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  1. Scruggelgreen

    Editing Videos after Approval

    Im sorry if this has been covered before, but....... Now with the new tool to submit content, how do we go back to videos that have been approved and update the image that is shown on the website? I used to be able to go to my approved content and see this.
  2. Scruggelgreen

    Fun with Food - Creative Competition

    OK, ill give it a go!
  3. Scruggelgreen

    How to timelapse an event

    Excellent Work!
  4. Scruggelgreen

    Vase & Flowers Starting Out

    For whatever its worth, here is one of mine that was approved about a week ago. The lighting setup with this type of shot is the difference in it being easy to isolate, or a huge pain.
  5. Scruggelgreen

    Nikon DX to FX

    For what its worth, i have a D7100 and love it. I have the Nikon 24-70 F2.8, 10-24, 70-200 F2.8, and 40mm macro. Then i have the Tamron 90mm which is highly praised here onthe forums. All lenses give me excellent images with the excweption of the 10-24 which is just slightly worse then the 24-70, but still can get great images. So a DX camera with the right glass can make great images for shutterstock. The question i ask myself, and you should ask yourself is "How is an FX camera going to make me more money""? Yes its cool to walk around with a bigger camera, but does the FX do something for you that the DX cant? We all have our own reasons, so whatever reason is good for you, then go with it, otherwise stay at DX and keep more $$$ in your pocket. For me, 95% of the time im on a tripod at ISO100 in the studio, or doing landscape (Also in a tripod). So for me i cant see the benefit. Again not saying you wont have a good reason, its all up to what you need.
  6. Scruggelgreen

    Why has this image never had one DL?

    can you make it for sale? i want to buy it! Lol
  7. Scruggelgreen

    Need advice - old photos in portfolio

    I agree. New photos that i posted a many months back would sell like hotcakes within hours of being accepted. Now i am lucky to get one sale from new content. Granted, after being online for 3 to 4 months, the sales would slowly pick up, but not like they used to
  8. Scruggelgreen

    Shrimp and Avocado Salad Critique

    LOl thank you everyone. Didn't mean it to look like i was showing off, but hey i guess I knew that Dave would catch some things that i overlooked. I have learned so much by watching some of the little things that i never used to notice. For what its worth, the pit in the avocado is from that avocado. I think i may have used one that was just a little two ripe, and when i cut into it, the pit moved around, effectively "Hollowing out" the inside of the avocado a bit more. Ill have to keep an eye on this more in the future. Dave, You also mentioned that there was alot of green, do you think some small carrot sticks sparingly placed would have helped?
  9. Scruggelgreen

    Shrimp and Avocado Salad Critique

    Good evening everyone! Looking for some advice from the food pros here. Any suggestions or comments on a few of my recently accepted photos? Been really focusing on composition and styling lately......Always looking to improve! Nikon D7100, 24-70 F2.8 @ 3.2, ISO100 [/img]
  10. Scruggelgreen

    mage is poorly composed and/or poorly cropped.

    I'm surprised you didn't get a lighting rejection also. Did you just walk around and take a few pictures?
  11. Scruggelgreen

    mage is poorly composed and/or poorly cropped.

    Everything seems to be too centered in the frame
  12. Scruggelgreen


    My Christmas Beer shot was done very similar
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  14. Scruggelgreen

    HD Video with Surround

    Very well noted. And your right. The H2N records four tracks at a time (Quadraphonic Sound), so i find that the H2N also gives better audio results then the onboard mic. So i figured i would see if it was something i could do.