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  1. Sarah2

    Stolen pictures, fake portfolios

    brilliant! well done!
  2. Sarah2

    Update to our graffiti policy

    Old thread alert...nothing has changed.....
  3. Sarah2


    Hmmm...when I contacted infringements all they wanted was MY info and for me to put in a claim...giving all my info to the perpetrator etc etc....
  4. I know the answer to this. It's Val d'Orcia - again. They have copyrighted the whole area, especially those famous trees and the farmhouse. Bit like the National Trust in the UK. But that is how it is.
  5. Just ask yourself why would ANYBODY buy ANY of these? You need to do better than the man/woman in the street with a point and shoot camera. Sorry.
  6. Very clever. On his FB page he links to 'his' port on SS but only the butterfly pics...you have to click again to see 'his' whole port!
  7. Sarah2

    Size & Format for daily quotes

    And beware of it looking like spam. You already have many duplicates.
  8. Sarah2

    More stuff for public domain.

    Besides, in stock you are supposed to own the copyright your submissions.
  9. Sarah2

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Made me smile! Thanks! Though I must say I agree...!!!
  10. Sarah2

    But I thought....

    You think there are still reviewers? Not just AI?
  11. Sarah2

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Truly grim. Worst as far back as my records go..... Guess 2019 will see more of the day job and less time photo-ing whereas I would have hoped for the opposite. Oh well.
  12. Sarah2

    But I thought....

    Terrible. Yet I have been given the 'similar' rejection for just 2 which were not VERY similar....! Whatever is going on........?
  13. Sarah2

    Another thief among us?

    Good luck! You have got further than I did!
  14. Down, down...ddd down....! Sales, downloads and motivation. Up: thieves, garbage, and trolls. Jolly dee. Happy New Year!
  15. Sarah2

    Another thief among us?

    Sigh.....spam....but nobody will care......