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  1. Will these releases be accepted by other agencies or will we have to do old style (paper) or both?
  2. Nice rational response there...not! Free is even worse than 10C.
  3. Recent SS email contained stuff on keywording. The long and the short of it is it's probably best to avoid anything remotely..............not sure what word(s) I can use......ethnically or culturally or sexually or otherwise diverse.....judging from the advice/problems contained therein..... SS goes mega woke even though buyers will probably search for the 'unrecommended' terms.....
  4. Hmmm...odd.....nothing to do with quantity sold. All my downloads automatically got paid extra - $2 sales stopped, and $2.20 sales appeared. Would be interested in their response....
  5. 11 cents? You are lucky! I get a lot of 10 cents sales and am on Level 4, allegedly.
  6. From the number of 10 and 12cent subs I've been getting, it seems to me that SS have been selling those mega cheap 750 image packs to everybody for the last few....years?
  7. When I looked at my catalog manager just now, I see the first few pages sorted by 'new' are not my newest images - but a pretty random bunch of images going back to the ark, more or less..... Any idea what's going on???
  8. No. There is no future in microstock if you mean money.
  9. Today they have turned off the servers it seems.......
  10. Not many! Certainly less than employees.
  11. How sad that people are reduced to considering sites like Yay whatever-they-call-themselves-these-days and Picfair.
  12. I got 27c there today. One image sale. Hardly partytime.
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