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  1. the 10% extra only for new customer subscription plan. Therefore you will get some with 10%, some without 10% extra - I had the same question and got such reply.
  2. SOD is NOT part of the new earnings structure. A random SOD will not balance those 0.1 $ dls out. Furthermore the rate for SOD is getting lower and lower, rare and rare. I had one SOD over 100$ years ago.
  3. SS will match your level.🤣
  4. Another stolen image in his portfolio: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/amazing-3d-background-abstract-image-1762836776 This architecture is of the entrance of the famous exhibition center in Basel, Switzerland. The thief has probably never been there and does not the place, so he wrote "3d abstract background" from the original photographer: https://unsplash.com/photos/ANNzsuFDYY0
  5. At the moment SS is the biggest microstock agency, but with the news of the SS destructive new pay structure spreading, not only the contributors but also the buyers will leave for other agencies, the situation will change. It takes a bit time.
  6. Reviewers are also contributors at the same time. They are frustrated, as well.
  7. that's true. I had been buyer in two small companies, who needed only occasionally images. We bought OD packages, but this package has limited valid period. In both cases, we did not fully downloaded what we had paid. The rest of the money stayed in SS - pure profit and they keep silent. I think there are many of this cases both with subscriptions and ODs.
  8. Shutterstock might think that they are "too big to fall". But in history there are enough cases that "Giants" did fall, due to mismanagement.
  9. DP has also partners. When the sales through the partners, it could be even 0.15 per download. But it is not very often.
  10. I have not disabled my portfolio. I wait and see.
  11. I am not uploading new images to SS anymore. I suggest those who are still uploading images, submit the smallest image sizes that are allowed. Your work is worth more than 10c.
  12. The moment you got your first download counts probably still under 31.05.2020. The new month comes in USA later than the other countries in the east.
  13. How about those reviewers? They are also contributors. Are they motivated by the new earning structure? Would it be worse to pass our images to reviewer? Or they simply quicken the review process to further lower the quality of the data base? Any way, noting is serious any more....
  14. "All contributors reset to level 1 for both images and videos every year on January 1st. " Shutterstock management leans back watching and laughing at all royal contributors doing Sisyphus Work.
  15. A nice improvement of the latest downloads, especially it can show the last 20 downloads in one scroll down, instead waiting for previous map displaying one by one. I agree with others that the map is not only less informative, it is also redundant beside the list. It can give place to "Set / View to Catalog Manager". This is the place I go often to work on my own portfolio in Shutterstock.
  16. I haven't been to the Inside/Forum page for quite some time. Today I suddenly see that the original file names of approved images appears above the ID file name. It is a great feature for me! Sometimes I looked for image from the same shooting series in my file archive. This is great help. Thank you Shutterstock Team.
  17. Same problem: one of uploaded images is not seen, tried reloading, it says something like: " we have an image with the same name in process...."
  18. Since Shutterstock always emphasizes that they listen and respect contributors' opinions for making changes. But in the issue of "New Contributor Dashboard" there has been no single consideration of contributors' suggestion, despite of so many meaningful suggestions made in this thread. I have been using a SS contributor's scripts to customize the individual dashboard elements to suit my need comfortably till the firefox quantum comes. That was the reason I did not make loud cry here till now. I beg the Shutterstock IT guys to make each dashboard element movable or adjustable, because each contributor has his own important element, for example, for me, it is important to see Image Status (Pending Approval....), Map (actual downloads) and View catalog Manage (to check my own submitted images). Other elements are static like "5 top Performance", "Profile" .... which I don't have to check them each time. I believe this is not a big deal for the talented SS IT guys to make it possible. This is at least a small gesture to prove that you listen to our opinions. Thanks with expectation.
  19. what is the point to enlarge the thumbnail in the content editing process?
  20. With modern and advanced medical technology, you will successfully go through the problem and we are waiting to see you new wildlife images soon! My best wishes.
  21. Same experience. I usually upload a new batch. When the new is approved, the old one is still "currently being processed", I know it is stuck, simply delete the images and reload.
  22. My later batch was approved, but not the stucked one. I deleted it and make a re-uploading.
  23. It happens again. The last batch has been waiting under "Currently being processed" since five days. Are they overseen?
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