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  1. Beeb able to get some sleep back to work in 21/2 hrs. Big thank you for the link and sympathy i will be back later. thank you. andy
  2. few teething problems please be patient and my apologies. trying everything to get them posted nothing seems to be working. Its been a long day I will try again later. regards andy.
  3. jake2008

    advice please

  4. jake2008

    advice please

    cancel my last request I clearly have much to learn regarding uploading on the forum.
  5. sorry about this and I hope I dont sound daft. How do that. I have noticed the attachment link on the bottom do I place them there one by one or is there an easier way. Regards Andy
  6. just had first 10 rejected for varying reasons composition, lighting etc. anyone got any advice on composition, I think I can work on the lighting but advice on this would also be appreciated. Cheers Andy.(gutted)
  7. well I am just uploading my first 10 photos. can someone answer this, do I have to title them I:e Editorial and then the description of the photo. I have uploaded various photos ranging from masai women to nature scenes. I hope that the variety is acceptable and my photos are are accepted. Can anyone tell me if I have done right. cheers Andy.
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