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  1. Doing an automatic vector conversion from a raster file is generally call auto tracing. Visually it might look alright, but from a technical, vector standpoint, it creates absolute garbage, nightmare files. Auto tracing a photo, would create super garbage, nightmare file and could have copyright issues. Auto traces from simpler raster image may be allowed, depending on how garage-y the file file turns out. They might still be rejected because are technically garbage, even if they look visually alright.
  2. This is probably the best expalnation. It doesn't really look like an illustration, it looks like a weirdly modified photo. You said yourself you did this because the focus wasn't good enough so you turned it into a terrible vector file and then saved that as a jpg version. Not really sure why you were expecting anything different? And if you are only doing this for fun, why does it matter?
  3. There was a contributor here who had pictures of her kids on site. Nice photos, good sellers. One day she was randomly doing reverse image searches, just to see where her photos were being used (because that can be fun). She found one of her teen daughters photos on an Italian site, that looked fine, until she started translating some of the words. She said after she got to the word 'blow job', she deleted all her kids pictures off of Shutterstock. There are rules about how to use the photos, customers often ignore them.
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