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  1. After a 10 years on the site with over 5300 images in portfolio & almost 40K downloads it looks at "it's time to say goodbye". I feel really sad😥
  2. Congrats my friend. Outstanding job during this years and great results. Just keep going 👌💪📷😉
  3. You have right Marcus. I registered myself on SS in August 2009, but it took 2 months to buy first Digital DSL Camera. Then my 10 entry photos have been rejected for the first 4 months. It means that I started to upload images and earn money from March 2010. So, the real time to reach 3000$ took about 2,5 year for me... Otherwise, thanks for spending your time for fast calculating my statistics. Have a good evening
  4. Thanks Marcus Tavares for that complete statistic. Where did you found this info? Tack Sari! Thanks to all of you for recognition of my achievements ...and responding Have a nice day
  5. Big Thanks to all of you!!! I forgot to show my milestone lucky photo. here it is: Have a nice day
  6. Hi! Welcome to 3rd income level SS family. I've just passed 3000$ milestone! It takes for me almost 1 year to reach 2nd level and 1,5 year to reach 3rd one. How was it with you? I'm looking forward for fast 4rd level:) Thnx SS
  7. I think, at it depends of contributor status, also. Last time I submitted few pictures from tropical resorts hotel exteriors on Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Pictures contains: swimming pool area - day and night landscapes, outdoor jacuzzi, hotel architecture details etc. On this volcanic islands you can find 1000 very simillar places like on the images I submitted. ... all get rejection two times...- missing PR. But at the same time other contributors submitted photos from his tropical vacation in Asia, Africa and America. Subject - tropical resort swimming pool area with typical hotel archi
  8. http://shutterstock.com/g/peter77
  9. I need to say, that I agree with all of you. I registered in four different microstock aggencies. In september, I subbmitted 30 images in all of this sites,... only 1 image get accepted in ss (lcv & focus rejection),... in other aggencies between 80-90% of photos get accepted. It makes me be dissapointment with ss subbmition. I think that: 1. ss have enough medium class images (for example- nature, landscape, outdoor portraits)..., they looking forward for photoshop manipulated, perfect focused images, what not exists in nature world around us. 2. ss have some favorited subbmitters(ph
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