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  1. Sheila I've seen so many of them the progression is like a given now, LOL And yeah, once they pop the shell they're out REALLY fast, no time for any adjustments at that point.
  2. Steve I think that must be some sort of platform sales getting reported in batches. Wasn't there some talk about Wix some time back, I don't know what images go for over there, but something similar possibly.
  3. I just looked at my 60 cent sales and while I don't know where they went (the last two that I found) because it's been a few days at least, but they were not in that group of pics that normally sell for prints for me. I know exactly which pics those are. These were more the type that would sell for something like FB, or similar, like something that's used a lot. So maybe yours are the same? Do you know if you have any pics for sale on print sites through SS? If not, then likely yours are going for some platform at those amounts that get reported in bundles like that. It's clearly some sort of round-up of sales once or twice per month, over a few days. I remember when the FB sales started it would bring sales on the same images in bundles over a few days. It may have changed since, however, I haven't seen those in a long time.
  4. Here's one day difference The darker one eclosed the next day, the lighter one the day after. Oh, and it took me a long time as well before I figured out to put paper on the bottom, and yeah, it seemed so basic I didn't post the video of the jumper closing the "door" on me, did I? Here - it's funny -- but it's horribly wobbly because I was holding the phone in my left hand with no support, so sorry about that!
  5. Maybe "Discrepancy in sales between map's list and detailed pages" ?
  6. That's true, but it makes you wonder what other bugs there are and what else is not showing? It could be totally harmless, but there's a leak somewhere, and it wouldn't hurt to fix it. Whiteaster - what if you change your title to get Kate's attention? Or whatever works?
  7. Too many sales, can't see yesterday to make sure, but yeah, today is one off right now.
  8. Wait, wait, wait - I just looked at mine - I have one more sale on the tabbed pages for today than is on the list....I need to see which pic it is - an better check yesterday, too.
  9. I have never noticed it, but I can see where one could miss it easily. You better do a @Kate Shutterstock call!
  10. Oh, and don't forget Amazon has shutterstock pics for sale, too, as prints.
  11. Those sales will be in the SODs, so if you see the same image sell as a SOD at the same place over and over, you know it's a print sale. I get them regularly, just last night (most of them come late at night) I had a 75 cent one. The biggest one I've ever seen was probably around $9, I'm pretty sure it was through allposters, and it's been a couple of years since that. Now most are around a dollar, say, between 75 cents and $1.50 or so.
  12. Yes, they have been selling prints through there for years. You should also know that Walmart bought art.com, so now your work is most likely available from Walmart as prints. At Walmart prices, of course. Also - https://www.art.com/gallery/id--a36459/eric-urquhart-posters.htm?SSK=Eric Urquhart&WT.oss=Eric Urquhart&SSK_ssg=Eric Urquhart At least you only have one image there... 😐 Could be worse.
  13. Rule #1 -- ALWAYS check your images at 100% - otherwise you won't even know if it is in focus, and you can't see noise or chromatic aberration. When you're picking out images to submit, if you see one you like, check it at 100% to see all of the above. If it's out of focus, delete it, you can't fix it. You can remove SOME noise, but like with this image, I wouldn't even try, because it covers the spider as well. If the noise were just in the shadows / dark places, you could try to fix it. Also, you need a macro lens to shoot something this small, your subject is far too small in the frame.
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