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  1. Maybe they thought it was a Lego model and Lego are the same as Disney with regards to protecting their copyright and image
  2. Different markets but I personally would not put RM up for POD sales, not worth the potential problems and losing the relationship with Alamy, let alone the legal implications. People buying wall art are not the same people looking for RM licensing, but why take the risk. Easy life option always best for me!
  3. Thousands! So the hit rate isn't very good, but sales values are worth the effort. Once you ell one image you tend to go on a bit of a roll and get a handful at a time.
  4. FAA can be VERY lucrative, sales shown for last October, was an exceptional month but "normal" month is around $300 - $500
  5. Jeez, would you stop spamming with the referral links! We know already!
  6. Guess that's the difference between a creative company and a technology company
  7. Reset every January, work you nuts off every year to get as high as you can and then...........reset back to start every January
  8. The other thing is the HUGE range for Level 5; 2501 - 25000 !!! That is obviously where the majority will sit, dropping from 38 to 35 and the image factories, who SS have no doubt already spoken with, will move up to 40
  9. An d I ust tried to download my earnings spreadsheet to start some calculations, and surprise surprise, it isn't available!
  10. I am on UK site so pricing for customers is in GB sterling, could someone please post US pricing for subs packs, ODDs, ELs, etc please? Then I can start working some real world comparisons to previous months - as best I can until we get some clarification
  11. @Kate Shutterstock Can you please get someone to run some figures for us? Give us some scenarios of real world change to earnings based on these changes = obviously these have been calculated already, which is what supported the decision, and it obviously works in SS favor but people need to be able to see how it effects them individually. Very difficult to try and calculate % when we don't know the selling prices, and they are subject to change at the whim of SS.
  12. I would assume, and hope, that it means your previous year's performance dictates your coming year's pay rate. My other concern is, pay levels are now all % based and not set on a value. For example, previously if someone bought a sub pack for 200 images for $100, on my current level I would receive $0.38 for each image I sold within that pack. Does it now mean that I will receive 35% dependent on how many images are actually purchased within that pack, or is it 35% of $0.50 per image, giving me $0.15 per image instead of $0.38? Same applies to ELs, SODs and anything other than subs I guess so we will be well out of pocket. If Adobe offer exclusivity now SS could well go under.
  13. Will also have knock on effect at Pond 5 where they reserve the right to reduce your file prices if you are selling the same clips cheaper elsewhere, so SS will now effect the whole market by taking this action.
  14. Colour auto trace vectors of photos are not allowed
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