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  1. actually, it is 1800 video clips, with grand total of 20300usd in 9 years. means some clips have sold more than once. Although i would not leave my day work, this proves that this can be a bussiness one can live off, if taken fully as a primary source of earning.
  2. Thanks guys. monday i will begin the great migration follow up. the wildebeests are in Kenya's masai mara now. will be posting the highlights. maybe more crocs action this year because rains did not come plenty and the river is not deep or fast. that gives the crocs a field day hunting.
  3. If it is a motivation to anyone, please celebrate with me the milestone of reaching the 1000 downloads from 1800clips.this shows that it is the quality the precedes the quantity in this game. though i still need to keep uploading, i will still take time to upload only the best. Thank you buyers, whoever you are.
  4. I am kind of confused here. i have been uploading videoclips via ftp and at first the upload seem very slow despite having a fast internet. then after upload, i find that the number of uploaded clips is either double or close. i did 39clips, the uploaded was 68. i then did 75, the uploaded was 128. in each case i have had to clear the doubles at the edit face. does any one has similar experience?
  5. I am looking at the price tag on a6500 vs a 6300. looking at the improvement, it is only the inbody stabilization and maybe heating. all else is the same. would it be better to buy a gimbal with the extra dollars and just get the 6300 and i can use the gimbal with other cameras? more so, which of them do you think will last longer in the market...panasonic g85 or sony alfa 6300...
  6. I am contnuously learning the curve. Thanking you greatly for the input. sony still looks like the better option for wildlife videos. weather is always an issue and the animal world is active either morning or evening.
  7. Hi all, Merry Chrismas as the day approaches. I have been using Sony hvr z5u for all my wildlife and nature footages, which i do exclusively. I see the camera has been overtaken by events and i now need a 4k camera that is light, easy to carry around, but able to shoot quality footages for stock. i have done some reserches and things seem to point to mirrorless cameras. please help in determining which is the best, under 1300usd, which i have saved for such eventuality. is the sony alfa 6300 good enough? is anyone here using it? the question of overheating, that i read in a forum, does it still exist? what do you think of the long term use? as in... will things change so soon to render the morrorless..4k systems obsolete or can they last another 10 years like HD? this constant changes of gear can be costly if not well thought. any input please?
  8. Thanks benedek. i try to upload something that tells a story, not just potraiting an animal.
  9. 80% of sales in my port are sub/pack. i seem to get 8usd per clip as oposed to 26usd for cat. but the extended is good. once in a while i get 150usd per clip but they dont come regularly. i want to work hard and get ss to 3000 clips as p5 and see how goes.in p5 i am not in the sub family, which was handpicked. maybe that is why clients buying from my pot have moved to ss. i cant complain really.
  10. for me, ss has been the very meaning of roller coaster. one month 10downloads, next month 30 dowloads. this month though is going to be BME standing at 52 downloads with several extended L, it beats p5 by far. with 3 times the number of clips online at p5 and earning 200usd and ss hitting 600, then i would concentrate more on ss. AS has gone very slow on me. so it looks like themes mater. am fully on wildlife. sometimes big downloads comes from wildlife film makers, then sometimes it is dry for a whole month. One can not depend on this alone. very unpredictable.
  11. I would think the key wording suggestion tool should have been where it used to be before, on its own window so that you click on it when you need it. but it being on the edit page becomes very tempting to just click on it to place the suggested key words and move on with the edit. what now goes into the keyword section is what the computer has and like it has been said, half of it does not describe the item correctly. so the mistake could actually be genuine. my take.
  12. I did 128 video clips last month, ALL rejected. I contacted help center, uploaded all of them again plus more, now ALL 176 video clips rejected. Very frustrating noting that SS and POND5 have been my only sites since 2009. Its my business and it looks i have to concentrate on P5 now. most of the clips rejected here twice, are already selling at P5
  13. @oleschwander, this was clips uploaded, key worded and sent for curation. then all of them rejected as a batch, for the reason---"either too long or too short. looking at them, they all are according to specification. Help desk asks me to send all 122 clip IDS so they can check. instead of that, i chose at a latter date, to re upload the whole batch again. any better advice?
  14. same here my friend. uploaded 128 and all came back as "either too short or too long". Yet all of the footage have the required size. too costly to reupload now. will have to wait.
  15. I had a big sale first day of the month--17 clips in a day. then nothing till now. strange for me as well. last month i had 40 clips bought in a day, then nothing. very weird style, but i wont complain.
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