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  1. I've tryed two times. First time they seemd interested in my Surmi portraits, but when I answered that I had no release for them, and that is not possible to have a real one (those people can't read or write at all), they didn't bore to replay anymore, not even to say "No thank you". The second time I got no answer at all.
  2. Agreed. They certainly know the problem with rejections. If they are not taking steps to fix it, it means they want to decrease uploads.
  3. I resubmited the picture, only working on the Hydrangea 😇 and nothing more. it's been approved now. THIS really bother me: it means there were no reasons to reject the photo in the first submission.
  4. The wood is out of focus but in this kind of pictures it must be on focus. Usually these photographs are used to add someting on the table/wood but you can't add anything if the table is out of focus.
  5. Wilm Ihlenfeld, it's only the preview that is really compressed. There are not steps in the high resolution. This bay is in France, in Brittany: it is the bay of Saint Guirec. Yes I care for this situation for many reasons. One is that I upload to many agencies, but my pictures seems to sell much more on SS than on the others. And only on SS I can get really good high downloads. A second reason is that I learned to shoot from the rejections on SS, by understanding my mistakes and before thinking that the reviewer or the AI is wrong I need to check it well. But this time I can't understand why the AI see noise. I submitted 6 images yesterday (same location) and 5 were rejected for the same problem. This makes it impossible for me to grow my portfolio. Studio 2: Wisteria / hidrangeas, sorry for my mistake: i confused the english name of the flowers. I think I explained why I care for this problem. They pay 10 cents most of the time, but sometimes, they pay $ 40, 50, even 100. It happens quite often to me. Plus, there is always something to learn in these rejections. I see that the review is often too fussy, but most of the time there is a reason for the rejections. I do not complain, but I try to understand. It is a way to learn and to be better.
  6. Yes it's low resolution: I can't see it in High res
  7. Thank you for the "skilled". I don't deserve it. You are absolutely right about the flowers, but in this season all the wisteria are like these in my picture. I could have not include them (and I have pictures without them) but I think they add color. I can clone away the withered flowers, and maybe I will, but first of all I must solve my problem with rejections. I'm sure it is AI, but there must be something to do otherwise I can stop uploading: almost all of my pictures are rejected for noise. Maybe I can add an alert in the description? Like: "Ehi! Attention please! There are textures in this pictures! Textures are not noise!"
  8. It never happened before, but almost all of my pictures are rejected for noise, grain. I really don't see any noise, so maybe somone can help me with this thing that is going to be ridicolous This is one of the pictures I'm trying to upload and a 100% scale of a detail. I can't see noise, but maybe it's me?
  9. I have some fun rejections too. One for sensor/lense dust, but in reality they were seagulls in the sky and another for focus, a classic that goes well with everithing. I re-uploaded both and were accepted. Just a way to waste my time for 10 cents.
  10. It happened to me maybe one year ago. They spammed me with thousand emails and I wasn't fast enough to understand what was going on. Luckily SS refunded me for the lost payment. They admitted in some ways that the security of our account is their business.
  11. Payment was regular for me as always. Only once I had a problem and it was because someone hacked my account. I only knew it because my mail was spammed with literally thousands mails. Is everithing regular with your email?
  12. It's ridiculous, but try to be more specific: Pozzallo, Italian name of a town, located in Sicily, Italy
  13. Just seen...😩 What kind of On Demand pack could give a $ 0.56 each photo? We really need more transparency. They can give us whatever they want.
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