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  1. Thank you, David, for all the help and support I and many many others have received from you over the years. I was so proud to be accepted after my first submission more than a decade ago (had been following the critique forum and improving my skills for months). After years of inactivity, I have been uploading regularly again the past half year. Sad it has to come to an end now, for you, for me, for a lot of people who worked so hard and passionate for this company that is letting us all down now.
  2. I started with CorelDraw too and it still feels more intuitive than AI to me. But why change to AD if you're used to CorelDraw? Just wondering.
  3. A different but related problem. Keywording older photo's. For instance. I looked at my photos form Prague from over 10 years ago. Amazing. But totally useless as I really have no idea anymore what was what or where. Any ideas?
  4. Great idea! I'll give this a try.
  5. Sheila, where and how do you submit the property release on beforehand? I have some very old images from my ancestors that I already processed for my family. I might give them a try here. Just maybe.
  6. Good for you! And that opens new perspectives I have some unique photo's from before the digital period made with a fairly good SRL. Maybe I'll scan some negatives and see what happens.
  7. Thanks all for your answers. The question 'is it worth the time and effort' is a good one. Some might be, most aren't. File size and resolution are acceptable. I do not agree that all older images are of no use: some are unique, some evoke nostalgic feelings, ... I submitted a few with minor editing, see where that leads to
  8. Lots of spare time in coronatimes, so I'm going through my old stuff. In 2009 I purchased my first DSRL. Now I'm looking at the photo's before that time. I had a bridge camera back then and thought my photo's looked super. O dear. They look great untill you zoom in. Chromatic abberation, noise, vignetting, all sorts of artefacts. Can they be rescued in your opinion?
  9. What I do is expand the image and then crop out the parts outside the clipping mask with pathfinder
  10. An ebook means screen and no print, right? Converting your images to RGB will make a lot of difference to the size of your file. (CMYK is for print.) And you probably could lower the dpi to 96 or even 72. Both recommendations if your output is screen only.
  11. I was talking vectors too, but that doesn't matter, all artwork has to be at least 4 MP, so 2000 x 2000 px or 4000 x 1000 px or ... as the topic k_t_graphics quoted also defines. What program are you working with?
  12. I make the artboard a minimum of 2000 x 2000 px and adjust the size of my illustration to it. Never a problem.
  13. I recognize the feeling. I had an unrefundable flight booking, luckily it was a very cheap one. I hope the same you do, but frankly, I think it will take a while, and there's a fair chance the rest of Europe will be infected soon. Fingers crossed.
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