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  1. Sheila - it's the ebb and flow of the sales. With the diversity you have in your port, it will surely change before the end of the month. Best thing to do is not pay any attention to it and just go on as normal business May was abysmal for me, and then a few days ago, I had enough $$$ in SODs to beat the entire month of May in a single day. Wish I had more days like that, LOL! It's a welcome breath of fresh air to say the least. That said, I have a single 10 cent sale today, so not flying so high with that
  2. Our actual temps have only been about 90F, but the humidity brings the heat index up a good bit. Looks like it's going to be the same from here on out. Going to be windy here today, so maybe it won't feel that hot.
  3. The thing is, a pic that gets put into the free collection is liable to end up on thousands of hard drives, waiting to be used (and shared / sold / whatever, nobody has control over that), and after that year has passed, nobody is going to say "oh, that was in the free for a year collection, I can't use it now that it has passed". You can forget about those pics from now on till the end of time. NOPE NOPE NOPE.
  4. Wendy - I agree that's kinda on the cool side, but for night temps in the winter - not too awful I'm pretty sure SariMe and MrSorbias are getting near those temps at night in the middle of summer...LOL
  5. Yes - FTPS: https://support.submit.shutterstock.com/s/article/How-do-I-upload-content-via-FTPS?language=en_US
  6. No doubt, those ovens are pretty dang hot Hope you got a nice scar to go with the story (nothing too painful!) Well it appears it didn't get as hot here today as yesterday, our heat index only got to 104F instead of yesterday's 106F..... I've been cleaning up my flower beds most of the day, and that was definitely sweat inducing, to say the least, LOL I even got the last flowers planted that have been waiting for their turn! 😮
  7. Daaamn! 😮 That's gotta be the benefit of having a famous glass factory nearby, that's just awesome
  8. And yeah I'm the Finn living in wild wild west
  9. LOL, Sari, kaimaseni (google translate can't figure that out, because Finnish is too tricky for it, but it's "my little namesake" for all non Finnish speakers) I actually didn't know that äimä is an old word for needle 😮 even though "Äimän käkenä" is a common expression I love it because it's so odd Near Hämeenlinna, huh? Oh, and Iittala 😮 I remember stopping at a little store that may or may nor have been in Iittala; there was a guy blowing glass and I bought a tiny glass swan. It was in the early 80s....... We were on our way to a soccer game with the
  10. Lake or sea? Could be either, in the right circumstances Your nebula renders are awesome, I hope they sell well! 😮 Sheila - I understand playing games on PC or consoles, but I will never understand gaming on a phone. I remember playing Donkey Kong back when the dinosaurs walked the earth and it was hard enough to see what was happening on the tiny screen...LOL
  11. Oh, another thing about this -- they don't NEED to shop around, because a buyer that uses PhotoShop (and possibly other AS apps) can just look for a suitable image straight from the app they are using. Shutterstock also has a plug-in for PS and other AS apps that does the same -- all the buyer need to do is to do an image search in the app.
  12. Sheila - LOL on your daughter I got a new phone recently, too, and it took me almost two full days to get everything the way I wanted. I go heavy handed on the apps that I know I won't ever use, and between deleting them, or if you can't do that, disabling them, it takes a while. And then all the rest of the stuff -- it's a giant time grab just to get things in proper order! 😮 You're probably right. I guess it means I have four iffy images in line, still waiting Just remember to do that within three weeks of uploading them or they get deleted from the queue!!!
  13. Not sure what the logic is with reviews nowadays - I submitted six pics yesterday and they reviewed the first one and the last one, and the others are still waiting... 🙄
  14. I agree with Rudy - EVEN IF they had intern to do that (which they don't), they could be much more productive doing something else.
  15. It was only around 77F when i was checking the trail cams, but the humidity was 92%, so, sticky, and getting stickier! 80F and 87% right now.
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