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  1. To show what time does for us I have sold 59% on SS, far fewer on other sites, but that is over 12 years. More sobering is that 15% have only sold once. Only 23 first time sales at 10-11 cents
  2. The perfect formula, I reckon we all need to do that! Just watch the cents roll in.
  3. I don't know what this is however these are not flowers but dried fruits, they would have been full of seeds which would have been scattered in the wind. This is a yucca seed pod
  4. Simple, you only have 15 photos ... You need thousands! Keep up the good work.
  5. You also have to wait until you have $50 cleared, then payment is automatic. Just remember $5.29 is 52 SS Subs! I only had that number of downloads for the whole of January!
  6. Just to say that there is an excellent automatic sky replacement in Photoshop now (in Edit) and you can add all your own skies. I find basic editing in Photoshop is quick and easy, particularly using the Camera Raw filter. I have never used Lightroom - maybe I should try it, I have read that it is excellent for organising your images. I use Bridge.
  7. I usually used Photoshop for quick stacks, I find load into layers followed by Auto align and auto blend seem to be better than the automatic options. For more detail and lovely results I use Zyrene Stacker https://www.zerenesystems.com, you can more work closely on small sections of the image.
  8. our team ... resilience, kindness and creativity ... an underlying feeling of hope. no comment Shutterstock is home to more than 350 million images, over 20 million videos, as well as music, vectors, and illustrations I wonder where these all came from?The future looks bold, bright, and breathtaking for the shareholders - at our expense themes of empathy, integrity and innovation that we have witnessed in 2020 continue to prevail in 2021 not much empathy, no integrity plenty of contributor innovation At Shutterstock, we believe that we are stronger together
  9. My last 2 downloads from Alamy - $23 - I get about 1-2 a month (these were lower than normal). SS a magnificent $12.57 for 40 downloads, I might make Level 2 next month. I am down to 2010 SS income, on 10 times the number of images!
  10. This is the crux of the matter, and it is a suggestion of alternatives
  11. I don't constantly moan, just a few digs. I was never angry just disappointed. The point is now is the date when it all kicks in, we have all been demoted and I thought it important to comment. I have not deleted my port, why should I? It is still generating income. I have stopped uploading though. SS are no a charity but it would have been nice to have a little humanity. I have generated lot of income for SS over the years, even with my small port. Anyway have a happy New Year! Eat drink and be merry..
  12. Level 1!!Such a relief, thanks SS for stimulating me to be more creative and devaluing all my hard work over the last decade.
  13. Thanks again Vittorio your videos are always great! I have just invested in a Mini2 after losing my Mavic Pro2 in a Galician forest. Your videos give me hope that it was not wasted money!
  14. Must be slower because SS are so busy calculating how much money to take off us in January
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