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    Appeal Process?

    I think the image is lovely and the face in shadow is not too dark. Agree there is a slight purplish colour to the skin, but I think overall it blends with the overall image colour. When you look at some images which have been accepted with totally outrageous and non-realistic colours, this one is tame in comparison and a very appealing image. One customer may not like it, whereas another, like me, will. I think SS should bear differing preferences in mind when reviewing images. There is nothing wrong with this one.
  2. I am finding it more and more difficult to get images accepted, despite having been a contributor for 4 years. More and more are coming back rejected because of 'white balance incorrect' and I am getting so frustrated I am seriously thinking of withdrawing from SS. I think as the photographer (shooting in RAW so can be precise) that I know when the white balance is correct for my image, not whoever happens to be reviewing it. Unless it is crazily off (and I have seen some images with skies coloured impossible colours) they should trust our judgement on what is correct. What with that and other issues with releases getting more and more complicated, editorials on images of aeroplanes, etc., it is getting to the point where I can't be bothered when the return is so small for the effort involved.
  3. Many thanks, that was an eye opener. I didn't realise there would be a problem with such things. It's a good job not every building or landmark is so restricted.
  4. I am quite new to this and have just had two photos rejected due to 'Contains potential trademark or copyright infringement - non editorial'. They were photos taken in London and one has part of the London Eye in it and the other all of the London Eye. I have seen photos of this subject on other sites and it is a common enough subject for photographers so am confused as to why mine were rejected.
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