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  1. The same here.... Thse years I've reached to 80% acceptance here, but now I am back to disaster, with 100% rejections these past months. When everything is pristine even at 200%, they find something, when it's seems impossible to find then it's the model release, or intellectual property ( for everything ) Doesn't matter anymore... Couple this with the new low prices, what can I say? Too bad I am ill and staying at home, if not I would have left long time ago... I am beyond sad... :-(
  2. My portfolio is also small, but I've sold a lot. However starting 2 years ago selling dropped, it was quite sudden as if a line was drawn - here I was in one month selling a lot, having one of my best month and the next month sudden drop. I've explained this to myself saying that they changed the algorithm or something alike... From time to time I've searched portfolios to see the diversity - such great portfolios, great photographers are here! But I\ve found out portfolios of thousands crappy photos, or thousands of similar photos ( inside of the same portfolios! - for example thousands of yogurt photos, mother boards, enter buttons etc ) How can shutterstock accept from the same person - hundreds, even thousands of similar photos or crappy snapshots in huge numbers?? How can shutterstock reject original photos that are hard to make, on the pretense that there's a bit noise ( even it there is any ) or other invented pretenses? When they accept crappy photos in thousands and thousands from others? The biggest problem here is the similar photos inside of same portfolios, I think that this is the biggest factor of selling drop - the photo date base growing at alarming rate, with crappy, similar photos. That is putting a huge burden on the servers and searches, algorithms cannot correct this anymore. And here we are! They think that dropping the price is the solution - when it's not. The solution is to force some photographers to upload less similar photos and more creative content. I think that a limit for download per week would just to the trick. You force the contributor to become selective - not by rejecting process, but by his/her own choice.
  3. Thank you for clarifying this. I might just do that, today I'll start erasing few images.
  4. Here the info you ask for. How do I deactivate/delete my contributor account? We provide the options below to deactivate/delete your contributor account: Opting out of sales (recommended option) Opting out of sales will remove your content from online display, but keeps your account active and ensures that your earnings payment will be made when you reach the minimum payout level. Your referral earnings will also continue to accumulate. Opting in or out of sales allows you to quickly reinstate your previously approved content if you decide to return to Shutterstock in the future. To opt out of sales, log into your account and navigate to the Account Settings page from the drop-down menu under your name in the top right corner of the page. Scroll down to the section How can we license your work? and select No for the sales options. Question --> Can one OPT OUT OF SALES - per specific photos? One by one? Or this is an option for all photos at once...? For me it would be good to make this gradually because stock photos are my only source of income and my health is very fragile. I still need some money all these months till I gradually start to do something else, or move my photos elsewhere. I am planning starting to opt out of sales of my biggest sellers first, letting on Shutterstock the normal photos. In the future I need to decide what to do - put here only the normal photos, snapped photos, without a lot of work, totally detached of anything or close the account entirely. Please help me with some advice - what to do? Can I opt out gradually?
  5. Thank you for your words.... There's a big lesson to be learned here, it's hard but necessary. I am pro quality over quantity, but I need more quantity and shutterstock seemed adamant to reject many interesting photos. I cannot tolerate this anymore, especially now with these awful prices. It has become unbearable! :-( I will expand on that on other site, that is respectful with photographers and that do not treat everybody like newcomers.
  6. Gradually I will be moving to Alamy - I have there a just few photos, I was negligent with it because of Shutterstock keeping me busy and miserable, rejecting my photos again and again, on absurd motives, making me feeling unworthy. In the same time I've got here thousands of downloads... The method they've used on me, at least - the stick and the carrot. It worked. I've became blind rejecting to see other venues... ..... I've recently discovered that I got 2 sales on Alamy. Lovely sum of money on just 2 downloads. Wow! It's time to upload my photos there - photos that are hard to shoot, I've got plenty more rejected here on absurd motives, I guess It's time to wake up! Good luck to you all!
  7. I beleive you.... Too bad because this means lost of time and money and effort... Anyway FINAL ANSWER of SHUTTERSTOCK 1. - first they told me signature is missing. Then I've send it back photos demonstrating the signatures are there Got a NEW answer 2- signature is there but the DATE near the signature is not there.... - in my Generic MR - the date of shootting and the date of Contract, are there, below the text, HUGE WRITING. So the dates are there, but for the rewiewer are not there... So I find myself in the Twilight Zone ----> Conclusion - Shutterstock does not want generic MR anymore! In the shutterstock form the date of contract is near the signature, so this is my conclusion. I put it here for everyone to see and prepare in the future to work with Shutterstock forms not generic ones. Maybe only some of us are experiencing this problem, but in the future will become more and more evident for everybody.
