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  1. Doing an automatic vector conversion from a raster file is generally call auto tracing. Visually it might look alright, but from a technical, vector standpoint, it creates absolute garbage, nightmare files. Auto tracing a photo, would create super garbage, nightmare file and could have copyright issues. Auto traces from simpler raster image may be allowed, depending on how garage-y the file file turns out. They might still be rejected because are technically garbage, even if they look visually alright.
  2. This is probably the best expalnation. It doesn't really look like an illustration, it looks like a weirdly modified photo. You said yourself you did this because the focus wasn't good enough so you turned it into a terrible vector file and then saved that as a jpg version. Not really sure why you were expecting anything different? And if you are only doing this for fun, why does it matter?
  3. There was a contributor here who had pictures of her kids on site. Nice photos, good sellers. One day she was randomly doing reverse image searches, just to see where her photos were being used (because that can be fun). She found one of her teen daughters photos on an Italian site, that looked fine, until she started translating some of the words. She said after she got to the word 'blow job', she deleted all her kids pictures off of Shutterstock. There are rules about how to use the photos, customers often ignore them.
  4. He technically did say that everyone in the US could have his treatments for 'free' (a lot of the covid treatments are 'free' under that CARES act), but one of those was experimental anti body drug and hasn't been approved by the FDA. So far it hasn't shown to be dangerous, so they should just approve it away, even if it doesn't work for 'everyone'. Of course then you might run into the issue of one of the colleges near hear had, and the dean had to issue a statement telling students that they should not purposefully get infected with covid so that they could get more money for blood plasma (
  5. Well, dang. I just checked, because I disabled too and have sales. Not much sales, so they are only selling without our permission some times, not always. So considerate.
  6. Nice way to kick everyone when they are already down. SS as company is not even doing badly, and don't need to cut costs! They clearly don't want us here, so I disabled my port.
  7. Wait, so they slashed the royalty rate and they've lowered the subs to .10?!?!
  8. In theory, it should be allowed as an editorial, but Disney is sue happy and has lawyers to back it up, so SS might be erring on the side of caution.
  9. I could see if Shutterstock wanted to reduce the mountains of clutter, deleting a bunch of similar images and being more strict in the future, but shouldn't 'punish' the contributor when they were submitting what SS was accepting.
  10. You might have a point about talking about this in a public forum could be giving thieves ideas. But also, that poster has said he found several wix sites already that are doing that. I don't know how 'average' it is, but it's already happening.
  11. I'm talking about changing the contract on the models, not us. Since a lot of shutterstock models are family and friends, who wouldn't have agreed to these new terms. The shutterstock staff just posted that they are changing that policy and we can't 'not allow' sensitive use any more.
  12. Apparently, so. Any of your models can now be on billboards for strip clubs or escort services, no matter what they originally agreed too. How can you change a legal contract after the fact?
  13. Well, I don't know who will take over. But I just got one of those awesome .60 cent video downloads, and apparently SS still isn't making enough money, so it will likely be not an improvement...
  14. If you have to ask, then probably not. You would have to sign some kind of contract to buy the rights to a painting. Most of the time you if you buy a painting and you have the right to sell that painting, but not reproduction/ copyright.
  15. You can use the NASA images, but nothing with people, the nasa logo or used in a way that makes it appear that nasa 'endorses' anything. You probably figured that out, but just incase anyone's reading this thread that didn't know.
  16. I don't know exactly what pedos are doing (and don't really want to know, frankly) but I was searching on YouTube for a Simpsons clip to show someone some joke I vaguely remembered. I found a bunch of clips and one of the clip was labeled such and such episode, Lisa's panties 2:17. Seriously, it was right in the clip title. So some pedo was literally making clips of cartoon shows and exactly timing where one could see a cartoon girls panties and telling other pedos exactly where to find it. So before I would have agreed with you, now... *shudder*
  17. I guess it was the time zone thing, because I got the email this morning. So problem 'solved'. ;) Thanks for your input.
  18. Something weird (maybe) in my account. My balance went down, like I had reached payout. But I didn't actually reach payout level until Aug 1, not July 31. So I figured I would have to wait until the end of August. I haven't got the email notice about payout yet either (but sometimes those are slow.) Has anyone else had this happen? Will they do the payout on the first of the month? Or should I be concerned? And who would I try to contact about this?
  19. That's not true. If someone is getting an income stream from one source (like shutterstock) and they go bankrupt, that income goes away. That effects that person, even if they have other income streams from other areas, it still effects them, a lot. That income is gone, and they have to go out and find something else to replace it.
  20. Adding fake fire to a Notre Dame photo? poor taste to say the least...
  21. I got one to, even though I have next to no videos, so I guess everyone with any videos is getting one. And the way they say it's for videos that don't sell much, makes me...not hopeful...
  22. Just FYI, in the US, describing someone as 'colored' is considered offensive, I know in Europe it's not, but here it's different. So if you get a rejection on that in the future, don't be surprised.
  23. That's basically what auto tracing is. Sometimes it can create a cool look, but from a technical standpoint autotrace creates terrible vector files. That's why they aren't accepted. Your images look very much like auto traced images.
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