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  1. chris kolaczan

    Upgrading my gear, but is it worth doing so?

    Skills then gear. If you are producing great footage and getting sales then you can upgrade your gear. Part of this is that you will know if the income generated is going to pay for the gear (and how long it will take). If you are not producing the footage you need to get sales then upgrading gear is NOT going to improve that. It is really tempting but really not worth it. Buy lower end gear (seriously, there are alot of cameras out there that shoot 4K) and start producing. Once you get good at it you can upgrade.
  2. chris kolaczan

    Why is this a rejection reason?

    Most companies don't like it when you make money off of their trademarks. It is just that simple. Why should Shutterstock risk a lawsuit just so your image can be found easier by a few people?
  3. chris kolaczan

    Just to make you feel better

    "Rare black lightning bolt strikes near Cincinnati"
  4. chris kolaczan

    instant earn

    Upload 10000 useful images and you will instantly be earning.
  5. chris kolaczan

    This is allowed?

    It isn't allowed but, realistically, if someone wants a thumbnail sized copy of any of your images they can just screen capture it. I can't imagine why someone would go through the trouble of even searching that site for "clip art"
  6. chris kolaczan

    $1.50 Video Sale?!?!?!?!

    "yay" I'm in the club. I also got an email recently "offering" me a whole $2.02 for an EL. They had to get my approval for the sale as I've opted out of ELs. I'm sure they were surprised when I turned down such a generous offer. The race to the bottom continues.
  7. chris kolaczan

    Camera/Lens weather cover recommendations

    LensCoat has some pretty fancy ones. I haven't personally used them but if I ever move to the coast I might consider them. http://www.lenscoat.com/lenscoat´┐Ż-raincoat-standard-p-2089.html?osCsid=bcf29654c2750da6fd7e42d21331952e
  8. chris kolaczan

    What to do with this photo?

    Submit separately and title them 1 of 9, 2 of 9 etc. Maybe someone will buy the whole set.
  9. chris kolaczan

    Serious upload issue - a day's work lost?

    Glad to help. As far as "backfill"... You can copy the keywords directly from the keywording tool. Just get your list the way you want it (add what is missing, delete what doesn't belong) and hit "copy to clipboard". Then open the file info for any image they apply to and ctrl-x them in. I'm not sure if that is what you are asking. Seems too simple. The "copy keywords" button is big and bright red and hard to miss. Maybe I misread your issue.
  10. chris kolaczan

    Serious upload issue - a day's work lost?

    I use photoshop Elements but Photoshop is similar. With your image file open go to the file tab. Half way down it says "file info". Click that. It opens a window which shows all of the metadata for the image (camera settings, copyright etc). It also has boxes for "description" and "Keywords" Whatever you type in the Description box becomes your image description when uploading. Everything in Keywords becomes your keywords. Separate keywords by a comma and you are good to go. Once you save the file those keywords become part of the image file so when you upload them the description and keywords populate automatically. It saves a tonne of time.
  11. chris kolaczan

    Serious upload issue - a day's work lost?

    Don't panic (yet). Leave everything overnight and check tomorrow. It is possible that there is just a lag in the system. Also, ALWAYS put your keywords in the image file metadata (as noted above). It will save you alot of time when uploading to multiple sites or re-uploading.
  12. chris kolaczan

    How to add a reference image to EDITORAIL illustration?

    Thanks. I'm not really up to speed on illustration stuff. Reading through that I did see: In addition, there are two main guidelines: 1) We will only accept cartoons or caricatures of elected public officials. We will not accept cartoons or caricatures of celebrities. Which would make this illustration not acceptable as well (regardless of reference image).
  13. chris kolaczan

    How to add a reference image to EDITORAIL illustration?

    Would this even be editorial? If the sketch is by hand (i.e. not using someone else's reference image) why would it need to be editorial (serious question)?
  14. chris kolaczan

    For 1st time in year or 2 SS is earning most

    Inverting color (for negatives) is literally a three click process (I didn't actually count but it is super simple) in Photoshop/elements. Sorry, don't mean to de-rail the thread.
  15. chris kolaczan

    For 1st time in year or 2 SS is earning most

    Honsetly, a macro lens and slide holder with a decent backlight is a really quick way to scan slides. Takes a bit of time to set up so that the slide is parallel to the sensor but the results are actually pretty good. My biggest problem has been that all of the slides that looked great through the loupe or projected don't actually stand up to current digital sensors (may look sharp at 35mm but isn't at 24MP). Even the best scanners can't change that.