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  1. Submission Page Update

    Just a reminder that this new submission process was supposedly put in place to make updates and improvements quicker and easier for IT, but weeks and zillions of complaints and a survey have gone by and not a thing has changed.
  2. Submission Page Update

    "We need to impress investors by showing them people are spending more time on the site." "Yeah, but we can't get customers to hang around any longer.' "Well, the only answer is to get contributors to spend more time on the site then. We'll start by making the earnings page a bear to get through, so contributors have to click through a dozen pages to see their sales. Then we'll spring a new, 'improved' submission page on them that makes it take 3-5 times longer to upload and keyword stuff." "Eureka! Contributors now spend ten times as long on the site! we did it!" "But established contributors are uploading less." "Wiin-win...new contributors will make up the shortfall, and their royalties are lower, so we keep more money!" High fives all around.
  3. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    Can't submit anything...select category is broken. check marks don't show up when you select anything Uploader flashes on and off. Brll.
  4. Submission Page Update

    The funny thing is that this was supposedly put in place so the IT guys could make changes more quickly and easily, but after three weeks of complaints not a thing has changed. I wonder what they consider quick?
  5. Can't attach reference images

    Can't attach reference images. Great new editing system works like a charm.
  6. Submission Page Update

    It took me THREE HOURS to upload THREE VECTORS today. That's an hour per image. You broke the submission page without bothering to fix the things that have been broken for months. You system still "loses" most vectors I upload, so I always get an error message that the matching jpg wasn't uploaded (it was). Today I had to upload each vector TEN TIMES to get one through to your editor. If you have more than one image with the same keywords and your system STILL doesn't recognize certain spellings (like xmas), and you say the spelling is correct, then hit submit, your system simply does nothing...the images will not go through. You have to refresh the page and then submit each image separately. I used to dread uploading to F------a, but now it seems like a stroll in the park on a fresh spring day compared to Shutterstock. Just go back to the old editor! Admit you were wrong.
  7. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    Can't believe they sent us that insulting email. Like if they tell us it's all good we won't notice how awful it is. A---e is now a breeze in comparison...and I used to dread uploading there.
  8. Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    They obviously don't care. Because while we've been complaining about a million important broken things, they've been working on adding quotation marks to phrases.
  9. Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    So that's why the site was down...the IT guys were adding "quotation marks" "around phrases?" Something no contributor has asked for? And now selecting a category is broken, and when I try to submit the system tells me there are spelling errors, but no words are highlighted and you can't "correct" any of them, so you can't submit, so the spelling thingy is broken too. "But we have" "quotation marks now," so everything's better. During those few golden moments when the old system was back, everything worked perfectly. Clearly you can bring it back.
  10. Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    I was soooo excited...when the site came back up I had the old editor! I quickly wrote the descriptions and keyworded and submitted several images in under three minutes. It was wonderful. Then the new and "improved" editor came back. Oh, the pain.
  11. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    Gets better with each passing day. And the admins have simply disappeared.
  12. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    Worse than ever this morning. Have to upload vectors TEN times to get one through. System now puts in unrelated keywords automatically and deletes mine...I was keywording Christmas illustrations and your system put in baseball keywords and took out my Christmas keywords. I guess because there's a white circle in the illustration so your amazing AI sees it as a baseball and just plops keywords in? Have spent two hours uploading and keywording six images, only to get ONE vector submitted. No way to clear your cockamamie baseball keywords without going through and unclicking each one individually. Once your system feels the keywording is done it will not allow you to copy and paste more keywords, so the images I uploaded TEN times now have to be deleted and I have to start over from scratch.
  13. Uploading's broken again

    Nothing's getting through. WHY did you have to futz with the editing interface during the busiest time of year? WHY???
  14. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    Can we talk about the stupid emails, too? Before I used to be able to see quickly which files were rejected and why because I got emails in real time. Now you send them only once a day, so I have to check your stupid list online and then click on each freaking thing to see what was rejected and why. Ridiculously time consuming. But on the other hand, you send separate emails for each and every submitted image to tell us it was submitted. No kidding! We know what we submitted! We don't need to be told again! We don't need three different super large previews to know what our images look like. We don't need fifteen emails a day telling us we submitted something. We need simple, large spaces to input keywords, and emails telling us about rejections, not submissions. It would be great if one of the admins here was actually a contributor with more than a dozen images in their port so they'd have a clue why we hate this so much.
  15. Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    So I clicked on the three dots under one of my images, hoping this might be a hidden way to see the full file name so I'd know whether it was a vector or not (since uploading is still broken, as it has been for months). But no! It lets you see a larger preview. So I hopefully clicked on that, and it shows you...wait for it...an even larger preview. Because the huge previews on the editing page aren't large enough, so you need to see it in XL and XXL? We're not buyers. We know what our images look like! We just worked on them and exported them and uploaded them. We don't need to see a super large preview. We need to see whether your broken system managed to recognize both the eps and the jpg so we'll know whether the image is a jpg or a vector.