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  1. You're right, so to speak tactically, but I had in mind the strategy - maybe I'm happier than many, because drains for me are only part of my activities
  2. And how much do you have to sell in order to attach a cake to coffee? Or is it an unheard of luxury?))
  3. What Italians are mischievous)) Proverbs - the wisdom of the people
  4. Dear sir, it was sarcasm)), you know, even in Russia many people don’t like this appeal so much that they say "Tambov Wolf is a comrade to you"
  5. Dear comrade, unfortunately, it was enough for me not to read "Farmyard", but only to listen to the memories of my grandfather - a rural livestock specialist, in order to hate this system. I think that Eastern Europe (and there are a lot of it) understands perfectly when they say "we are one team", it means "work for a bowl of soup"
  6. This is similar to the slogans from the Soviet collective farm of the Stalin era.
  7. Perhaps what was will remain. But will new QUALITY images be added?
  8. What do these millions of circles and squares mean? Who will buy millions of do-not-turn-up pictograms? Of course, those who have quality content will not want to work for nuts.
  9. Changing the payment policy on the Shutter is not only an unfriendly, but also a stupid decision - there will be no new contributors, the old ones will gradually leave, the flat style will go out of fashion ... Cook the broth from the chicken that laid the golden eggs.
  10. Did you see this "russian" leader?! Does he really look like russian? To me absolutely not!
  11. This is very nice site, but I hav a question to all: as you think whether such prospects are possible through this site: to find job in publishing house or advertising agency or good customer ore outsource?
  12. I've met a lot of people who mix two languages! It is really fun to listen to if you know both languages. The trouble comes when you only know one. Here is one funny example from an old Russian woman... Sashutuite windows a to childrenyata zacolduutsya (Shut the windows or the children will get cold)
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