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  1. yeah, the same here. the first time haven't got paid yet
  2. I can't change to English as well. Every other language works fine but not English. Tried on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. Oh, it worked on Internet Explorer.
  3. Long time ago with 1/4 of my current portfolio I had the same income as today
  4. What a dull move! I agree that 260px is enough to be used and watermark doesn't bother anyone. You would better care more about protecting images instead of making them easier to steal.
  5. The new one maybe looks better but is is completely useless! Takes me 2-3 times more to submit images. Pls return the previous styles!
  6. Yeah, I got this e-mail too and I am sooo surprised as I always tried to title my photos very accurate and never intentionally duplicated words so how the hell I should find these wrong titled photos in my collection? Especially when I think I should have never received such an e-mail.
  7. What's more I have notice like this: You recently uploaded IMG_0976.jpg which could not be read by our image processor. Please contact support for help addressing this issue. I guess shoudn't be visible. Furthermore after submitting images succesfully I still see them and can edit or submit again and again for a while.
  8. I didn't receive an e-mail with approved photos and I received an e-mail twice after submitting new content. But it happens since I remember.
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