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  1. I would love it but... NO THANKS, because is certainly a production coming online after the 1st of June and I am pretty sure it is that crappy stuff made by amateurs in... (I'll not mention the origin). Thanks anyway for making it available.
  2. It doesn't matter. You will be paid $0.10 per sale, a mere fraction of what SS makes!
  3. I would be interested but I need to understand what you are proposing, how it would work and what the real benefits.
  4. Not at all. It was my first time but unfortunately I was running in front of the fires. I went through Cobargo, say, a couple hours before the tragedy.
  5. Unfortunately, there is nothing to celebrate. We can not celebrate 10 cents payouts for our hard work. Shame on you, Shutterstock.
  6. Two interesting facts: 1) The packs’ pricing is the same in US Dollars and in Australian Dollars (on-demand pack, 5 images, is 49 US$ and the same 49 A$) 2) So far, and for the entire month of June, none of the OD’s I received were 30% (level 4) of the listed pricing on SS website. I was paid: $1.80, $2.10, $2.29, $2.34, $2,38, $3.92
  7. Listed pricing in Australian Dollars:
  8. At $3.92, it is another On Demand outside the official listed pricing. And the bad smell continues. Right now, another OD one outside the listed pricing: $2.34
  9. The conclusion that all SS contributors should be drawing now is: SHUTTERSTOCK smells putrid. The listed pricing in the official SS website is one, what SS pay the contributors (meaning creators, artists, workers) is a very different matter. SS dictate levels, percentages and dates (starting on January 1 of each year) that contributors are obliged to follow but, every day SS pay whatever they want without any criteria and scrutiny. @Kate Shutterstock Please come clean. Show us a precise and concise table of SS official pricing and official pay outs to contributors, with all levels and percentages stated. Otherwise, 20+ different pays for subs look bad and smell a rat.
  10. Ok. However in the listed price per images for subs there is only 12 options (4 monthly no contract, 4 billed monthly and 4 billed upfront). So far this month of June I already have sales for 18 (eighteen) different values (from $0.10 to $1.18). For ODs I have right now 4 (four) sales on single $ digit (from $1.80 to $2.38) and the listed price per image only states 2 (two) options on Standard Licence. The other ODs are Enhanced License and on double digit value. It is difficult to understand.
  11. I'm totally lost with this "new earnings structure". I really can not understand it. It smells awful! Since June 1, I had a great variety of sales, even if in Shutterstock website there is not as many buying options. In “Subscription” I have: 0.10, 0.11, 0.12, 0.13, 0.14, 0.17, 0.19, 0.22, 0.30, 0.37, 0.41, 0.50, 0.52, 0.56, 0.59, 0.66, 0.68 and 1.18 ($) value sales In “On Demand” I have: 1.80, 2.10, 2.29 and 2.38 ($) value sales (none of them Enhanced) I am on level 4 at 30% royalty. However, I can not sort out the relationship between the values shown above and the official SS pricing published in the website. Can someone at SS Admin explain what is going on?
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