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  1. Any info re Shutterstock Flex and how it affects us? Can't see any but maybe I'm not looking in the right place....
  2. Well, since my subs payment went from 38c to mainly 10c it is no surprise that income from subs is down by about 70% compared to last year. But I also notice that since Jan 1st Great Reset I have had no sales with a value greater than $4. None. Even at the end of 2020 a few decent sales each month ($20 - $70) went some way to rescuing things. Have all the customers who paid large sums been redirected to The Swanky Selection (Offset?), leaving the rest of us high and dry?
  3. So many downloads, so little income. And so it continues...
  4. This month looking to be one third of last January, and the same for 2019. Down 70%.
  5. Do we know if it is OBLIGATORY to use this system or will 'normal' releases still do. Not keen on doing 2 types of releases for microstock.... RSVP Thanks
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