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  1. Thank you everyone for your comments! They are very much appreciated. Best, Scott
  2. Hi All, It is with mixed emotion that I'd like to announce I will be moving on at the end of the year. I joined Shutterstock over five years ago to grow the video business, later taking responsibility for all of Content. After 20+ years of working around-the-clock in news and photography, I’m going to be taking a sabbatical to spend time with my family. After that, with a continued passion for the visual arts and more, I expect to embark on new adventures. We’ve grown a much larger, very talented Content team, including Keren Sachs, Tom Spota, Jennifer Stybel, Vincent Jansen and many more. They are all available to support you. Thank all of you for your contributions! I look forward to keeping in touch! Best, Scott VP of Content Shutterstock
  3. Hello All, I realize there's some confusion, but I’ve edited a post to remove a comments directed at a member of the team. This issue has come up a few times now, so I’m going to take a moment to address it in more detail. We’ve done very light moderation in the forums, but we expect forum members to avoid personal attacks or characterizations and will enforce that policy strictly. The goal of these forums is to provide a venue for constructive feedback, education and community, not a platform for making personal comments about other members or the staff. When you’re making personal comments about other community members or the staff, you’re often commenting on the exact same people who are your biggest ­– and most vocal – supporters and advocates. Our team members have backgrounds as professional photographers, videographers, stock artists, assignment editors, creative directors, graphic designers, image buyers, working illustrators, etc. Their educational and professional lives have been spent getting assignments for artists; shooting; working in commercial studios; licensing images for publishers; i.e., on the whole, generating revenue for artists. For that (and many other) reasons, your efforts are respected and appreciated. When you’re talking to staff – whether you realize it or not – you’re often talking to people who empathize with your needs and those who spend their day passionately advocating for your success. We appreciate your efforts to keep conversations constructive and factual. Thank you! Best, Scott VP of Content Shutterstock
  4. Hello, If you ever find something like this, I'd suggest just shooting a quick note to submit@shutterstock.com. Regardless of whether it's a system error or a reviewer error - either way, it's something that the team would address. Best, Scott
  5. Also - to clarify; I'm not saying that is or was what exactly explains your concerns; just that the influx was something that happened during that time period. There are a number of different variables. Best, Scott
  6. Hi All, I'll come back into the thread soon. Two quick points - One environmental factor that most certainly did happen last year around the February - May timeframe was an influx of a number of new contributors and new portfolios. See this blog post. Depending on your portfolio size, subject matter, upload volume, keywording, etc., there are some people who are going to be more affected by new content and new contributors than others. I'm looking into other questions / factors and will come back. Separately, I looked into David's inquiries about the newsletter; David - you should be getting it according to our all of our settings and configurations. This could be a "spam folder" issue. Best, Scott
  7. Hi Marie, Sorry - your post had a number of feature requests and some questions about functionality, so I just need to speak more with the teams involved before replying. In general, feature requests are given to our designers, product and engineering folks, then they go into a backlog for future development. At the moment, we're working on new languages for the site (Brazilian Portuguese is coming soon), and pushing the new forums software, among other things. Feature requests then go into a prioritization process that includes all possible bugs and features that the engineers need to work on. Typically, those features or bugs prioritized by how much value they deliver to customers and contributors, and to how many (for example - we have many Russian contributors, but the site isn't in Russian). We also consider feasibility (is the engineering effort big or small?) and whether the request (mostly in the case of bugs) is well understood. Your suggestions were important, but I'll need to circle back. Best, Scott
  8. Hi Algol. Please see my answer above. Sorry, but your question was very broad (accessibility in Europe and Asia) and it would be helpful to know more. Happy to help, but we see a tremendous number of site visits from those regions, so to best answer, I think we'd need something more specific. Edit: I see there are some posts scattered in other threads like the "Doom and Gloom" thread. It would be helpful to consolidate (which is one of the reasons that email is the official support route), but I'll look at those. Best, Scott
