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  1. Sarah2

    One more keyword suggestion tool

    Yellow? Decoration? Fruit? Vegetarian? Eat? Meal?
  2. Sarah2


    Is you daughter ok with her bare bum being shown? How old is she now? Can she consent? Will she be ok when she is 14 and her bare bum is advertising cream to soothe nappy rash?
  3. Sarah2

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Server problems? Pipeline on fire? Scheduled/unscheduled maintenance or just another truly pathetic day.....? And trying to post to the forum gets Bad Gateway....
  4. Sarah2

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Apparently, per Twitter.
  5. Sarah2

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Just hope there is a server catchup from yesterday after the technical problems....
  6. Sarah2

    decrease in sales

    Nope. Still a rubbish day.
  7. Sarah2

    decrease in sales

    Thanks Siridhata. One sale I guess is better than no sales - just! Onwards!
  8. Sarah2

    decrease in sales

    Same here. For disastrous read absent. Are they still twittering about maintenance?
  9. Sarah2

    decrease in sales

    Yuri - they are doing it all the time. They have told us. We can only put up with it and whinge (if it makes us feel better) from time to time....
  10. Sarah2

    decrease in sales

    Yeah, they change the algorithm and sometimes terrible things happen for a while to groups of us. I was whinging in Doom and Gloom recently for a total absence of USA sales which affected me lots. But after a few scary weeks (!) they - hopefully - seem to be back. But SS is adjusting algorithms etc all the time and maybe servers need maintenance or something.......who knows.....
  11. Sarah2

    The eternal mystery of keywords used

    Yes, seriously confused. Clearly it can't tell the difference between llama and flame - but there is also a photo of a nun in the mix!
  12. Sarah2

    Took the leap...

    Good luck!!!
  13. Sarah2

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Doom indeed......the ignore button doesn't work.......
  14. Sarah2

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Really? May I? Happy happy - or am I now in the wrong thread?!
  15. Sarah2

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Thread hijacked to drown out the topic again. Sigh.