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  1. Sheila - I have no experience on the subject, but how much you bill depends on whether they want the rights to the images or if you keep the copyright. Chances are, they may not want the images being used elsewhere, and if that's the case then you sell them the pics with the rights, and the bill is in a different order of magnitude than just pics you retain the rights for. I'm sure there are people around here who do that, and have a good idea of how to bill for the work / pics, but I couldn't tell you who those are.
  2. Patrick I hate to tell you but that's what a large part of the video sales seems to be now. I think I have my record amount of video sales this month at 16, and 12 of those are under $1, and only two are over $10. None are the "old normal" $23 sales.
  3. Yeah, and not just rabies, but leptospirosis and a host of other ones that both people and pets can get. Sheila can you just block the doggie door for nights? That should be easy?
  4. Patrick - LOL That's so old, and even after not hearing it in many, many years I still know the lyrics since they're so great My Mom had a Barry Manilow album with that song.... long, long time ago... Apparently nobody from SS is cleaning up the forum. Ugh.
  5. Thanks for the cleanup! I did that ahhemmmm several years ago to get a spammer off the front page. We're hitting another hot spell here; we had a storm blow through the other day when it was super miserable, and it looked like all the rain chances had disappeared. We got a storm that was full of piss and vinegar, and the lightnings were quite impressive. There were several that hit really close, and from the looks of it, one of them got the nearest radio tower, too (which is 2814 feet or 858m from where I'm sitting) , as there were people repairing the connecti
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