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  1. I've reactivated my account, to see what to do next. The situation here is quite sad - very low prices, and I've got loads of rejections this year, especially for older model releases, they ask for property for almost everything etc Now I am manually erasing my best photos. I will let only simple stuff, objects, food on white. I will start shooting other things - conceptual, textures and simple stuff.
  2. Please help - How can I ERASE my account for good? I've already disabled my photos, waiting for a good sign, but as time passes I realize the good old times are never coming back. I do not wish tot contribute anymore. It's an end game for me. I feel that I need to close it, the same for other stock sites, stay only on alamy and a site with prints. I need to simplify this process, too many stock sites, my energy is spreading too thin.... Thank you in advance 😘
  3. PLEASE help me with some advice I've disabled the portfolio BUT now I see that they are erasing my images. The images are erased even from catalog manager. Is it normal?? - They've completely erased aprox 80 images. I cannot see them anywhere... The number of images decreased. I've thought that the number stay the same only the portfolio is disabled from gallery. Let's say next year I want to enable them - what to enable if they are erasing them for good??
  4. I've just disabled my portfolio. I waited a while to see how they handle this "change" - for example by improving algorithms, selling with other prices higher than 10 cents etc Now I can say they didn't struggle to improve searches, didn't work to eliminate similars, and the photos sold higher than 10 cents are rare. There is no point in selling here, at least for the time being. Today I've sold couple of images on dreams time - 2 dolars each. Here the same images sold for 10 cents. It's not fair for other sites as well, for their buyers etc
  5. The same here.... Thse years I've reached to 80% acceptance here, but now I am back to disaster, with 100% rejections these past months. When everything is pristine even at 200%, they find something, when it's seems impossible to find then it's the model release, or intellectual property ( for everything ) Doesn't matter anymore... Couple this with the new low prices, what can I say? Too bad I am ill and staying at home, if not I would have left long time ago... I am beyond sad... :-(
  6. My portfolio is also small, but I've sold a lot. However starting 2 years ago selling dropped, it was quite sudden as if a line was drawn - here I was in one month selling a lot, having one of my best month and the next month sudden drop. I've explained this to myself saying that they changed the algorithm or something alike... From time to time I've searched portfolios to see the diversity - such great portfolios, great photographers are here! But I\ve found out portfolios of thousands crappy photos, or thousands of similar photos ( inside of the same portfolios! - for example thous
  7. Thank you for clarifying this. I might just do that, today I'll start erasing few images.
  8. Here the info you ask for. How do I deactivate/delete my contributor account? We provide the options below to deactivate/delete your contributor account: Opting out of sales (recommended option) Opting out of sales will remove your content from online display, but keeps your account active and ensures that your earnings payment will be made when you reach the minimum payout level. Your referral earnings will also continue to accum
  9. Thank you for your words.... There's a big lesson to be learned here, it's hard but necessary. I am pro quality over quantity, but I need more quantity and shutterstock seemed adamant to reject many interesting photos. I cannot tolerate this anymore, especially now with these awful prices. It has become unbearable! :-( I will expand on that on other site, that is respectful with photographers and that do not treat everybody like newcomers.
  10. Gradually I will be moving to Alamy - I have there a just few photos, I was negligent with it because of Shutterstock keeping me busy and miserable, rejecting my photos again and again, on absurd motives, making me feeling unworthy. In the same time I've got here thousands of downloads... The method they've used on me, at least - the stick and the carrot. It worked. I've became blind rejecting to see other venues... ..... I've recently discovered that I got 2 sales on Alamy. Lovely sum of money on just 2 downloads. Wow! It's time to upload my photos there - photos that
  11. I beleive you.... Too bad because this means lost of time and money and effort... Anyway FINAL ANSWER of SHUTTERSTOCK 1. - first they told me signature is missing. Then I've send it back photos demonstrating the signatures are there Got a NEW answer 2- signature is there but the DATE near the signature is not there.... - in my Generic MR - the date of shootting and the date of Contract, are there, below the text, HUGE WRITING. So the dates are there, but for the rewiewer are not there... So I find myself in the Twilight Zone ----> Conclusion -
  12. I've received good ADVICES from some of you. You are incredible good people! I begun to understand what's happening... my opinion is that they are using BOTS, and those bots cannot read well the signatures on the MR. The signature is there, but shutterstock wrote a mail saying is not there. Weird, right? Only the bots theory stands as explanation... I will upload from now on only photos without people in them and I will use from now on Shutterstock MR, giving up on the generic MR. That means that older photos are out, and I do have plently beautiful ones, but that's it, I will
  13. WOW!! I've suspected this.... but I kept guessing and guessing though. How can reject photos from such a great photographer and professional as you? This is beyond sad... Thank you for this advice, so much. I will use shutterstock form from now on.... All my international photoshootings bye, bye... I do have great ones from Seville, only 2 photos accepted here... I think that MR are viewed by BOTS. Only a bot cannot detect a signature properlly if it's too small... Or new reviewers that are clueless with the rules... Ah they love to reject for PR too, even if it's in very public plac
  14. As I've promised I come back with the ANSWER from shutterstock ( for the first time ever I;ve filed a ticket ) The Answer is that the MODEL did not signed, got no SIGNATURE. Well is wrong, the signature is there!! Just a bit on the smaller side... My conclusion - I suspect they use BOTS, and the bot cannot detect a smaller signature... So I am screwed, because some of my models signed with smaller signature.... All their photos will get to be rejected now. What's sad is that one of the models are international ones, and I cannot meet with them again...
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