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  1. To take one example: your dahlias. You provide a lecture on all sorts of dahlias and their care. They do not want this. They want you to describe your actual photo, for example: Red pompom type dahlia with blue sky background. Or whatever it is.....
  2. OK. But s/he seems to have no images in their port either. Just odd.
  3. You joined SS 15 hours ago and you already have a file which has sold 10 or 15 times? Really? Am I missing something?
  4. yes, sorry, my mistake...but glad all sorted...
  5. So you are also on FT and this seems to be a partner site.
  6. Yep, still no reviews....3 days now? OK, not a great crisis, but when the 3 million images do all get rushed through then the landslide of images will bury those 'older' ones by even more....no chance of daylight.... Just hope it is because reviewers are getting extra training......
  7. Google Amazon.fr and try a few searches re photography. Many books there including Scott Kelby in French.
  8. Never noticed it on my port.
  9. Jim - I didn't want a paper copy, but people got fed up waiting to do EasyRelease so I just wish I had had a paper backup......
  10. It does what it says on the tin, but seems to take ages to get all the info in if you have more than one model to do....and everything has to be done in a certain order or...not sure....stuff doesn't go in and the signature of the witness doesn't go in. I had this issue and no paper backup model releases. I will have to send up shots Editorial now.
  11. To the agencies that accept them, you can do so through Stocksubmitter. To those that do not, Stocksub stops you wasting your time.....
  12. Many agencies don't accept Editorial and Stocksub. won't attempt to send to them.
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