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  1. Recently I had some issues with Shutterstock and submitted a complain/report through the contact us menu. After giving all details, the page indicates that an email will be send to deal with my complain. Shortly, I got an email which indicate a "Kathryn" which is a fellow contributor will answer my complain!!!!! A FELLOW CONTRIBUTOR to answer a problem relating to Shutterstock technical issues???? Wow! Didn't know that Shutterstock have gone 100% crowdsourcing their own complain department. Really? Complaints are now dealt with by fellow contributors!! Wonder whether they would cro
  2. Just returned from London. 28 days of photo-shoot, 28 days of being harassed by nearly everyone.... security guards, police, wannabe security officers, old woman/man, young woman/man, ugly woman/man, busybody that thinks photographers are some kind of evil paparazzi, etc, etc... I think it's the same everywhere, not just in the US. Photographers may well be the most harassed people in the world! #MeThree anyone?
  3. I have re-submit a new tax form, though I have one approved in Dec 2017. Takes no more than 1 min. No big deal. ?
  4. Happy New Year and may Shutterstock reach new heights in year 2018.
  5. The "million dollar" question is : How did Shutterstock fail to detect thieves that steals images from their own database to be resold in Shutterstock? Totally exasperated!!!
  6. Phile Lowe, I have to give you two big thumbs UP for your tenacity to "educate" a mentally-challenged person like that moron. I would have died of brain haemorrhage just reading his reply. It is an uphill challenge.... No, make that an up-mountain challenge to change an imbecile attitude on what is right and wrong. Cheers to you!
  7. A blogger once illegally used SS images altogether with the watermark in his blog. I wrote a comment and told him that if he wants to be a blogger, he should get a subscription instead of nicking images from google search. Guess what that blogger did? He go and write a blog condemning me for telling him that its illegal to use images downloaded from google search! Some people are simply thick or badly inform on what is right or wrong in regards to using other people work.
  8. I wrote an email to SS at submit@shutterstock.com SS contact web page is down at the moment. Very distressing.
  9. I nearly had a heart attack! This happened to my portfolio too! What is happening at SS?
  10. I guess making it public all information about a person search activities are to prevent abuse hidden under the veil of anonymity. Just like Norway no longer permit anonymous search on their data tax list to prevent abuse. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-40669239http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-40669239
  11. Hi! If that strap around the dog collar/shoulder is a dog tag, your image will most probably be rejected for "Visible Trademark Rejection".
  12. Congratulations! Best wishes to your next 1000!
  13. Me think.... SS is surely losing the plot, when they become the medium to peddle pirated/stolen/copyright infringed work! AND especially if its one of their own contributor's work! Sigh! Wonder how they are protecting our work against third party when they can't even monitor their own platform. Sad.
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