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  1. SOD's

    Well, if this was your first SOD, and it was a bigger one, you'll find out later that some SODs are the same size as regular subs. Sadly. Most of my SODs are less than a small ODD. Of course, some are nice in capital letters...
  2. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    No, Wendy, that SOD just never showed up on the map, there have been other DLs after it.
  3. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Once again, I got a SOD that is in my earnings, but doesn't show up on the map. Really odd
  4. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Before the colder weather set in, I took some plant cuttings in the house in the hopes of them growing roots and making it over the winter. They're in my butterfly enclosure so the cats can't get to them. I just noticed there's a Gray Hairstreak butterfly in there now - it must have been on the Passionflower as a chrysalis, or even a caterpillar, and then eclosed as the sun is warming it up. Poor thing, while it's somewhat warm outside, there's nothing for it - or her - to eat right now outside. There are no blooming flowers
  5. New shutterstock forum - Chit Chat

    Haha, I just remembered - it was ANYthing goes.... and it's just been gone what, a few years? I guess memory goes really fast, too...
  6. New shutterstock forum - Chit Chat

    We used to have "Everything goes", but when they revamped the forums, this is it now.
  7. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Here's another one.... The top of a round bale used to be a free-of-dogs place for Oscar the kitteh. Now he has to share it with Bob...
  8. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Sheila - that's one of those things you have to think about in advance. I've done same with the inside lights, LOL! Here y'all go -- Cocoa's Pink Blanket...
  9. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Oh, and I got video of Cocoa dragging around the blanket (from the cardboard box) I mentioned earlier. He had already pulled it to bathroom and back before I noticed him, then I got video when he took it in the carrier, and back outside, then back to bathroom again. That cat is nuts And ahh, so entertaining... Tree is up, it was quite challenging. No tree climbers, though - yet.
  10. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Yeah, nobody is allowed to fall off the roof! We just got our tree, letting it settle for a while before decorating it. Cocoa almost tried to climb it already, my husband spooked him off. I'm sure he'll try again. None of the old cats has ever tried to climb the trees before, but Cocoa is just a different child...LOL So, I've already suggested a string from the top of the tree to the ceiling to hold it upright if someone gets too wild with climbing....
  11. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Yeeeeah, Linda - you don't want that kind of snow to accumulate on the roof. Just keep it cleaned off. The Southern US also got hit by snow, but all we got was a cold night and a cold day.... I hope all those people that got snow take the time to enjoy the beauty of it! We're headed for a mid 60s day today, so not very wintry. I like the warm, though, for sure! Patrick - "fancy" is quite relative depending on who's talking I'm pretty sure the one my cousin had was the cheapest one you could find for a child... LOL
  12. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    The thing with Cocoa's effort last night was that I didn't see what he was doing until he was almost done. I missed most of it. After his bed dragging game that I got on video, he's also pulled and dragged two separate (cat) blankets, one from a chair, and the other from a cardboard box the cats like to sleep in. So, he's got this dragging game down pretty well, and he appears to have fun with it. He's pulled that same cushion from that basket, too, I think that's what he originally started with, even before the cat bed. That time he just didn't go far with it, he just pulled it out and dropped it on the floor. I'd be surprised if he didn't continue with that game - so I feel sure I'll get more video some day. Patrick you're living a dream there! I remember when i was a kid, one of my cousins had a microscope, and it was super awesome getting a closeup look at tiny things. My Mom didn't have the $$ to buy anything like that, so I only got to play with the microscope a couple of times when my cousin brought it over to my Granny's over holidays.
  13. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Next time, LOL!
  14. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    I have a cushion in one of the baskets on the cat tree. Cocoa pulled it out, dropped it on the floor and then pulled it inside one of the cat carriers. I think he's doing some interior decorating....LOL
  15. What a pile of S””t

    HAHA.... perfecting my eye for poops, I guess