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  1. @Kate Shutterstock I have the same issue. The difference is 13 399 downloads... What is going on???
  2. I was very reluctant to criticize the new rules despite the certainty that they are very unfavorable for us photographers. I thought - it must be somehow. Until now ... I'm on level 5, 11 years here full time... @Kate Shutterstock I hope you will also humbly accept a 72% salary cut Best luck
  3. Thank you Shutterstock for your support in these tough coronavirus pandemic time... I hope are we all going to survive
  4. Thank you ... But I wouldn't find it myself. I had to check the second time ... Anyway. It's there ... Finally
  5. @Kate Shutterstock @Jeff De Please tell us again. WHEN WHEN and when this newest sorting button will go back to our portfolio page? I can not belive it takes so long. I can still sort my photos by newest in my catalog manager. Do you really want to bring it back? Please... I'm kind of tired uploading new stuff and not to see it. When?????
  6. @Kate Shutterstock I see one issue on new MAP. Dots of Europe , South America and Africa are in the wrong place. One of my sale in Brasil showing dot on the ocean, sale in Rome have dot somewhare in Asia, Australia on the ocean.. etc. Looks like the map is positioned too much to the left side.
  7. Well. @Kate Shutterstock Thank you for answer about the newest content. Update on the map is a good change... Hope all will be like that. Regards!
  8. Can I kindly ask when this newest content will happen? I presume this is a question of everybody here...
  9. Every improvement here is like a step back.. And we have to use to it, because nobody listening. Of course they said already they will give as back sorting by newest but... What for is this made change if it's already bad? Another thing is this sort by TOP IMAGES. What are they top with? Sales??? no... popular? nooo. So just some random choice made by shutterstock. I just entered some popular city name to the search field - by the top images. On the second page are starting pictures of donuts, because it was taken in that city??? I just have a questiuon. What happened with
  10. Of course it dropped... There is too many players now. I don't have many videos so...
  11. Now I tell you about most surprising usage of stock photo I ever found In the movie - Collateral Beauty with Will Smith, Edward Norton and Kate Winslet there is a moment when Kate is looking for baby adoption. For few seconds on the screen there is few pictures - one of my little baby daughter Almost like she has play in this movie
  12. Thank you One of my own shot with wife from the tripod.. Very lucky.
  13. Thank you all. It's a very positive vibe from you. Of course there were better times, but things change and time flies. And who doesn't understand this, he stays with nothing. Let's see what happens after the next decade. Good luck
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