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  1. It happened to me maybe one year ago. They spammed me with thousand emails and I wasn't fast enough to understand what was going on. Luckily SS refunded me for the lost payment. They admitted in some ways that the security of our account is their business.
  2. Payment was regular for me as always. Only once I had a problem and it was because someone hacked my account. I only knew it because my mail was spammed with literally thousands mails. Is everithing regular with your email?
  3. It's ridiculous, but try to be more specific: Pozzallo, Italian name of a town, located in Sicily, Italy
  4. Just seen...😩 What kind of On Demand pack could give a $ 0.56 each photo? We really need more transparency. They can give us whatever they want.
  5. I am trying to explain how this can decrease our earnings from yesterday. Maybe I am not able to express clearly my thoughts due to my poor English. I will try again. SS offers a 10 images free trial pack. After the first month, this free trial become a monthly subscription at the price of 49 $. Each image of these packs is $ 4,90 and contributors get their good percentage (mine is 30%). Contributors get only 0.1 $ from each image of the free month. So, I don't know about you, but I prefer to get my $1.45 from a regular subscription, than 0.1$ from the free trial pack. But, here is the problem. To get his free trial pack a costumer have only to give a new email and can cancel his subscription whenever he wants. This means that after downloading 10 images for free, costumers can cancel the subscription and create another email to have 10 images for free again, and again, and again. It's not a suspect that I have: I know that people do it. What I complain is that SS is doing nothing and we are loosing money because they are not capable to control.
  6. Don't you see the difference from a buyer who pays 49 $ for a 10 images monthly subscriptions pack and one who does not buy the subscription pack because he can get it for free as many times as he wants? My percentage on that subscription plan is 1.45 $ for each image, not 0.10 $
  7. The only thing that you need to change is your email. You can use always the same banking account. I think that buying your images (or each other images) has no sense. I only complain that buyers don't need to buy a subscription because they can have images for free as many times as they need. There is no control at all.
  8. And after downloading 10 images, you cancel your subscription and open another with a different email. Really easy.
  9. I did not try, but I know someone who did it multiple times
  10. I discovered right now that you can have has many free packages as many emails you can create. Why should a buyer pay for photos? At least a small user? A small user pays for small packages and those packages are the most profitable for us. But they simply have to create an email and pufff... we are back to 10 cents. Anyone knows if SS has some control over this problem? I've seen someone do it, that's why I know it is possible, but is there a way to stop it?
  11. He is an arrogant and his answer seems to come from anger more than from a thinking brain. There is no point in offending contributors like he does. He lives a good life because of us. A man, who earns as much as him, can't talk about going back to work to people who is paid 0.1 $. This said, this month I have a loss only on subs, a big loss in percentage, almost a 50%. That's why I am not uploading anymore, but, till I have ODD, EL, and SOD, I will stay. I don't have them on other sites. On January, everything will change. Without those kind of big downloads, there is no earning at all here and I don't see the point of working hard for 20 $ a month.
  12. I was looking at the fresh content on SS and I saw accepted the picture of an otter playing with a Christmas ornament. It was also underesposed (I hope the photographer is not reading me: I don't want to offend anyone). So don't be upset by their rejections. They are boycotting themselves.
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