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  1. Well i am uploading and distributing through Wirestock... they keyword and submit the images to all agencies. They take only 15 percent for from your provision and images are named under Wirestock. They support Shutterstock, Adobe, Alamy, Dreamstime, Depositphotos and Pond5 at the moment. But to not having to keyword anymore and not need to get headache were to submit i can life without this 15 percent in this times were efficiency is more then important. Honestly i believe it is the best option for me and cant see myself doing to much effort to upload.
  2. Hi Whiteaster, Luckily i am still not getting rejections for photos but i get for videos. And there i see very often that they put a rejection reason that really doesnt match. For example wrong aspect ratio while i am submitting as the guidelines are allowing. So i think at such moment that it might be a mistake then i submit again and i get suddenly again rejection but for different reason for example noise. Then i submit third time and voila accepted. 1. Wrong aspect Ratio 2. Noise (during clear day shot at iso100) 3. approved. In your case i really dont see any rationality. What is expected? That you change it to "Food and Drinks"? Just resubmit Mirco
  3. Hello @Thijs de Graaf, I see here some pattern that several times were mentioned by other contributors in the forum. Indeed in the window there is a plant that shows a label with trademark. The reviewer simply stopped reviewing and rejected the whole bunch at once. Other possibility could be that he selected by accident all images when he added the rejection reason. This versions looks for me more realistic. Still should not happen. Good luck with resubmitting ;).
  4. Thats very true and makes much sense i think. You could also help to get the RPI higher to delete all images and keep only the bestseller that made 5000 USD in total. Then you would have 1 image in your port with an RPI of 5000 USD. You would be the total winner :).
  5. Kids are not going to kindergarten anymore πŸ˜†. Good that you are at least still active.
  6. I believe it should be even more since stock is passive income and money can be still received years to come. I think you are considering only the money you practically earned till now right to your calculation or you made also prediction? If not then your 250 per hour is "just" your base amount. If you would stop now uploading you would still earn for a certain period without doing anything basically ;).
  7. I contacted helpdesk. At the end i got someone working for Shutterstock. They replied i can submit again if i think it was a mistake. It will be likely then reviewed by different reviewer. I understand rejections for noise or other technical reasons. But rejection for something that is accepted in the guidelines like aspect ratio is somewhat strange. System even reads the video. It is like you can upload mp4 but you get rejection because it is MP4. I understand on the other hand that many different reviewers are working with many different types of data. We are humans
  8. It is a simple sewer but it has some unique atmosphere
  9. Hi, I have similar experience as geogif. Photos as good as all accepted but video i get rejections like "aspect ratio" all of the sudden. The same type of clips accepted yesterday, last week and last years.
  10. There was a statement in the past from Vincent admin that explained exactly your theory. Pitty that i cant find it anymore. It was saying if a customer makes a search and he doesnt choose your images it will loose point and sink a bit. The info was from 2016 but as you say it seems still in place.
  11. For me as a person not wanting to use stocksubmitter i am submitting to: Shutterstock Adobe Stock Istock For me they are the agencies with the most value to effort (84 percent of total revenue). Every minute lost with submitting to the lower earners i prefer to spend to submit more to the mentioned 3. I prefer to not use any software like stocksubmitter to be more mobile but also because IS and AS need some special treatment went it comes to keywords. To get most out of it it is worth it to do it myself i believe.
  12. Hi all. I submit to: SS AS IS DP DT AL BS But i am really thinking to work more efficient to submit only to SS and AS. The rest is just a small addition. In my case AS and SS are like 80 percent of the total. I believe work spend with the 20 percent of the cake is better to be used to improve the 80 percent ;). Mirco
  13. I think it is fine to complain about rejections but promoting to everyone to not waste time to submit to SS is really not nescessery. If noone eats my first baked cake I cant tell all neighbour's that they should not bake a cake because nobody eats cakes. Good morning everyone.
  14. Thanks a lot Kate :). The contributor experience is getting better and better. Thanks for all the work. Maybe some of the below tips can help (maybe already in plan?) - Keywords automatic added to the image based on the description and location field. No need to double enter them ;). - Editorial captions automatically created based on the location field and exif data in the file for the date. - Keyword suggestion tool in the native app. Thank you. Mirco.
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