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  1. Hi, David ... a blast from the past. I thought you had stopped posting a long time ago. But, I am here so seldom that probably missed any of your updates. Appreciate all you have done in the past. Sad to see what is happening here. Your California (Hollywood) buddy has predicted the fall for a long time. The demise has but slow but steady. Sorry that I can't remember names (handles) but I am old. Stay Well.
  2. Same here but it takes months to reach payout.
  3. I opted out last night. I had over 5300 images online. This morning My Port shows 953 images. I did get an email from ss, shortly after opting out, asking if that was me who changed my status. Anyone else noting anything similar? Edit: I just clicked on "my image portfolio" --- under name on left of this post --- and it shows 953 active images. What's the deal?????
  4. Took only a few minutes to realize .. I LIKE IT. 😊
  5. Thanks, Mihai; my LR is the old one --- not for mobile. I did get the offer for -- one year free. I didn't go for the subscription LR and am hesitant to accept offers for temporary use. Sounds like the cable is best option.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I confess to having lost most contact with anything high tech. My LR is not the Cloud Model. I am still using the basic --- pre-the cloud --- model. I do not think my computer is connected to the cloud? I know that I do not pay an annual fee for any of these. Isn't it necessary to have a cloud subscription to connect there? Sorry for sounding so ignorant --- I actually am that ignorant. 🙄
  7. I have a Google Smart Phone -- Pixel ??, got it in 2018, I think. Anyway, can someone tell me the best way to get pictures from the phone to LightRoom? Thanks in advance.
  8. Unfortunately, the review process has always been subjective, with some reviewers being more attuned to certain issues than others. I don't think that's going to change. And reviewers are being changed constantly.... therefore, review criteria constantly changes.
  9. Really bad, Mykola. And, November was the worst in several years. Very frustrated here. 😖
  10. Can't disagree with that. But do wonder how sales continue to fall so drastically. Nice Port --- what part of Germany are you in. I used to live in Augsburg.
  11. I've been here (SS) for a while and have seen discussions on Holiday effects on sales. It is frustrating but a part of the business -- I guess. More to the point, I am wondering about combined holidays; Christian, Jewish and Muslim specifically. How often do we see the effects of combined holidays -- Jewish and Christian; or Jewish and Muslim: or Christmas; Or, maybe just combining non-religious and/or political or sectarian holidays? Sound confusing? I am. Any thoughts on what we may be going through that has caused this most recent "slow down?"
  12. "Reviewed items will be displayed for 21 days." I just checked some recently approved images and noticed the above quote. I do not remember ever seeing that before??? Have others noticed this? Anyone know what it means?
  13. Sad... For the first time in several years, I am in danger of missing the milestone for a payout!!! It continues to get worse. Where do we go from here?
  14. MAY!!!!! Good question. It made me realize how poorly I am doing. BUT - did have a $105 Single and Other in June. Rare... are we seeing the decline --- disappearance of microstock?
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