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  1. An article about our struggle: https://www.insideimaging.com.au/2020/shutterstock-contributors-unite-to-form-coalition/ Please, spread in twitter, fb, etc.
  2. 15.06.2020 00:00 - 322 859 126 16.06.2020 11:00 - 319 893 547 3 Million less since yesterday! Our mass shutdown works. shutterstock_portfolio_size
  3. Happy June 15th! I disabled 20k photos and wrote in Tagline "I disabled sales, because Shutterstock has reduced royalties to $0,1".
  4. Thanks man) Now we must fight for our rights together!
  5. I will disable sales of my 20.000 photos on June 15th. Let's do it together. Sign and join. https://www.change.org/p/change-the-humiliating-system-of-royalties-for-shutterstock-contributors
  6. Guys, look at the new stuff after we stopped uploading. Buyers will leave soon! d
  7. Russian speaking contributors are planning to mass disable their portfolios during 15-21 June period (and even month and more period, who can). So join the effort, if you dare. Stop being silent slaves! 1] Stop uploading 2] Disable Image/Video sales during 15-21 June period or more, tbd -> Go to Account Settings, disable sales [see pic below] 3] Change your image avatar at stock site and their forum 4] Change description of your profile to smth: "Shutterstock has reduced royalties to $0,1. If they do not cancel it, I will delete my portfolio on June 15th." 5] Upvote my post 6] Spread info at social media 7] If you have contact with buyers, deliver this info to them, convince them to change the stock.
  8. Waiting when money for May will come to Payoneer.
  9. I do not upload new images. If there are no changes in few days - I will turn of sales (20.000+ photos). boitano, good idea with a change in profile, I support this. Guys, you can do it here https://submit.shutterstock.com/account/public?language=en
  10. Petition: https://www.change.org/p/shutterstock-object-to-the-decline-in-shutterstock-s-contributor-earnings
  11. Guys, let's post what we think everythere - Twitter, Facebook, client and author apps, support etc! Crooks love silence - let's shout about their fraud! I already did it.
  12. In this difficult time, when the income of many stockers fell by 30-50%, instead of help, you decided to hammer a nail into the coffin. Your meanness will return to you, do not hesitate.
  13. Almost no sales of new photos in last month. I Stopped upload new material.
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