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  1. Good move! Shutterstock should shoot videos by themselves and could sell them as low as they want.
  2. I've got 1 Single for 0.14 and 1 Sub for 0.75. Jackpot!
  3. 10 for 0.36 in the morning and 1 single and other for 0.1 now.
  4. Check your Spam folder. Or may be you're 10 level guy.
  5. Just curious. Is there anybody who selling 25000 videos per year?
  6. Do not stop people from deleting their portfolio from shutterstock!
  7. Stay tuned for updates that include tips to help you quickly climb to the higher levels! - Work hard! Eat less! -...
  8. I had one $1.5 sale then I had $14.7 and $21.54. I really don't know what to do in this situation.
  9. C'mon guys! This thread is abandoned by SS! https://www.instagram.com/shutterstockcontributors/ "A space to celebrate our Contributor Community, featuring inspiration blah-blah..." I asked there, "Do you have any advice to celebrate $1.5 sales of footage guys? What to choose - one cup of tea or two cup of water?" Let's see.
  10. C'mon guys! We need to ask Jon Oringer on his twitter page about it. https://twitter.com/jonoringer
  11. Posted link to this thread in Oringer's pinned tweet
  12. Got this 1.50 sh* too. Here is the answer of Support: Over the past few years, video has become an increasingly powerful tool for online advertising. To meet this growing demand, we are offering footage clips to select online platforms for limited use at special rates. While at times you may see that your earnings-per-clip is lower, these clips are for web or mobile application only. They can only be streamed; downloading and broadcast usage isn't permitted. This restriction has been designed to protect your earnings and give you an extra chance to make money. According to this logic I can buy Rolls-Royce for a hundred bucks. Really! Not for driving, just for standing in garage. I will take selfie in it! Nothing more! I promise! But I don't thik that answer of car seller will be "Yes!"
  13. I suppose that best costume for this SS Halloween party will be a costume of FTP server. Knock-knock! Dear support! Just say a word!
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