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  1. Catalog manager actually has a copy and paste function in it already - when you're looking at the the pic you want to copy keywords from, look for three dots (...) on the right side of the word keywords - click on it, and you have options to copy and also paste.
  2. I have a cat vomit pic for 9/10. Yay...
  3. I think the rating is absurdly stupid because not all images need to be "perfectly beautiful" to convey the intended message, sometimes a less pretty image does a better job, depending on the subject. It's not like the person needing an image can't tell if an image has visual appeal or not, and if they can't, they're probably blind, so it's a moot frikkin' point anyway!
  4. Yeah, I had that female show up dragging a trap with chains on it in late January on one of the cameras. I didn't include it in the January compilation as I thought it was pretty brutal. Then a few days later (first days of February) she showed back up, but with part of her paw missing, I think she chewed it off. Most of the time when she shows up in one of the cameras, she has at least one coyote with her, so it appears the pack mates are protecting her. Sometimes they're not on the same clip (night time time limit for a clip is 20 secs), but consecutive ones a minute apart. So yeah, I f
  5. Sheila I've been thinking the big one is a male, as once as he passed by the camera you could see his balls - but you never know, there could be a female around, too, and it's quite possible I can't tell them apart if they're similarly colored. I'm not a bobkitty expert no matter how much I'd like to be one And yeah, the wildlife here is truly wild, none of the semi-tame stuff that a lot of animals living in higher populated areas are exhibiting.
  6. Thijs - yes, they're very secretive, and you're lucky to ever get a glimpse of one. I've seen them twice in 15 years; first time a mama and her baby were crossing the road about two miles from here as we happened upon them. The 2nd time one was sitting under the tree in the yard one morning, watching my chickens. Bob the pup was maybe 7 months old or so, and the bobcat was really close to the same size as her. After that I bought my first trail camera, I just wanted to see more of them The bobcats here are much smaller than Lynxes in Europe, but they're still pretty, and awesome! T
  7. I think we have two different bobcats, like I suspected some time back when the "small looking one" showed up near one of the cameras in daytime. Last night I caught one on two cameras, and if I overlay the screencap with another from four days ago (same camera), the other bobkitty is WAY smaller, and has different markings on the legs. The overlay of two screencaps: I would be awesome to get more videos of them during daytime, but it almost never happens, sadly.
  8. Well, my new one is not getting any love from rating by better placement - it's down where all the newer ones are... LOL!!
  9. I don't see an announcement of about it, either. Well it says it's an AI-based prediction, so apparently AI is doing the scoring. To me it seems like "now here's a pretty picture and the AI just scored it as a pretty picture..."
  10. I've never actually seen a baby gate IRL, but my understanding is that most of them are just attached to the vertical parts of the opening with tension, so it really doesn't matter how high off the floor they are. I know a lot of people use them for pets as I described, just raising them off the floor so the (typically) dog can't get through while the cat(s) can go underneath. But I'm sure they also come in so many different configurations that all won't work the same
  11. Sheila you need to set the baby gate so that the cat can get underneath it instead of going over it. Low enough where the dog can't get under, but cat fits easily.
  12. Sheila if you just switch tabs on your browser ( I'm sure Macs have that?) it doesn't effect the web upload. Of course if you go to another page in that tab, then it will stop the upload. I browse and upload all the time, as long as the web upload tab is there, it won't affect it. You should be able to just upsize/ zoom in straight in your browser; in Windows it's just control button and scroll up or down with the scroll wheel to make it bigger or smaller. Looks like Macs have similar -
  13. Sheila, FTP and FTPS are protocols, and if you've always been using the same settings and never changed them, it will not work after the 15th. SS only started using FTPS last July, and it needs different settings than the old FTP. It's a small change, but for it to work, you need to do it. Here are the instructions, Cyberduck is half way down the page - https://support.submit.shutterstock.com/s/article/How-do-I-upload-content-via-FTPS?language=en_US I welcome the web upload; it's just slightly more convenient to not have to open up another application to do the tra
  14. Sales so far are A B S O L U T E L Y H O R R I B L E
  15. Yeah the change between FTP and FTPS is very small. I've been using FTPS ever since they announced it was available last summer.
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