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  1. No, I dont know, just ask, maybe some other could help..
  2. Long time forum doing little while
  3. Well.. more like 1/4 of decade, there will be acumulativ effect ih he (anybody) work on a regular basis, some old photo that sold now will sale in the future also etc...
  4. No, if they place them in a pot with warm water they jump out, if they put them in a pot with cold watter and then slowly heared... they cooking them, but frogs arent too dumb, their senzors work that way...
  5. People from "economicly well developed countries" sometimes dont know how it is to live and work in country with "not so well developed economy", even if they use to drop bombs on that countries, this is his way to try to make prices go up...
  6. Im working on some mandalas, at this moment I have around 500 of them, too bad I dont have where to sale them...
  7. Thank you! Not exactly what I was looking for, but very, very helpfull, thank you very much!!!
  8. There is a Kornak sun temple in India https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konark_Sun_Temple, it has a lot of diferent carvings on it, carvings of horses, elephants, dancers, very interesting erotic carvings, and carvings of gods. I would need photographs of carvings of dancers, but all of them, or if it is posible most of them, is there by any chance some on-line colection of such a photograps? I was searching but couldnt find? That would be photos like this:
  9. My intention was to start topic One month latter, but I got no will, I must admit I was wrong, thought situation will lest for one month untill someone see it is not ok, but no, I got no will to activate account again, I got no will to upload, got no will to work, what I was most disappointed is I was expected someone we know, Kate Shutterstock, Ana Shuttrstock to come in front of people and say ... just anything ... covid19, stock exchange, crysis, we must, we thought... but ... nothing, really stupid situation.
  10. I can tell you great success, it took me 10 years to reach 100 downloads and first payement. Mr. Srinivasan.Clicks are you from India maybe, I need a small help from someone who live in India, about one ancient temple?
  11. They shoot horses, dont they? One of better movies of USA cinematography.
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