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  1. I can tell you what the real draw of Alamy is: you can get bigger sales that do make it worth your while, even if they happen rarely. On my first five months there I sold two pics for $267 each, and as the commission rate was then at 50%, I got half of that. Of course, as on any stock site, you "just" need to have the exact content they're looking for. That's the hardest part.
  2. The add-on ones come with a set strength, and then you adjust the rest with what's on your camera's viewfinder (since that one doesn't go very far). It's usually advised to ask your optometrist for the best value, as how you look through the viewfinder and focus your eye is not quite the same as looking through your glasses. Here's an example that has a set value (-5.o) that'd probably get you fairly close https://www.adorama.com/nkdm5n.html I had to google manicotti, never heard of it before
  3. I don't wear glasses when I take pics, it's impossible to get the focus right (especially on my non-auto focus macro lens) with glasses on, or even just see anything. I got an add-on diopter for my viewfinder so I can get to as close as possible corrected vision without glasses. Of course it's not totally accurate, but it does help. Getting old is hell
  4. That should tell you it's about quality, not quantity. The time you waste on quantity you take away from quality. But of course, it's up to you.
  5. Patrick - it could be a good piece away, the shock wave travels far. You know how if a lightning hits the ground somewhere far away, and it still rattles your house?
  6. Patrick - if it wasn't a thunderstorm or an earthquake, could there be some building going on where they have to detonate rock to get deeper in the bedrock? That would cause similar sounds and vibrations. Wendy - yeah, immune system is directly connected to digestive system, and allergies are typically the response of an immune system gone haywire. There was a piece on the radio a couple of years back where they discussed the processed foods (this was in the US) and their effect on the gut flora. People who immigrated here from different countries had a great gut flora, but after they started eating here the food had an adverse effect and basically destroyed all the good stuff, which resulted in declining overall health. And when you know that EU has banned chicken meat of US origin because the producers use bleach to "clean up" the meat, you also know that eating that chicken cannot be good for your gut health. And this is just one little part. Of course, any time one takes antibiotics it also has a destructive effect on one's gut flora, which is why one should always make it a point to eat yogurt or drink buttermilk that has active cultures, or probiotics with the same, during and after a course of antibiotics. The stool transplants are apparently the most effective way to treat C. diff infections, and could be useful in a number of other digestive problems. They can be as easy as a pill, if needed
  7. Even foals eat their mother's poop to get the gut bacteria they need, I've seen some young horses do it as well. And now thinking about it, doctors do that to some people who need better gut flora, just look up stool transplant. There are different ways of delivery...
  8. Last night's full moon with a little storm passing by...
  9. Patrick I've seen an episode of two of "Australia: first four billion years" https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/series/australia-first-4-billion-years/ and it's pretty dang awesome. I'm pretty sure you can't watch it from the link, but you get the idea. Giant rain forests, dinosaurs, a giant lake / sea in the middle of the continent. Just amazing Wendy - sometimes we hose him down if it's super hot, but even then you usually need to swipe the water off, otherwise it will actually block the heat in 😮 The other horses, being Arabians, SHOULD be able to take it They're built for it, although, humid heat is not the same as dry desert heat at all. We also missed two storms yesterday, they went right by 😐
  10. I agree with Steve, the higher subs don't happen often enough to offset the ones in teens or lower.
  11. Linda can you hang up a tarp or something to keep the rain out of your work area? I'll take y'all's rain, if you can pack it up and send it this way It was so weird yesterday, I actually went out and took a pic of Hank who was profusely sweating because of the heat and high humidity, and only minutes later the cool wind started blowing and it was just a total opposite of what just was. Then, it's supposed to be mid 90s and 100F+ heat index today again.
  12. We had a storm blow through early in the afternoon - the heat index was at 109F when the wind from the approaching storm started blowing, then it started raining, and we were at a quite cool, almost cold feeling 70F soon after. That was a serious change from hot to cold! It didn't rain near enough, though, so crossing everything again for more rain tomorrow.
  13. Make sure all the requirements for taxes are correct, otherwise you won't get paid.
  14. Our dogs' kiddie pool got holes in it (and was thrown away last year) and we need to get a new one -- they LOVE splashing in the water...LOL!!! They usually prefer to stay outdoors most of the day, but they're in the house now.... too hot to be outside! We have some slight chances of rain coming up after tomorrow, and I have my fingers, arms, legs and eyes crossed hoping we actually get something.
  15. Most GoPro footage gets rejected for noise / artifacts because of the sensor size it has and the compression it uses for saving footage. If you're willing to spend a lot of time to shooting, editing and submitting and then get everything rejected for noise, then go for it... Also, for GoPro 4K video you need to have a computer that can handle HEVC codec.
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