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  1. Please check your competition and your images appear to have excessive noise.
  2. It appears to be OOF perhaps not the water itself but the rocks are etc. It almost looks like you shot this handheld.
  3. everyone took a massive financial hit including him.
  4. Some of your images appear very dull, dark without vibrance for marketing department for a company selling ads for Koh Samui...Think about that for second, you are trying to sell images to advertisers, marketers and professionals. Here is your competition my man, take a look - never forget that you are COMPETING with these images. And straighten your horizons, Jesus. https://www.shutterstock.com/search/koh+samui?image_type=photo
  5. This is shameful...you have a high quality port even with a couple of hundred it smokes those with thousands easily. SS doesn't realize that we have to pay taxes on these sales as well which further reduces the amount.
  6. The worst part is my praying hands is on first page for 'Black Lives Matter' search and bringing in average of .10 a download.
  7. I used to make .33 cents (or more) per image now it's .10 cents. Stock is basically DOA at this moment, too many contributors being accepted drowning out the database and there are other free sites with really good work if not better. Read up the thread, long time money makers are shutting their accounts down.
  8. @Kate Shutterstock You're losing some top brass contributors, I might be next if some of my top sellers are going for ten cents. Your remaining contributors will be the ones who are not photographers who cannot find focus who cannot compose a top seller the ones who dump thousands of images into your database. You are running off some the best of the best.
  9. There are hundreds of thousands of protest photos being uploaded of different cities and states, there are probably thousands of photographers everywhere shooting for either their newspapers or for stock agencies. There are too many.
  10. My moon render sold for .10 today...I am so close to disabling the account and fully switching to AS. Most pros will leave here for AS I bet while SS keeps the OOF, noisy mass hard drive dumped shit. Its going to happen.
  11. I think its trends, sellers. The old saying 'you never know what will sell' is obsolete cause SS knows exactly what sells. Why hold a bunch of pictures that make no money or maybe one person somewhere in BFE buys it? If you upload a batch of potato photos and they all get rejected it cause there are too many . Upload a photo of protesters etc they will get accepted.
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