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  1. Nope, not in focus, at least in what the uploaded image shows.
  2. Linda - or some sort of terrier, or other very quick dog. Bob has helped me kill rats before.... she's so frikkin' smart I can use her for almost anything Sheila - some of the mildews on flowers come from air circulation problems. My flowerbeds are notorious about having too many plants in too small a space, and that's when I notice more mildew problems, as airflow can't get through there. Also, it's important to water the plants so that they have plenty of time to dry before evening, best time is in the morning so the sun can dry the water off. We're supposed to
  3. Sets are just collections that you can use either to track your own sales in different categories, or share with people, or both, but you don't need to have sets set up, your images are for sale as soon as they have been approved. Your images look very nice, just keep adding images, your port is still very very small when you know that Shutterstock has some 350 MILLION images in their database. When you add keywords, try to get at least 30 keywords per image, but 50 is better. Just remember they must be relevant to the image. Use the keywording tool to help you pick out keywords --&
  4. Yeah, I'm not eager having those critters invited to what would be a nice dinner table too close to the house. We will have them around anyway, but having a constant source of food near the house for them is a bad idea. Raccoons carry diseases, skunks will spray the dogs, rats are just not welcome near any buildings, and coyotes run through here quite enough without giving them extra snacks.
  5. I don't think there's ever been a time when I was digging in my flower beds and didn't manage to stab myself in the rose bushes. Those holes are painful, too. Even gloves don't help when you jam your hand forcefully enough when pulling something else out. Ughh. Yeah if I had a compost I know raccoons / skunks /possums / rats / coyotes / crows would be in it, full time.
  6. I have nine video sales this month which, I believe, is more than I've ever had in a single month. However, they're averaging about $5 per sale, so it's not helping the bottom line at all. A lot of work not almost nothing.
  7. That panel has been there for several days for me, I don't like it, it doesn't offer anything that we'd need here. Another one of those useless changes. Sheila I uploaded a kitty video of mine, and all the "related stock videos" that come up under it are yours, except for one, and that's another one of mine...LOL!!! https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1062637855-blue-white-tuxedo-cat-playing-orange-ball I had to run to the feed store today as I was out of horse feed. I'm still pushing with the grocery store trip, as I don't want to go this early in the week. It
  8. The continuation for the malfunctioning original thread found here: http://submit.shutterstock.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=89221 OK, Girls and Boys... here ya go... at your service, the New Hummer Thread!!!
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