  9. Hi guys, To clarify - when you ask questions, we take them on earnestly. For example, the truth is that the search system is incredibly complex and trying to analyze a single portfolio's performance (even a group of them) -- across many different performance factors, individual tests and environmental factors -- can be a difficult thing to do. When those questions get asked, we take them seriously and we go to the engineers on the Search team, to our "Contributor" team, the infrastructure engineers, our analysts, etc., and we sit down and try to determine if any changes took place (or if there are patterns in the actual data) that would help us best understand what would explain your experience. While it seems like there's one person supporting your efforts, there are actually many. When I've named the main "points of contact" for the various forums, those are just three people we have dedicated to the forums alone. There are dozens of additional people dedicated to our email queues, social media channels, review teams, IP compliance teams, product teams working on contributor tools, etc., who each own a piece of (and contribute to) the interaction. If I (or any other moderator) duck out for awhile - it's because we're coordinating the many folks involved to answer your questions to the best of our ability. Best, Scott
  10. Hi guys, I have to take some time for other responsibilities (pretty much always related to contributors and content - for example, we had a meeting today on the new forums release...that should happen in the next few weeks). I will come back into the thread as I become available. Best, Scott
  11. Hi Susan, Are you basing this off of the download map? It's possible that what you're seeing is part of the experience of using the map, which shows a limited number of recent downloads (keeping in mind that top contributors could have many downloads to display). It's meant to be more directional than authoritative. I believe it's a map display question more than something that's happening in search. There's no site feature or bug (certainly that I know of) that would be blocking sales from that area. Best, Scott
  12. Hi Warren, The list that Laurin posted contained a lot of overlapping individual questions on topics addressed in the first post. So, for example, if you're asking about changes to Most Popular, then you really need to understand our Search testing methodology and that when we change things, we do so after a series of many small tests that grow downloads overall and then measure the results. I believe people sometimes perceive that there's a big, monolithic singular event, as though we went from Search 1.0 to Search 2.0 one day and kept Search 2.0 for the next 9 months. That's not really how it works, so I'm trying to provide some transparency on the bigger picture. In the case of bugs, we're typically aware of them and they're in a backlog of items that our engineers work through one by one. In terms of which bugs get prioritized first really depends on the size and severity of the bug, how well understood it is, whether it is shared by multiple teams, and where it sits relative to larger feature requests that we're also working on. As is the case with Forums Search, many times, the area of the site affected is expected to be replaced altogether, so that is factored in as well. Best, Scott
  13. Hi Mike, Nice portfolio! There's a Call to Artists page here, which goes directly to the curation team: https://www.offset.com/artists-application To give you a sense of what we're taking in the same school of work, please take a look at Adam Schallau's portfolio. There are some really extraordinary weather images in there as well that I always love to look at. http://www.offset.com/artist/Adam+Schallau In general, Offset focuses on a a combination of a few things when looking at collections or whole bodies of work: Natural lighting, "authentic"-looking imagery. Images that don't look posed, staged, or otherwise heavily produced. High production value images. Narrative & storytelling images and images that work together. For example, think of a cover story for a premium outdoor magazine. These could be cover images, or two-page spreads, but would also work together as a set, and would be images that would tell a story in an almost editorial way. Images that fit an aesthetic that works with ad agencies and large publishers. That usually comes through in the art direction and styling. In general, the photographers we're working with are assignment photographers who work on national ad campaigns or with major editorial publishers. Much of their work is unique in stock because the images weren't initially created for stock. We also sometimes also have non-assignment photographers who work with "real" families in a very natural and spontaneous way. When people think about Offset, they should consider that many of our Offset customers also come to Shutterstock.com. It's more about what works for the collection. Images can't be at Shutterstock.com and Offset.com at the same time. Mike - I'll flag your website for the team. Best, Scott
  14. It's a good suggestion. We're just not there quite yet. As you can imagine, there are lots of good ideas of how to improve...it happens in steps as the engineering team builds new site features. We're translating the contributor site into multiple new languages at the moment. Brazilian Portuguese should come out soon. Best, Scott
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