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  1. I plan to upload one to two images per week starting with an aerial series. 784B11A6-969B-466B-9F26-BFE1AE1E8D88.dng
  2. DJI RAW to jpeg. The drone is allowing me to create somewhat aerial minimals. Wind was 15 to 20 knots, Mavic gimbal kept shot absolutely steady. When I edit these later I’m gonna expand the dock and ocean to further create a minimalist shot.
  3. Crooked horizons and poorly executed images are all being accepted now so I think your gain was so high even the bot rejected it. Not sure why your horizons are crooked. Can you tell us why? IMHO keep your sunsets simple. Mine here has sold a few times.
  4. Celebrating over two years remaining at top twenty with over 117,000 “Buddhist Monk” images.
  5. I would question the competence of anyone uploading thousands of snapshots without any hope of ever recouping expenses inside of five years or more.
  6. I’ve had months with over $100 in profits with 500 images. There are two types of contributors: full time and part time. Full timers who are good at this make bank. Part timers it’s more about offsetting for other expenses. For me it’s travel money to offset expenses on other photography work.
  7. Well statistics probably say otherwise especially with millions of ports. The idiots with 3,000 terrible images and 20 sales a month vs 400 port at $100 to $500 a month speak volumes. Even if a clown has 10,000 images after spending over $2,500 in expenses while making less than $15.00 per month is STOOPID
  8. There are MANY ports with 500 or less that make $100 or more per month.
  9. You can make $100 a month with 10 images that go viral, even just one. You can have 10,000 photographs and make $10.00 per month or $1.00.
  10. An LA beach vs say a small park in a small town. It’s not just stock agencies either. Taking photos of children without permission in a park could land a photographer in jail in some countries. It’s the world we live in.
  11. Yes. A sex offender / trafficker can search SS for editorial images of children and know exactly where they live even where they were at a specific time and place, a park for example at 3:00 pm. Posting these kinds of photos really exposes SS as well as the contributor to lawsuits even prosecution. I met Mira Sorvino in Cambodia. A brave dedicated woman who battles sex trafficking and pedophiles. We talked about this exact same thing.
  12. IMHO taking editorial photos of a little girl is creepy AF especially their parents not knowing or giving explicit permission which would be model release. Two states are trying to outlaw this. Do that in Japan and you could be in 23 day lockdown getting your ass kicked. If I saw an old man taking candid photos of a little girl without permission I’d tell their parents IMMEDIATELY cause you never know. Taking the photo is bad but putting that four year olds town or city is worse. A couple of my friends and I travel to Cambodia once a year to find and assault pedophiles, registered sex offenders from EU, Canada and US.
  13. Posting images of your own children shouldn’t be a problem and youd have a model release. IMHO posting editorial images of other people’s young kids with full description and location could be a problem especially if a parent ever saw the photo of their kid somewhere.
  14. It is what it is and I agree the white fence sucks. I took the fence out but it didn’t really work. It’s the only composition that works in this shot. I shot over 30 other clients in basically the same location. I’ll be honest I lost sleep for days over the white fence. The field numbers help support the fence in a way but yea it’s there.
  15. That’s web compression here. There’s no banding in the full size.
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