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  1. Sheila - no, and it's never a waste as one might remember something the next time one's looking for something and it can be helpful! I just feel dumb not being able to say what it is. The dead / dry stuff looks near identical to the black/dewberries we have here. Charles - male Cardinals are always such a bright sight, we have lots of Cardinals here as well. The other must be a Western Bluebird as it's slightly different than our [Eastern] Bluebirds. And yeah, the birds will create you lots of pics; I never take pics with my trail cams (I have no use for them), but sometimes
  2. The more I look, the more I think it's in the Rubus -family; raspberries / blackberries / dewberries -- but I'm probably WAY off. I just have a feeling I can almost smell this leaf, I should know what it is. For now, I give up, I've tried to google things that come to mind for images and descriptions, but I don't know!
  3. That dent on the stalk reminds me of blackberry. In your pic (the earlier) the leaf looks quite big, and different, though, than this 2nd pic. I don't think the hairy looking vine is the same plant as the prickly one, so we must be looking at two different plants.
  4. Sheila - do you remember what shape the leaves were, the stem looks a lot like a Pipevine stem, but the subspecies we have here does not have toothed leaves like the one in your pic. I don't know about the subspecies that are in California, though, they are different. Is the dry part that shows underneath of the same part, as it looks like it has thorns? Pipevine wouldn't have those AFAIK. The leaves look large, though, you might be able to ID it with the characteristics you remember of it combined to the ones you see in the pic, including what type of habitat it was living in
  5. Sheila you can click on the image to enlarge it, may take a couple of clicks (takes three for me to get the full size) The face and tail markings on the Waxwings are pretty unique.
  6. Looking at the colors and markings on the birds in that pic I'd say American Robins https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_Robin/id and Cedar Waxwings https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Cedar_Waxwing/id We have Robins, but seeing Waxwings is super rare around here.
  7. Charles, is that Robins and Waxwings? That deer capture is nice, too I had two of my trail cams out of commission because the PIR lens broke on them, then I got one fixed, and yesterday it turned out the other got broken even more when trying to replace the lens; so that one is probably going in trash I ordered a new one to replace it. Patrick you have a great drive to create new things, but it's a good idea to step back before revisiting the work. Let your subconscious work on it for a while, it might come up with something that will be helpful
  8. My motivation sounds like this: Last time I downloaded pics from my "real" camera - mid December Last time I downloaded pics from my GoPro - last day of December Of course my trail cams don't count, because they get checked and downloaded daily if there's anything worth keeping, and they almost never have anything to do with stock, anyway. I *did* upload some videos and I need to keyword them sometime later.
  9. Alexandre - is that images only, or videos and images?
  10. For me that was a major part of the fun of it - not knowing till the birth. And if someone's concerned about colors, all I can say is that that's why violet, yellow and green exist We had some more thunderstorms early this morning, I had to get up and unplug my PC, then go back fro another snooze. Now it's super windy, but sunny, and warmer than it's been in a long time.
  11. I had 11 sales in Alamy in December - nothing huge then, either, and six of those were the butterflies that someone made a huge search for before that; I'm sure I mentioned that earlier. They're going in some book. I'm sure that's the most I've ever had there in a single month. Sadly their sales are not the big ones like they used to be, and them lowering the contributor's share of the sale sucks, too. I've uploaded some more videos to P5 as well as AS, but I haven't gotten around to keywording them yet. Some of those are several years old, and whenever I get those done I have lots more j
  12. I've had the weirdest week on AS; most days I've had way more DLs than my normal, but yesterday I only had one sale. Like it's been HOTTT all week, and yesterday it went freezing, LOL! Got four sales on Alamy this month, but nothing spectacular. Had another (but small) EL here today. Sheila - now that kinda video sale is worth having! I'd die if I didn't get my 8 hrs of sleep, I just can't function with less.
  13. I get very few image rejections. From my last 21 image uploads only two were rejected, and those were taken before sunrise, so noise was pretty much expected. No complaints from me.
  14. The 26 cent video sale I had earlier this month was truly painful. I finally got some better value image sales today, got an EL and a SOD that was just a little less than the EL. The other day y'all were talking about ELs I checked mine and I had gone Nov and Dec without any, after getting four in October. I'd like to see more of them again...
  15. If only those people put an equal effort into better sex education and easy access to contraceptives, they could stop marching for their current cause. But, that would make too much sense 😐 The world ALREADY has too many people as it is.
  16. Linda you better get out there and shoot that snow as much as you can - I don't know what kind of restrictions there are for you. We had three waves of storms come through last night. First one was small, just enough to scare the cats that don't like thunder. Sissy has a hiding spot in the little cabinet under the TV-stand, which is where she goes if it's thundering. I think the closed up "cave" makes her feel safer, and the noise from the TV covers some of the thunder. The second round was rougher and I actually unplugged my PC. Then I went out to set my GoPro to record it, a
  17. Linda - I have zero creativity, I wish I had some! We're supposed to get thunderstorms tonight, so I'm gonna stick some horses in the barn again. Cloudy, damp, looks like it could be drizzling, 54F - so, not that cold, but horribly ugly - LOL!
  18. Linda are you reading the "Drawing on the right side of the brain"? I borrowed it from the library 20+ years ago, and it was pretty interesting, and helpful, but I never got farther that the beginning on it before I had to take it back. So, it's been about 20 years since I drew / painted anything. I saw the article about the Olympics (it was fresh "off the press") yesterday, but it appears the IOC has since denied it. In the article the Japanese government had concluded it was not a good idea. I still think canceling it is the only smart thing to do, but I guess we'll see wha
  19. Awww, they canceled the Olympics. But it's the only thing to do, really, as the pandemic rages on.
  20. Absolutely not! If you submit an image it MUST be your own, you can't use someone else's image for a composite image, or for anything else.
  21. Oh, absolutely. In the old days you knew the tabloids were for entertainment ( i.e., not trustworthy), not for news, and actual newspapers had a reputation to keep up, so they didn't spring out with bullshit. You still have reputable newspapers that hold on to their high standards, but also lots of crappy ones.
  22. I got a 15 cent SOD this month. Remember when SODs were a good thing, even great sometimes?
  23. Not only that, but the misinformation campaigns that are being pushed to a lot of people through facebook and other social networking sites. Like I've said before - if one is getting their news from the facebook, they're being an idiot. It seems that especially older people who grew up 50 years ago or more and got used to being able to trust newspapers, don't understand that one can't place that same trust on what they read online nowadays. Critical thinking skills are missing. The sad thing is, also a lot of school systems in the US are against any kind of teaching of those skills, becau
  24. Our vaulted ceiling in the combined living room/kitchen/dining area, plus the loft ensures you know if it's raining, and torrential rain can get loud. The bedroom however, is much more quiet in that regard because there's an attic partially over it, and the loft. The barn can get insanely loud in heavy rain, I've taken shelter there a few times from a thunderstorm, and you can't hear your own thoughts when it's pouring down, LOL! Pete - just tell that local lady that after the vaccination she'll grow and extra pair of arms and an extra head that's always looking back for better visib
  25. At the rate they're going (or really, not going) around here, it'll take another year to get people vaccinated. As I've understood, they're running out of their supply already. Also, we'd be in the last priority group.
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