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  1. Dear everyone, I don’t know how to use normal reasonable language like everyone else.
  2. Took me three tens, three times to be accepted. There were forums dedicated just for this. Now, no more.
  3. A few things. First the AS reviewer should be fired. Second, even after a week of flying, shooting, drinking and various other activities, this is the best news I’ve seen in a while.
  4. Thant’s all you had to say, no need for a long winded description. Today I’m flying to some glaciers, I’ll post pics later! BTW that’s not a stick I’m holding, look closer and you’ll see a scope.
  5. US border photos on the US side are a dime a dozen. Mexico side is an entirely different scenario especially aerial images in Ciudad Juarez. But then again you don’t know anything about this do you? The Tijuana images could you distortion correction but I like them. The one with the girl shooting into the sun, I like - it reminds me of Traffic. Do you know why Tijuana? I walk across the border into the US. I have doing it this way for over a year. This way my drone won’t get looked at which contains the OTHER photos you will might see under a different name.
  6. I appreciate the attention. Post the full mage you idiot. This is 30mm editorial.
  7. Is this the one you’re obsessed with? Hey you’ve spent time on this, thanks. BTW this is Tijuana side, and yes the wall is leaning. How would you know otherwise. Take out your credit card and book a flight to find out.
  8. How? I work everywhere. You back it up or STFU. You’re claiming I copied someone, back it up.
  9. WTF are you talking about? You think I copied someone based on photographs of the US Mexico border? Dipshit, they’re a dime a dozen. Hundreds of photographers out there - on both sides. If you accuse someone of plagiarism you better back it up.
  10. Without googling it I believe icebergs were formally part of ice shelves, glaciers. Over time the ocean shapes them into rounder blocks of floating ice kind of like the one I put into my drink.
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