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  1. Yes, but it pays the price as everyone else (whether it's a friend or not) and SS takes its share ... Here is something else, someone makes a fraudulent transaction and wants to get media (videos, photos ...) for free and in this way he takes (steals) money from SS
  2. @geogif Thumbnail and ID of media (video, photo ...) Adjustment date - the date when the adjustment was performed Transaction date - the date when tansaction (sales) was performed Download adjustment - how many times the media has a fraudulent transaction (corrections of the download count) Adjustment - for how much profit is reduced (earnings adjustments for such amount) @Scorsby I think that for security reasons SS should not give details publicly (what and how..). They have already said "We take security seriously", so it's up to them to follow it and worki
  3. @Scorsby I did not contact them. I do not see the reason why, if they already take care of such things, "We take security seriously" (I hope this will not happen again). I just want to see if anyone else had similar experiences on the SS, because I know that there were such situations on other stock sites.
  4. Yesterday I received this mail from Shutterstock Support, Dear Contributor, - "When our systems detect fraudulent transactions or other illegal activity, we rescind the rights to fraudulently obtained assets and reverse related transactions. Our records show that $ ... of your unpaid earnings were related to such activity. We've adjusted your account to reflect the reversal of these transactions and download counts. For specific details, visit the Adjustments tab in your Earnings profile. We take security seriously. If you have any questions about these updates, please contact
  5. Does any one of you have a delay in payment from Skrill to a bank account? I am withdrawal money on 12/7/2018, but it's still on Pending...
  6. Does any of you have a problem with continuously uploading the same video clip with FTP client? I've tried FileZilla and WinSCP and the result is the same. The video clip is uploaded and then goes back to the start and continues to upload again. When I look at the "Not yet submitted" page, I see that the same clip uploaded many times. This only happens with SS server...
  7. My Tax Form approved on 1/10/18 In the mail says: We're reaching out to notify you about changes to our tax requirements that may affect your payment. Starting in July 2018, we will require all contributors to have an approved tax form on a file with Shutterstock in order to qualify to receive payment of accrued earnings from Shutterstock. Does this mean that due to changes in tax requirements, we have to submit a new tax form again?
  8. Pond5 was released information about Skrill: "If you receive payouts through Skrill, you may notice some changes that will impact your payout. Effective with the payment on February 15th and forward, Skrill will be instituting new fees, which means your payout will take a 4% pay cut. You might want to take this opportunity to switch from Skrill to Payoneer, which has the lowest currency conversion rates compared to PayPal and Skrill". Does this new Skrill fees applies to Shutterstock? And will the SS include option to payment via Payoneer, because any extra charge significantly affect to
  9. Hi, Here you can see that others have the same or similar problem: http://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/70862-missing-images-thread-read-this-before-reporting/page-22 http://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/89815-clip-total-correct-but-clips-missing/ Cheers!
  10. Thanks Vincent Now, everything is OK
  11. +1 I noticed the same problem today ...
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