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  1. Patrick - you could make a bunch of different versions of the stop motion - one where you're in the middle of a stride, so your legs are an upside down V, and another where you have one leg up, could be in marching style, so exaggeratedly high
  2. Also, you only get referrals from them for the first two years. If that time has passed since they started contributing, no more referrals to you.
  3. Yeah, horses are herd animals, but - if you're riding a horse you don't know well, always keep it beyond biting / kicking distance from any other horse, because you don't want to get in the middle of it when they decide to clear an intruder (a horse they don't like) from their personal space. For example, my little mare will get SUPER pissed off if a strange horse comes near her, and even with ones she knows, some of them she doesn't want in her personal space - and there will be biting or kicking.
  4. I knew a girl who broke her clavicle, and then it wouldn't heal. Finally the DRs decided to put a plate and screws on it to hold it together. The screws kept popping out, they'd be in a couple of days and then pop out and she had to go back to doctor again, over and over. It was like 6 months before it finally healed. Wild 😮
  5. I do a warm WB, too. Of course, warm for one is cold for another Warm is so much cozier
  6. Good call, you REALLY don't want to be knocked off by a tree limb; it's much safer to bail off! I've come off horses so many times I've lost count, done a few face plants, and once I fell straight on top of my head, but luckily it was on soft grass field so my head didn't get banged up, my neck, however, took months to get back to working order. That's the risk you take with horses...LOL! The "worst" I got hurt with horses was when I did NOT fall off, though. Riding a crazy bucking horse till he stopped got me SO black and blue, it took forever to stop hurting and back to normal colo
  7. LOL, BTDT I was maybe 6, give or take a year. We had a small ice rink in the yard, as my best friend's dad was the janitor for the building (very small apartment building) and he made us an ice rink every winter. So, I fell backwards and no helmet, of course... my mom said I probably had a concussion and told me to stay put. Pretty sure some puking was involved, as well, not a whole bunch of fun.
  8. Sheila - nice vid --- but too much of "big city" for my liking I got ANOTHER video sale for the day... for 25 cents
  9. Got a third video for the day.... aaaand it's under 50 cents... 😐
  10. Not very secure to hold a camera with Got my first video sale on the new level..... same price as the old level.... 25 cents. Not a stellar start to that, LOL!!!
  11. You seem to like to push your pics to HDR type lighting / colors, and that might be part of the problem. I've never used a denoise filter, and I don't get noise rejections, either. If I see noise in my pics I do a light selective "cleaning" with a blur tool (by hand), but that can only be used in OOF areas. It's typically sufficient without tearing the pic apart.
  12. Do you still have your drone? That could do it.
  13. Yesterday when the storm showed up I turned my PC off and unplugged it, and I forgot I had two pics of the Mississippi Kite being edited and open. So now I get to go find them again and redo everything. At least I had this already submitted by then - Sheila - yeah, I'd probably reinforce the box, or start using a carrier that can handle the weight and activity without having kittens loose in the vehicle while transporting them. If one got under your break pedal it could turn ugly really fast.
  14. Thinking about it, I've probably seen those (or smaller ones) used for baby chicks, just never for anything else. Are they using those as single use so in case the kittens are sick you can't spread it to the next batch via the carrier?
  15. South west is fairly good, but there's a small gas plant in the middle of nowhere in that direction, and they have bright lights that show up in long exposure pics. It's less than 4 miles from here, so it does interfere some with the night sky. We even have a telescope that my husband got for a gift, but it's a cheapie so it's SUPER hard to get pointed to the right direction, no matter what you're trying to see.
  16. Yeah I've used a light pollution map or two, seems like they're all slightly different. It appears we're class 4ish, and looking south is my best direction because it's even darker there. Last year I tried shooting the Perseids meteor shower (on right now), but I don't think I caught anything but airplanes and satellites flying over. I guess I won't have to try it tonight because it's cloudy - we had a very welcome thunderstorm earlier and it rained over an inch, and the wind was... hmm.. quite strong. Tried to yank off the wood shop roof and my husband got to fix it afterwards. Any
  17. MrSorbias - do you ever take Milky Way pics? How easy/ hard it is to find a spot with not much light pollution in your area? I've been thinking of trying to catch Andromeda, but NE is about the worst possible direction for me light pollution wise. I'd have to take a drive to a better spot for that. Also, I'd need a tracker, which I don't have...LOL! I've been seeing a lot of Mississippi Kites around lately, and trying to catch them flying on several mornings with my camera - that's when they seem to hang out right here. Yesterday there was three of them, flying mostly just beh
  18. I didn't get the popup, either. In the other news I'm one video sale from the next level, I got there much faster than I thought, but I don't really expect to see much change in the earnings on the next level. The last few I've sold have been the smallest ones, under $1. Unlike last year, I may not even level up any higher with pics, the sales are even more down than last year. That's just horrible.
  19. Cats are developing opposable thumbs... they're planning to take over the world!!!!! The raccoons still have two other bird feeders -- they can't get up to them, unless it rains so hard the ground gets soggy and then they can push the shepherd's hooks down, but the birds always scatter seeds on the ground and the raccoons can still get all that. But they can't raid the big feeder now.
  20. Our house is so small that a small window AC is plenty. It's in the loft, which is open to the main part of the house, so the cold air comes down from there, and a few fans help spread it. Marshall and Bob haven't been injured chasing wildlife so far, *knocking on wood*, but it's always possible. I'm taking the bird feeder down now for nights so the raccoon have less incentive to come / hang out in the yard overnight. I wouldn't want a confrontation between raccoons and dogs. Many years ago Wyatt got a cut on his shoulder one day, and he had been chasing a coyote that day. I have no
  21. Sheila - yeah, and not just in the middle of the day, but ENTERING the barn, which I never thought they'd do. I think he may have been back there again today, I was on the other side of the house and heard the racket again, and Marshall was on the front porch and took off running around the barn, but I never did see anything. We were supposed to be in the under 105F heat index range yesterday, but it got to 110F. We're at 105F heat index (actual temp 93F) right now and we have a heat advisory. The forecast is for 105-110F, so it might get higher again, but also might not. Ei
  22. And, the coyote came back, meandering in front of the barn - or on the south side of it where he was the first time as well. Managed to grab a couple of pics through the front door, and when I tried to sneak out to get more pics, he of course heard me (the door squeaks) and trotted away. Luckily it's so hot the cats are staying under the house or on the back porch in the shade. We're in for another week of miserable heat with heat indices well over 100F.
  23. Yeah, that happens a lot in life We just had a coyote in the barn. Since all the rain keeps missing us again I was outside watering my flowers because they're about to croak. While I'm there I hear a racket from the barn, the chickens are going nuts. So I turn around and look, and the male coyote with bad hind foot comes crawling out from under one of the stall doors, spitting feathers out. Apparently he ALMOST caught a chicken, just enough to get a mouthful of fluff. Then he's standing there clearly thinking "dangnabit, I almost had it, and I'm still hungry, now what?" - a
  24. Yeah, back a while ago when you said something about having a pile of stuff waiting to be submitted I think I tried to warn you that they will be gone in 3 weeks unless you get them submitted. I know I have two giant piles of videos at two stock sites waiting to be tagged... and I'd HATE to have to figure out which ones got dumped.
  25. Should be three weeks. I never tested it...LOL Patrick - yes, there were two armadillos. If you watch it on youtube there is a description for each clip within the video on the timeline. For example, between 4:44 and 4:57 the birds are a painted bunting, an indigo bunting and a cardinal. If you hover your cursor over the timeline, you see them. They're also in the video description (which is where the timeline gets them from) -- click on "show more".
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