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  1. I had an image get stuck in the queue a few days ago - it was the first of the few I submitted, and all the others went through while that one was left behind. Eventually I just deleted and re-uploaded it. Sheila - an hour away could be two miles in clogged-up California traffic, but it could also be 70 miles on a fast moving freeway Also, see if you can find a squeaky mouse toy for your cats - our kittens go absolutely nuts over it, they play with it all the time. The sound is not too annoying, but it gets their attention and they're after it as soon as they hear it.
  2. Is your Java Script up to date in your browser(s)?
  3. I had that problem back seven years ago - my pics did not show in my port at all. The problem was an apostrophe in my name, SS had to manually remove it. Contact support and see if they can help you, it could be something similar, and it could be something else. The email is submit@shutterstock.com
  4. Wendy - out of chrysalis or the initial egg? The caterpillar is maybe 2mm out of the egg. It's a medium size butterfly when it ecloses from chrysalis.
  5. Wendy - nope, they grow incredibly fast. It'll be twice or three times the size tomorrow.
  6. Dresses? I guess I'm lucky I lived up north where it was too cold for dresses most of the time, I would have been one unhappy little kid had someone expected me to wear dresses...LOL My tiniest Gulf Fritillary caterpillar hatched from the egg earlier. I missed it - of course - while I was hanging laundry out to dry. I had just taken some video of the egg as you could see the 'pillar moving inside the egg, then quit as I had chores to do, and when I checked back on it, it had just hatched. Teeny TINY little thing. I hope some of the videos I got are sharp enough, it's dang near impossible to focus on something this small, especially when it moves!
  7. Yeah, you need to get him a collar with a tag and info on it, for his health's sake. I could totally see Otto do the same, as he is super friendly. Luckily, we have no neighbors that close, and he is actually somewhat scared to be outdoors, so he's happy to stay in the house. The Buzzards are already circling the rooster (I carried it away from the original spot) - so someone is gonna eat it sooner or later!
  8. Yeah, it appears like the universe is in some kind of sync between things happening in your life and the pics/vids getting downloaded. I've seen it lots of times. Frostbite? Yeah, that's painful. They also say you really need to make sure the spot that has been frostbitten before is well protected, as the next frostbite on the same spot would be even worse, quicker. So, keep your extremities warm! Love the bugs, they're so fascinating. Should have been a biologist, probably, but too late now. Back in the day I didn't even know such a thing exists...LOL Apparently last night was cold enough for a small hawk (Sharp-shinned?) to get hungry enough to attack one of my roosters. One has been hanging out way away from the others, and this morning the little hawk was feasting on him. I didn't see them until I was right on top of them, and the hawk didn't see me either, being busy with his feast. As he took off flying at the last second, I thought it was a crow first, and then as he turned and flew away I realized it was a hawk. Only after that I found the rooster, with his head missing and feathers scattered around. Too bad the hawk had to fly off hungry Plenty of rooster left for him.
  9. I did find the smaller 'pillar yesterday, it had grown a bunch! The egg is yet to hatch, but getting close now. The "big" one is growing like a weed It was only 35F here this morning, so we've had our first cold night after spring - it's going to be warmer now, but it's a long way for the caterpillars to make it to butterflies within the remaining warm period.....I guess we'll see how that goes.
  10. Wendy, yeah, rrrright Here's my oldest 'pillar, on his third day after hatching, taken three days ago -- I think s/he is a cutie Need to see if i can find the middle one today, I couldn't find it yesterday, it's so tiny....
  11. Paula - congrats, that's a very nice image. Are you getting subs or other DLs on it? I ask because I have one that has had 23 small SODs in the last 11 days, and it's kinda unusual, even though that image is somewhat a good seller anyway.
  12. Anyone getting stupid loads of small SODs on same images? Since the 3rd of this months I've had lots of small SODs, but one image has had like 23 so far.... That one has always had lots of FB SODs, but these seem a little higher (more than sub, less than $1), for most part. Anyone else seeing this?
  13. Oh, my patience for anything wears thin really fast if my mouth hurts. Ick! Hope you feel better already, Sheila! I managed to "load my plate" more than I intended, again. I took in a Gulf Fritillary butterfly egg the other day to raise it. So, yesterday I needed to go get some more Passionvine for it, as the tiny caterpillar had hatched and the original piece of plant started wilting away. So, I went outside and grabbed what looked like a perfect piece of vine for the little 'pillar. When I got back in and started to secure the plant in a small cup with water so it would keep growing and not wilt, I noticed it already had an egg on it. Damn! THEN I noticed it ALSO had a fairly fresh hatched tiny caterpillar, too. Well, shit. So, I had to put that in a separate container, and go hunt down another piece for the original caterpillar. So, now I have two tiny caterpillars AND an egg getting closer to hatch, instead of just one to worry about. Granted, I think I can get some decent pics of them growing, but keeping all three safe and secure AND well fed will be interesting. When the caterpillars get bigger it's a bit easier, but when they're so small you can't find them, it's kinda tricky, because you can kill them accidentally by just grabbing the plant from the wrong spot and squishing them. I've waited for the little shits ALL SUMMER LONG to show up, and they start appearing in my plants just as the cold weather arrives. That figures.