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  1. It WAS the main microstock income source...I had 300$ per month before all this happened, now I have 2$ and it is 6th January.........
  2. Hello 0.30$ dollar per day :))) I had 300$ per month now I have 2$ and it is 6th January.........
  3. That is true. No matter of your "level" you will always get 0.10$. Read all this topic carefully.
  4. I'm familiar with russian culture, but those signs are too much
  5. THE SIXTH picture says "Thanks for the opportunity to be over drunk"...maybe it is about last stutterstock trends
  6. THE SIXTH said "Thanks for the opportunity to be over drunk"...maybe it is about last stutterstock trends
  7. If you translate from russian those signs you will surprise even more :))) The first in the second raw is "Nobody told that it will be easy" the fourth says "bitch with colored hair" the third is even more surprising
  8. Congrats to me! My portfolio is now fully disabled! I disabled it a few days ago and since today no any image is available for sale (if we can say there are sales heppening on shutterstock, because it looks different with $0.10 commission, it looks like some kind of donation now and it is true, you can see on the main shutter page, they give downloads for FREE)!
  9. Just received an email from shutter: "Reminder: Don't miss the July Shot List" AHAHAHA. Are anybody interested now in July Shot List? AHAHA Who wants to work for $0.10 or even read this email???
  10. All that time since 1st June I had some hope that something will change but I see that it turned in some kind of donation I'm not ready to. As a top on the cake I see on the main shutter page that they offer free downloads now... So.. now words to say...
  11. I disabled my portfolio. I believe it should disapear from search in 48 hours. 50$ instead 300$ this month is too much.
  12. It says it still has "969.833 new stock images added weekly." Does it mean somebody is ok with all that happening? I do not see any reason to upload any image. Thinking of disabling my portfoio.
  13. It really looks like a donation of images to somebody. I will NOT upload any image. Plus I have to decide to disable my portfolio if no any change. It looks like I will have $50 instead of $250 this month...
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