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  1. Good question Tatyana. I hope you'll find answer sooner rather than later. Many contributors including myself simply stopped uploading since June. Without SS we are still photographers. What is SS without us? Nothing!!! Love your portfolio, stay safe and good luck!
  2. I found Arcangel on https://brutallyhonestmicrostock.com/ and after two months of taking photographs specifically for them (vertical composition, story telling, "film look"...) edited to 20 and after three days of nervy waiting........I am accepted! Alexandre Rotenberg, thank you for all inputs and information, if we ever meet beer is on me. My next step is Stocksy. Haunting task, but I have 4 months to prepare application form and get out of this microstock misery. 1st of January is deadline! (I'm out anyway). Good luck to all of you.
  3. BS..….SS bought them few years ago FT.......AS bought them few years ago IS.....…G bought them few years ago Al...…...PA bought them today Welcome to the club!!!!
  4. "ShutterStock makes the rules for their agency and what they want to accept to license, the actual laws are irrelevant." Agree... and please allow me correct this sentence to "ShutterStock makes decision of what they want to accept to license, the actual laws are irrelevant." Full stop.
  5. Do you have copyright for this photograph? "Just because you bought the product doesn't mean you bought the copyright to the image"
  6. Forget agencies and sell to newspapers directly.
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