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  1. I was heading for almost 50% drop in revenue until yesterday and few last minute sales meant it was 35% drop. That was against an actual increase in image sales by around 20% That said, next month I should hit payout and I'm officially out of here.
  2. Midway through and my sales are slightly up, but 60% down on income. There are 15 days left of this month and then I'll decide what the future is. That said, selling any image and only receiving 0.10$ is blind stupidity on the side of the seller. We're worth more than this.
  3. An image off SS apparently. This just gets worse & worse reading comments on here.
  4. Not posted on here for years, but like the vast majority of the SS community, I am utterly dismayed at dropping 60% in sales return from $36c to $10c. After 10 years of enduring crappy rejections and increasingly lower sales, I think I'm out of here. All microstock agencies change their plans, lower percentages, but this is just embarrassing of SS - a complete disregard for the 1,000s of photographers that have contributed to its success. A slap in the face.
  5. Whilst we're all aware of copyright and advertising in images, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to post images of Asian temples (for example) as they often include inscriptions in the local language. Yesterday I had a photo of an old house rejected on account of a road sign that was in the shot written in Malaysian... I translated this, and it was 'One Way Street'. Surely common sense must come into this at some point? It all can't have to be Editorial on account of 6 letters (less than 5% of the shot) that are probably the temple name. I've even had images of European churches rejected on account of Latin inscriptions on the outside of the building It's getting silly.
  6. Adding my 2cents... I've been hit in the last year with a number of rejections, again with non-Latin text. The problem is two fold, there are images already of the same places (with text and no translation/description) and secondly, in the vast majority of cases, my photos are of temples, religious sites and don't carry trademarks, merely inscriptions etc. I think there needs to be better guidance/understanding of non-Latin text because translating script from a photo will be impossible unless bringing in translation services, and for 28cents sales, it's not worth it.
  7. When you say 'warnings', what exactly do you mean? What infringement was made on your behalf, or was it just quality issues they were not happy with? In regards the above pic, initially it was rejected on lightening which I now accept, but second submission was rejected on copyright, i then challenged and resubmitted to be accepted. The image of the gate further up in this post hasn't been accepted despite two further submissions.
  8. After the third attempt... Although a few others were still rejected.
  9. HA! Re-edited the temple, resubmitted and guess what..... rejected.
  10. thanks for the reply. your edit certainly improves it. might have to look at my monitor!! those falling buildings are sellers, i know, i know..... thanks
  11. Uploaded 20+ new pics last week and every single one was rejected for the same reason: Focus--Subject is blurry, too soft, or out of focus when viewed at full resolution. Poor Lighting--Image has exposure issues, unfavorable lighting conditions, and/or incorrect white balance. Now, I can accept one or two images may be borderline, but all of them? This is not the first time either I've posted similar rejections, it's getting slightly worrying especially when most have been accepted at other well known agencies
  12. Traditionally it's eaten on blinis, but more importantly you should never use a metal spoon to handle caviar as it kills the flavour. you need to use mother of pearl.
  13. I could copy and paste the above response in all your messages seeking advice. You need to find better subjects, improve composition and most importantly choose better lighting as you're shooting in harsh sunlight which is not favourable at all. The best I can suggest is find a subject you feel comfortable taking shots of, not just random snap shots. back to the drawing board I'm afraid.
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