  8. I've received good ADVICES from some of you. You are incredible good people! I begun to understand what's happening... my opinion is that they are using BOTS, and those bots cannot read well the signatures on the MR. The signature is there, but shutterstock wrote a mail saying is not there. Weird, right? Only the bots theory stands as explanation... I will upload from now on only photos without people in them and I will use from now on Shutterstock MR, giving up on the generic MR. That means that older photos are out, and I do have plently beautiful ones, but that's it, I will give up uploading them. It's better to accept it and move on.... Thank you people!
  9. WOW!! I've suspected this.... but I kept guessing and guessing though. How can reject photos from such a great photographer and professional as you? This is beyond sad... Thank you for this advice, so much. I will use shutterstock form from now on.... All my international photoshootings bye, bye... I do have great ones from Seville, only 2 photos accepted here... I think that MR are viewed by BOTS. Only a bot cannot detect a signature properlly if it's too small... Or new reviewers that are clueless with the rules... Ah they love to reject for PR too, even if it's in very public places, with loads of photos already on Shutterstock. This one and others - rejected for PR and MR - Spanish Square from Seville.... almost all the photos doomed for ever... Only 2 got in, by a miracle, probabbly I sould shut up, to not get those 2 erased too....
  10. As I've promised I come back with the ANSWER from shutterstock ( for the first time ever I;ve filed a ticket ) The Answer is that the MODEL did not signed, got no SIGNATURE. Well is wrong, the signature is there!! Just a bit on the smaller side... My conclusion - I suspect they use BOTS, and the bot cannot detect a smaller signature... So I am screwed, because some of my models signed with smaller signature.... All their photos will get to be rejected now. What's sad is that one of the models are international ones, and I cannot meet with them again... For future I need to aske them to sign bigger, even if they got small signature. This is so weird... Maybe the model cannot sign bigger, it would be a forced signature... ----------- HODAG MEDIA - all the criteria is met in my MR, from the beggining my dates are the same, the witnesses are real. The model, the witness give their email, telephone, adress, recently I've added the year of birth. - referrence photo - this I do not have only for some sessions, I forgot to do this... From now on I will do it. - I do have a generic MR, not the shutterstock one indeed - maybe I need to change that and for every site another MR to be sign, but models do not like that, they are lazy to sign many papers, that's why I did not do it.... THANK YOU all for your ideas and help
  11. I am so sorry Sarah, so it seems there are others with this constant problem... They reject again and again.... I've just contacted shutterstock and explain the problem, they will answer in few days. I will return with the answer here. What's odd is that in the past my model releases were OK, it's looking like now after all this years I went dumb and suddenlly I do not know what a model release is, how to write in it etc. It's humiliating... Some of my models are friends, I can ask again for new one, but some photos are with the old one per the same session, and that will look crazy right? That would create some kind of bad loop - the reviewer will reject the new one because it will say you got already the old one, and the old one not longer is good. So the reviewer will reject again and again no matter what. It seems I am doomed.... I am ready to close account here, I am beyond tired.... Looking forward for the answer from Shutterstock to know what I will do - continue with this site or close account....
  12. Please HELP me with advices.... I don't know what to do.... My model releases all of them - are not good anymore.... Past Model releases that were OK in the past - models, model friends, family etc the are ALL rejected, does not matter that in the past those were ok. Does this mean that shutterstock accept ONLY shutterstock model releases, and all of oldest forms are rejected now?? - What to do??? I am almost ready to erase my photos and close my account.... I cannot cope with this, too much sadness, too much struggle, and with my health being so poor is not good for me... My reviewer reject everything with this model release thing... All is so irrational
  13. Please HELP me with advices.... My model releases all of them - are not good anymore.... Past Model releases that were OK in the past - models, model friends, family etc the are ALL rejected, does not matter that in the past those were ok. Does this mean that shutterstock accept ONLY shutterstock model releases, and all of oldest forms are rejected now?? - What to do? - meet with some of the models and ASK again for shutterstock releases? Sign NEW ONES, with new date, or keep the old date?? I feel I am entering in bad loop here..... ----- My Model Releases are OK, the model is from Yuri sites, everything looks fine... but my rewiewer thinks that something is wrong, and now rejects everything... :-( I can meet with some models again and ask them again, but what if those will be again rejected? Because the old ones are still there, it can create bad loop... I am afraid writing to the reviewer and I do not know how anyhow... If this perpetuates I feel I should close my account for good, and leave this site...? Because all these rejections are IRRATIONAL. I understand rejection that are rational, but irationality and bothers be very much... I am desperate.... Really loved this site, but this year all went crazy... I cannot explain why...
  14. You are right.... The old price would have been so nice... last month I've sold 1 photo with 67 dollars, but it wasn't an EL it was Single and other.... Again the good sale covered my losses.... But I am not too enthusiastic because I can see the sales are very low, less files sold, less and less on demand files... It's very noticeable.
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