the sales they're getting though the product. Hence, royalty free.
  10. Three days in, not at $2 yet for total sales. I think I could categorize the start as a "complete fail"?
  11. Sheila - that sounds like an annoying experience for you and poor workmanship on the part of the tire people, causing you extra trouble and cost. I'd take that up with the management. We're supposed to have another couple of days of "cooler" weather at around 86F (30C), before we go back to high 90s (36C+) for the weekend and next week. We had some rain chances a few days ago, but all that was produced went around us - again - so close that we were watching it rain down just a couple of miles away. Too bad you can't just drag the rain clouds to you 😐 So the grass is starting
  12. Those seed heads do look attractive, IMO; as a matter of fact I took a pic of similar in the back yard a few weeks ago as the setting sun was lighting them up from the back side and they looked nice. I think I deleted them later, though, because I should have walked over there and shot them with a different lens instead of shooting them from far away with a long lens. Point being - they looked nice (Probably wasn't Timothy, though, but some other grass that grows wild around here)
  13. I was going to ask if that was Timothy grass but I can see it is from the title. Timothy can be a valuable crop, far from a weed Congratulations to Australia for silver in eventing team competition, as well as having the oldest medal winner (Andrew Hoy) since 1968. Great rides! Also, congrats to Great Britain for the gold in the team eventing! And, congrats to Germany for the first ever female gold in individual eventing contest in Olympic history Watching that made me want to go grab a horse and go ride! In the other news, the local tire recy
  14. The answer to the question depends completely whether one submits pics only, videos only, or mix of both. The difference between the 1st and 2nd is hmmm... quite impressive.
  15. That won't change no matter the level.
  16. Jeff - yeah, I'm sure all those barriers /cones are necessary when you need to reroute traffic. Also the electronic flares are so much better than the "regular" ones, especially if you already have a problem with fires! Patrick - I think it's pretty normal that the volunteer fire dpt will help with traffic if there's an accident, because in rural areas the law enforcement won't have enough manpower to take care of that, but the fire dpt can step in to support. I've seen the volunteer fire dpt do it here as well. Also, I'm sure they're prone to err on the side of caution to kee
  17. Yes, HE got that, but considering that the customer pays at least three times that, then THEY paid for it about $3K.
  18. People who mock accents are stupid idiots, but then oftentimes the youtube comments are a cesspool of human idiocy. And yeah, I saw an interesting looking pic, and only after that I looked at the poster's name, and saw it was you. Made my chuckle, anyway We're having another "warm" day, the heat index is in the 110F range again.
  19. Jeff - is that a pickup truck with a camper top? 😮 Sheila - congrats on the nice sale! My biggest sale for the month is a mere $22 MrSorbias - 20K subs is awesome in my book. I don't even have 400, LOL!!! I have opted to never speak on my videos, mostly because I just don't have anything to say, and also because of that very thing I then stumble on words trying to think what to say. So for me, it's better just to shut the ef up I had a job once where I was expected to carry a walkie-talkie and say things to it in certain situations, but for the first year I refused,
  20. Yeah, SODs used to be "something better" and then they changed to "just as bad".
  21. Sheila you can have the CS6 and CC at the same time. Just make sure you still have the key code for it in your Adobe account, so you always have proof that you bought it. I have an older version of PS that I could use if I didn't have the CC. And, I have CC because I get it free (like you would) as a bonus from AS sales. Also, your free subs to CC will eventually expire, they don't last forever. I have mine stacked so my CC should be free till far out some time next year, at least.
  22. What other settings are there for RAW than NEF that works on your computer? I only ever use NEF. Photoshop opens those just fine. Get him the Adobe DNG converter and have him convert the images to DNG rather than JPGs so they are still RAW images and he can edit them - here's the link: https://helpx.adobe.com/camera-raw/using/adobe-dng-converter.html
  23. As much as your whole family is dependent on getting things done online, I'd expect your area have plenty of providers with enough bandwidth for your needs. We've never had fiber or cable connections where we live, but the alternatives have lately picked up the slack and are performing quite nice. It's great to have a connection that gets things done in a timely manner We did lose power this afternoon, apparently something happened at a substation and the power was gone for about 3 and half hours. We hooked up the fridge to a generator to keep it going and then tried to stay
  24. There are plenty of videos on youtube of people assaulting police horses and getting wrecked as a result. You usually have to be on the kicking end of the horse for that, so this dude was safe, sadly, standing on the front. We're getting another hot day here, possibly hotter than yesterday. Heat index will be in the 105-111F range. Or higher, who knows. The dew point was 78F yesterday which makes the heat absolute misery. Sheila - is your own connection not working again? 😮
  25. Around here that's the exact same thing as punching a police - hopefully the same over there and he gets his punishment.
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