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  1. over 95% average $0.18 per download (53) I was at $0.38, now level 4, so there will be no difference in January, it is painful.
  2. Worst ever since 2010 43 downloads. $7.23 ...
  3. I can beat that, 43 downloads this month and a magnificent $7.26, ha! , beat that!! That must be 3 beers, I drunk my windfall this evening! Such a great feeling to know that SS is paying my drinks bill. Signed: Sober Judge By the way, level 4, it feels good to be appreciated.
  4. I remember when I uploaded images of the city of Troy, in Turkey, it would not allow Trojan, only accepting the condom!
  5. Wow, an answer, I thought all SS admin had vanished!!! Hope all is well Kate!?
  6. Mar $75 73dl Apr $60 56dl May $78 76dl Jun $27 86dl RIP!
  7. The problem is that SS was always the best for me. I feel that SS has always had a better community than any other agency. No matter what we think of the arguments and general bad feeling in some of the forum threads a lot of us continue to read and follow what is going on. I myself have learnt a great deal by following the forums. So I feel let down by Shutterstock, the occasional "friendly faces" of Kate Shutterstock and Alex Shutterstock, were just a smokescreen.
  8. Probably very true, I suppose it is the way they went about it which has been a disaster. I am sure with a bit more PR effort towards us contributors they could have actually explained the situation! This is what really bugs me, it is bad enough now on level three but restarting again in January will be extremely dispiriting.I find, with my not very big port, that it continues to be the older images which sell anyway, I cannot see that if I started uploading wildly now it would generate many more sales, at least not for a year or so. I have stopped uploading.
  9. I joined in September 2009, about 126 months ago. Total lifetime earnings $11,242. Average earnings about $89 per month. June so far $19. Shutterstock has grown immensely and become very successful, yet while it was growing it managed to pay out resasonably high rates to the contributors. So why can they not continue to be successful and still give good payouts? Is it just simple greed? Or is the world different now? Sales have continued to rise as have the number of contributors, yet the payouts per image have plummeted.
  10. And still Shutterstock say NOTHING!
  11. You have some great images in your port, with a different point of view. From this thread it looks like you are interested in macro work. I have a love/hate relationship with macro, mainly insects and flowers, and find it continually frustrating! At the moment I am trying to get good macro videos in my garden and the focus issue is driving me mad. Some great results and then a load of rubbish! Anyway, to get to the point, it takes a lot of work to get consistently good results but very satisfying when it works out. I don't know what lens you are using but you can obviously get close in. You have to work on great lighting and apertures like f18 and above, even f32. There are fewer diffraction problems with these apertures in macro (I use the Nikon 105 micro and extension rings. In the field it usually has to be with flash with a soft light setup (google it). Then there is focus stacking, with luck even 3-4 quick shots of a bee on your hand, with a slight variation in focus, can be stacked to give a better depth of field. Then get into a tabletop "studio" and try stacking 20+shots of a static subject and the results can be spectacular. Don't give up!!
  12. So far no problem with Photoshop, which is the most important, just video . had to give up on Premiere Pro, but have been getting on OK with Da Vinci Resolve, but it won't take 4K, everything has to be "optimised" - using proxies. Generation 1948 for me! I must admit I am quite excited about a new one! I lost my Nikon D750 by dropping it into the sea, but it did "force" me to get the D780, which is wonderful, just a shame I couldn't sell the old one. Still it is good to know that everything does not have built in obsolescence.
  13. I am really fed up with Apple, I can't update the OS to macOSCatalina, my computer is obsolete, kaput. However it is still working very well, a bit slow at video editing but otherwise not a glitch. How old is it? Oh yes, I forgot, ONLY mid 2010, I reckon it will last another 10 years easily! PS I have just ordered the iMac 2019 ... Will I still be using it in 2030? I'll be 81 by then, will I even be alive!!?
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