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  1. @Kate Shutterstock Can you update us on what the analysis has been regarding the change of contributor commission rates? Has it driven new sales substantially? Is management going to review its policy to see where the problems lie? I can almost understand that if my number of sales goes up by 75%, then the $0.10 commission minimum is going to be worth it overall. However, I am not seeing substantial increases in the number of sales. I hope that at least the January 1 reset can be addressed and based on a rolling 12 month average, or levels grandfathered in for proven contributors. Please respond in detail.
  2. @Kate Shutterstock June 1 -- and first sale is for $0.38 subscription, same as May rates. Is the new rate system ready to go? Trying to track to get info on how this is going, yet, no difference yet. Seems strange. What is going on, please?
  3. @Kate Shutterstock Is there any new thought coming from management today? Rolling average for levels rather than reset to zero on Jan 1 would mean a lot. I'll be at level 5 within two months, but I'll resent those two months of "earning" my way back. I believe I've earned my way to stay there, if not be at level 6,''
  4. model releases not for editorial, but for stock - read carefully!
  5. Illustrative, according to Adobe email "For now, our collection of documentary editorial images is by invitation-only and represents a relatively small group of artists and agencies. Over time, we may be expanding them to include a broader group of contributors. You will need to provide model releases for every person whose face can be seen or who can be recognized in an image. Without model releases your images will not be accepted. However, Contributors with 1,000 sold files have the option to submit Illustrative Editorial content. If you meet this criteria, you can see a checkbox in the Uploaded Files tab to indicate the content you will submit is Illustrative Editorial. Over time we will make access available to a wider group of contributors. "
  6. @Kate Shutterstock Will there be a team of auditors to ensure that the new calculations are being done correctly? This appears to be a complicated calculation which varies a great deal for each sale. I simply don't believe it will be done correctly with the rollout. What is being done to ensure accuracy? Or, is this a way to "HIDE" earnings rather than being transparent? You have all the information, we have none. And I am scared. Very scared. This is coming from someone who foolishly left ACCOUNTING, and a CPA certification for photography. So, I know of which I speak. Any transition invites mistakes, and your mistakes cost me MONEY.
  7. We don't have the info to do the math. We don't know what level of subscription each sale is generated from. We don't know the "Special" deals made. What about the "FREE IMAGES" Do we get paid for those?
  8. @Kate Shutterstock There is simply no way to determine future earning, or to plan for my future. You are rolling out fast a new plan without proper comparison for us to gauge the impact. And I mean you, as the company, not you personally. The overwhelming response to this is based on fear of the unknown. However, the starting over each Jan 1 is unacceptable. 278000 downloads don't earn me anything in the way of respect?
  9. It is only fair to give each of us details as to how this will impact us. But, apparantely, fair is not the top priority for Shutterstock.
  10. We cannot compare our current sales to this. We don't have the detailed information to do so. We don't know what enhanced sells for. We don't know what percentage of sales are from what buyers at each level.
  11. Kate - there is no place to get the sales information. There is no way to calculate what I can expect. Perhaps you need to show me april sales as they are, and as they would have been to show me the effect of this new thing. Nothing less than 10 cents means a 70% drop in sales. Did your income go down that much? There is no trust that SS is doing right by contributors. The policy is stated like it is a good thing, but, until there is a side by side comparison, we have no idea. Each customer pays a different price, and we are expected to "TRUST" that the accounting will be done right? PROVE IT
  12. Please provide rates for subscriptions so I can better assess how this will affect me. You are making far reaching decisions with my income, and yet are not providing the information necessary to evaluate it. In viewing the subscription packages, it is difficult to assess what the prices are for non-subscription sales. The subscription sales vary by packages. Starting over on January 1 for levels in not acceptable. I have over 440,000 images, with 278,000 lifetime downloads. Yet, you expect me to be a newbie earnings level each January? Stock sales is by definition a mix of old an new content. I find my older content sells far better than one would expect. Yet, I am only valued for new content, even though the older stock sells well? Some provision for lifetime sales needs to be taken into account when setting levels. Better yet, take a rolling 12 month average. You make money off our work, yet, are now going to take more without explanation as to what it really means. Transparency is necessary. Start NOW, please!
  13. Wow. Good morning and welcome to the unknown. What does this mean? Why can't they give a parity example so that we can actually anticipate our earnings. Simply not a way to value your contributors on whom you make money. Resetting to zero each year is simply not acceptable. The idea of a rolling average is much more acceptable. Help me understand what this means to ME, Admin!
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