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  1. Really??? I need to follow Arcangel on Instagram! Thank you for letting me know! Thank you! It's an easy composite and snow and fog helped me to hide the elephant foot, which is the most difficult part to compose.
  2. No more scores for me. Now I see "Asset Data".
  3. I am on Level 3 SS: downloads 131 Revenue $ 40.08 AS: downloads 42 Revenue $ 57.03 For the second month in a row, AS in far better than SS. It never happened before to me and my small portfolio is even smaller on AS, without the editorial.
  4. the worst month in years and years. I'm completely unmotivated and I'm thinking about giving up on uploading. The effort I make no longer makes sense. I'm goingo to work for High End sites only. At least I'll grow as a photographer.
  5. I was lucky to find many years ago something to shoot that was both in great demand and difficult to find. That's why my portfolio went up in the ranking. This January is really different!
  6. For me everything is going worse, compared to January 2020. Less sales, no major sales, too much 0.10 cents. I'm not sure what I will do in the near future. Maybe I will focus more on finding new customers, because it is clear that I will no longer have the income I had before with SS. I'm not even close to it.
  7. I'm jealouse! Just reached level 3 and only $62,36 😅
  8. Yesterday I reached Level 2. 100 images sold for a total of $ 16,03. And Depositphotos is lowering royalties too. Happy 2021!
  9. January 8, 2020 = 86 download and $ 110.00 January 8, 2021 = 76 download and $ 9.45 AS January 8, 2021 = 18 download and $ 11.95. Really low download but much better revenue. I'm not uploading here until I get back to almost level 3.
  10. Quick question on Arcangel. How am I supposed to set up tax form and payments? I'm not US resident and I just can't find a page to fill any form or choose my payment method. (Not that I've sold anything yet...)
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