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  1. Per Bengtsson

    Removing Watermarks from Image Search Results

    Wooooooowww, congratz SS on making such a dumb move. Within this period my sales already dropped by 30% since my stuff is mostly used for web thumbnails. Scrolling through the search results and take a screenshot is not a big deal for any designer, ahhhhh how stupid can you be. Guys instead of complaining here, where no one else seems to care, how about every one of us who feels bad about it writes a ticket to the support. Either reverse all of that or at least demand an option to opt out. We,as their source of income should make a stand, dont you think ?
  2. Per Bengtsson

    FTP upload not working!

    Seems to be a common problem. As I've tried to upload 270 images, 147 made it through the ftp, the rest failed with a critical upload error: no such file or directory (Filezilla). So SS guys would you please have a look whats going wrong thank you in advance.
  3. Per Bengtsson

    @Mods: Could you please investigate a missing payment ?

    Thank you very much Vvincent for taking care, another email is on the way. So the post did his job, if oyu don't mind feel free to delete it, since it doesn't concern anybody else anyway. Thanks again
  4. Hello folks, I'm pretty sure this is neither the right forum, nor the proper way to solve the problem but other ways do not work, since I didn't receive any feedback on my emails/messages and the telephone call just led me here. This is attempt nr.6 to get in touch with you guys, I'd really appreciate receiving some consideration this time It seems my last payment is stuck somewhere and I'm slowly getting impatient for being ignored I changed my paypaladress way before the payment was proceeded, but it's neither on the old one nor on the new one. Could you please have a look and give ma status update ? Thanks in advance
  5. Per Bengtsson

    When uploading vectors there is no exif data entered

    alright for the people with the same problem. I think I found at two important points, I entered the file info already in Illustrator, and exported an jpg out of it. When I upload this nothing is recognized.Yet when I opened the file in Photoshop the entered keywords showed up. The trick was to just save the jpg file again in Photoshop. As soon as I uploaded this file, the keywords and description showed up ! The other thing which I'm not anymore really sure about since I found the major bug: the keywords in the IPTC shall not have a + in it. On another site +'s are needed to combine words,like sun, shine, sun+is+shining but I think the interpreter can't handle this. Might be helpful for someone
  6. Well the subject says nearly anything. My Workflow: In AI CS5 - do the vector, enter keywords under File Info -> Description - Save vector as EPS 10 - Export Jpg with the same name as the vecor - Upload both files over the online upload tool --> result the form fields description and keywords remain empty, although there is definetly data saved in the files. ( I opened the jpg afterwards in Photoshop and the exif data is complete and I opened the EPS aufterwards also in Illustrator and the info is also visible there). I'm nearly crying, because I do have hundreds of files and do not want to enter the info again by hand =( Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong ? Or is there another working way ?
  7. Per Bengtsson

    images grouped in folders inside the gallery

    +1 I would like to see that too kinda chaos in my stock ...
  8. Per Bengtsson

    Group your images in series?

    +1 many other sites are able too I would highly recommend SS to integrate such a feature ... btw I like the way istock deals with that topic
  9. Per Bengtsson

    Shutterstock's Analytics at iSyndica!

    +1 I'm currently testing Isyndica, btw the way the prices are right now as low as never before, but as long as there is no support for shutterstock I won't spend any money because it's my main- sales- channel. However they developed a plug-in for firefox and it does support the statistics from SS. I don't know how and why but it does work ... Maybe it looks for the saved password in firefox to log in. You can see the number of sales and how much you currently earned on the bottom right corner. Unfortunately it doesn't show up in the real statistics on the isyndica site. But hey perfect for my needs =) Feel free to check it out: [Plugin] [isyndica service]
  10. Per Bengtsson

    SHOW your latest download

    http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=46610929 peek-a-boo