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  1. Totally agree. This would be very useful! +1 I find the map tediously slow and hard to read. The all-on-one-chart approach that nataliia describes would be much more useful and interesting. Also, like others, I'd prefer to see my stats by month, not week.
  2. Thank you, Rixie! If you should decide to read it, I'll be curious to know later if you enjoyed it.
  3. Well, I sure can't pass up this opportunity to plug my own historical mystery/suspense/romance novel, Rubies of the Viper... which is available in paperback, for Kindle, and other e-book formats. With 30 reviews on Amazon, it enjoys a five-star rating. Be still, my heart! Here's the link, in case anybody's curious: http://www.amazon.com/Rubies-Viper-Martha-Marks/dp/0979519349/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1284953929&sr=1-1
  4. Be sure you don't look at this port if you're interested in critters about to be killed and cooked. But if you prefer critters on the hoof and wing in their natural habitats... http://www.shutterstock.com/results.mhtml#gallery_username=marthamarks
  5. As I see it, with a minimal financial buy-in from a certain number of contributors (and I have no idea what that number would be to make it viable), a coop group could afford to hire a couple of key employees to start: a skilled webmaster and a skilled business person. However, I doubt this will ever happen. As long as the vast majority of contributors to agencies like ShutterStock are happy to be here, as I am and most others seem to be, that's not likely to happen. If the IS model should happen to spread everywhere, then that could easily tip the balance toward a coop approach.
  6. I don't know about model releases, since I shoot wildlife, and they don't have a choice. :-) However, I can say... welcome! You'll find SS is a much nicer place to "be" than IS.
  7. count me in Me too! I've been at SS, IS and others for less than a year, so I don't expect a lot of consideration from anybody. However, I've been reading the IS forums for days and getting increasingly steamed about how badly some long-time, big-time photogs/illustrators are being treated. If it can happen to them, it can also happen to me. (And it *will* happen to me if I stay at IS, which is looking highly unlikely.) Seems to me the time is right for a coop approach. I'd buy in and help in any way I could.
  8. Everybody else has expressed their condolences well. Nothing more for me to say but the same. I'm very sorry for your loss and the suffering of this fine young man.
  9. I was wondering about that too. Mike did volunteer for this assignment, didn't he? Mine is July 27... and I passed the big 6-0 a few years back. Yikes!!! =:-0
  10. Looks like a Freudian slip to me. :-)
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