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  1. Hi Ruuuudeeeh, and thanks I've been thinking about maybe getting some more chickens so the two hens could have some company. They only had standard size chickens at the feed store when I went to get feed today, and I'd rather have the little bantams. They had baby ducks, too, but I think they would be happier if they had access to water so they can swim, and I don't have that. I hope they coyotes keep away from your place, they can go through all your animals in a hurry
  2. It has always fluctuated, from mere seconds to a week, depending on who knows what. Of course there's always a trend - "slower" or "faster" than usual.
  3. Yeah, same happened to me yesterday. As well, it's not a reason for celebration at all 😐
  4. Oh, the chickens! Yesterday evening the one hen that I thought had been eaten showed up; I don't know where she'd been for the last few days. So, I literally chased her for an hour before I was able to catch her, and put her in the "hopefully predator proof" chicken run with the black hen. I think they're both happy to not be alone now.
  5. There is? I use adblock (uBlock origin), I don't see any ads.
  6. Well I only had one left yesterday... the other one disappeared as well. I'm sure I will figure out very soon if my reinforcements and fixes to the chicken run worked, or if the last one fell victim to predators as well. Rural life 😐 (I love rural life, really, but it can be harsh. It's fall and all the wild baby animals that were born earlier this year have grown now enough to be hunting around for food, and they're all hungry)
  7. Yeah I found a spot where the chicken wire had rusted and broken off from the board that was holding it, so small enough animals could walk through that spot 😐 I fixed it, but chances are I don't have any chickens left. The two I had left yesterday were really hard to find after they escaped, and I couldn't put them back in as I couldn't catch them. I guess I will see later on if there's 0, 1 or 2 of them... Ohh! I see the black hen outside the barn. So that's 1. Hopefully the other one is there, too...
  8. Patrick - yeah. The stupid little shits escaped some time today from their "safe" run and I'll be surprised if I have any left come tomorrow morning 😐 MrSorbias - if only we could make the big sales all the time...
  9. Congrats! Bigger sales do happen. Just keep shooting and uploading pics that YOU like. Oh, and videos, too. You'll fall out of your chair the day you get one of those NICE ELs or SODs. I remember my first EL back in the day when they were all $28 a pop, I grinned like an idiot all day long After having a shi*load of those miniature size video sales last month, I actually have two nicer ones this month. Nothing grand really, but totaling about $30, which is certainly better than 25 cents. Sheila - is it hot indoors or are you having to work outside?
  10. The forum is separate from the rest of the stuff. Sheila - sounds hot! It's great that the co-workers are good to work with, it's such an important detail to have just right. We're headed for a high of 96F for today, but at least the humidity is much lower than normal. It's windy, though, so being outside is no fun.
  11. Just flying low....LOL Not much going on here; the Hummingbirds seem to be migrating - they were emptying the feeders super fast for about three weeks, and while there are still lots of them around, I don't feel like I have to clean & fill another set of feeders again and again. I was going through a gallon of nectar a day easily. I was making two gallon batches at a time and seemed like I ran out at every turn! 😮 If I'm ever going to get pics of them this year I better hurry up or next chance is in April next year.... Sheila - how's the weather down there?
  12. Use the keywording tool, makes your life much easier. If you keyword your images BEFORE you save them on your computer after post processing, your keywords are embedded in the image and if you need to rework the image, or if you submit it to some other stock site, the keywords are already there. The link to the tool is on the top right side on your content submission page https://submit.shutterstock.com/edit?language=en&type=photo
  13. I'd just downsize it; that should fix the problem.
  14. What is the size of the image in megapixels? (Length x height in pixels) If it's larger than 150 megapixels it's too big. https://support.submit.shutterstock.com/s/article/Why-did-I-receive-a-File-Size-error-at-Upload?language=en_US
  15. Yeah, SS still had decent pricing 16 months ago. Then they pushed it off the cliff and it's been a nose dive ever since. If anything, it will only get worse, not better. Sheila - that's amazing. Such dedication! But you gotta love it when you're doing it at that level Wendy - did you remove them or deactivate? So sad
  16. Hundreds?????????? 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 Whaaaat! LOL! I've never heard or seen the word bundt pan, and I had to google it. I just call that a cake pan. Like, to make what I'd call a dry cake. Then I have a loaf pan and a regular, shallow cake pan. I use them so rarely that finding them is a trick in itself ALL of my pots pots and pans, plus my kitchen-whatever-shredder-mixer thingy fit in a 22"x22"x22" cabinet. EVERYTHING. If it's not in there, I don't have it What is a holiday salad?
  17. If you google photographer pricing you get lots of sites that will point you to the right direction.
  18. Yeah this is kinda nuts. It's sad SS doesn't give a flip.
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