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  1. OK. I'll say. it. It actually doesn't look like a painting - canvas etc. It just looks like a (rather dodgy in my opinion) filter. If I wanted a painting effect, I would be disappointed. I would just say: Filtered textured image. For clarity.
  2. Sarah2

    Oh noooo

    And...the contrib site is down here - again!
  3. Sarah2

    The Contributor page is not loaded

    I see from their FB that they were also apologizing and thanking people for their patience while things were fixed on 3rd August and 6th August. Oh - and of course now.
  4. Sarah2

    The Contributor page is not loaded

    Doesn't load. Forums only.
  5. Sarah2

    Something is broken today

    Same here. Forum only.
  6. Sarah2

    Food photography

    But why do you post here? We are sellers, like you. We are not buyers. Do you have a technical problem?
  7. Sarah2

    Interesting article

    The headline: Online photos can’t simply be re-published, EU court rules. A student used a pic for a school project and the photog sought 400 Euros for the use.
  8. Sarah2

    Please comment my portfolio

    And your isolation aren't isolated: they have shadows so they are ON WHITE. Isolated means completely white around the edges of the object.
  9. Sarah2

    New 2018 Tax form

    you just type your name in. It serves as a digital signature.
  10. Sarah2

    Doom & Gloom 2

    For me most sites feeble. But you can download small images for free here now, no watermark - not to mention those dodgy Youtube vids. Then it's really easy to enlarge them and use them fine on blogs etc. Why spend money? Anywhere? A local store giving free samples which could then be traded in at that same store via the back door for real size packs, would soon be immensely popular - before taking all the competition out of business and going bust itself. Don't give up the day job.
  11. Sarah2

    Google to Shutterstock

    Oh well. I'm not that surprised!!! But too late now to start learning Chinese!
  12. Sarah2

    Google to Shutterstock

    我们可以用英语保存论坛吗? According to Google translate my message above says: Please can we keep the forum to English.
  13. Yep, SS support say this was only meant for people without an up to date form. If you have one already, nothing to do or change.
  14. Sarah2

    Stock Submitter

    Just keep doing it. Eventually it goes away and I am only rarely asked for it now.