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  1. Correct. For some reason people STILL apparently can't tell the difference between MP and MB.
  2. More or less. When I wear my camo pants I'm a "tactical sloth". I try to do that whenever possible, just for the dramatic effect.
  3. My photography income doesn't allow me to afford basic cleaning supplies. For example, I lick my floors clean. Don't ask about the toilet. If you need any advice on how to live "post cleaning supplies" just PM me. You can do it.
  4. Definitely agree with Rudy. This would likely need to be editorial. Having said that (and ignoring all of the $0.10 stuff) there is quite a bit of noise in the darker areas. Particularly in the engine blades. Not sure if you lifted the shadows at all or if this is just straight out of camera but that could get a rejection as well. I'm not saying this is all "right" but you have to work to the reviewers.
  5. A lack of focus (red) squares and not focused viewfinder makes me think that the focus screen may have been bumped out of place. That would be the best case scenario. Doesn't explain focus squeaking but might be worth having a quick look at.
  6. I see no reason to re-enable sales until the pay structure changes. Sure, I miss out on a few $0.73 subs but every $0.10 sale eats $0.28 out of every one of those bigger sales (because every one of those sales would have got me 38 cents before). The numbers just don't work (for me). I've also had sales on A and P5 since shutting down here and those numbers make up for what I'm "missing" here. I pulled from IS when they started giving out sub 10 cent commissions. I see no reason to go back there either. If the price of entry to this market is accepting a majority of 10 cent commissions then I'm not interested in the market. 25 cents was bad enough. Having said that, you do you. Best of luck.
  7. Hacked accounts seem to be an end of the month tradition around here. If only Shutterstock could implement something like two-factor authentication or something to reduce the occurrence of this sort of thing. Its almost like they don't care.
  8. Upload a quarter million commercially useful images on subjects that are in high demand. Negotiate your own private deal. Profit.
  9. Options to consider: Sign with a minority background. Sign with a background of color Sign with a background which does not reflect light. Sign with a background consisting of all pigment colors Sign with a background that is not white, red, blue, green etc. Welcome to clown world.
  10. Just think about how much lighter your wallet will be! And, your shelves and pantry will be so much less cluttered! You'll help save the planet by not driving as much as well! Nothing but winning.
  11. By mid month: June 2019 $0.887 average per download June 2020 $0.375 average per download Even with my ODDs and SODs I'm making less than I would have with only subs. Sorry Shutterstock. If this is what is meant by "to create fair opportunities for all our contributors, and reward performance with greater earnings potential." I guess i'm not wanted around here. Not sure what I was doing last year that was unfair to be honest. It has been a good run all things considered. Time to go.
  12. In the post above yours it says that you can contact them to reactivate an old account. Either way, contact them to let them know that you want the account to remain open until it is paid out. If it is already deactivated, get them to reactivate it, then wait until it gets paid out to deactivate it.
  13. Now imagine if all of your subs were 0.38. Those 0.40s wouldn't look so great and all of the 0.10s that replaced the 0.38 would look pretty bad. Glad you're happy. U don't really understand why but whatever works for you.
  14. So far in June I am averaging $0.247 per sale. At this point in June 2019 I was averaging $1.15 per sale. I was firmly in the "lets see the numbers before we hysterically pull our portfolios and rant on the forums". I might leave my images up until the end of the month. Not convinced yet. Being functionally bumped down to the $0.25 per download level is frankly insulting. Especially knowing that SS is now making MORE off of my sales. I'm a pretty small player in this game but I've been here a bit over 10 years and have made decent money off of my small portfolio. That will end soon. It has been a good ride and I've learned a lot along the way. Off to greener pastures.
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