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  1. I think I overreacted on this matter. Used to find my images on printed stuff but not a handpainted sign, guess it is ok! The client probably bought it and used it as a template.
  2. oleshwander Yes as I explained I found a handpainted copy of one of my images on a restaurant sign. I am not thinking about lawsuits or anything like it at all in this case, was just curious weather this is considered ok or not according to the different licences.
  3. Thank you GregDPhotos! Yes that's what bothers me, if credit is given to the painter. I wait to see if anyone alse can clearify.
  4. Hello everyone! I have a question about licenses. I recently found one of my vector images (a pointing hand that happens to be my best seller) on a handpainted sign. The artist (a very talented) has made a handpainted sign for a restaurant with an exact copy of my hand. I realise that this might be ok as you have the right to use the image in an ad for example. This felt a bit so and so though... Any thoughts about it? Should I just go on and feel honored?
  5. I can't upload anything today. It keeps saying JPEG is missing. I never had a problem before here on SS.
  6. Oh thanks Barry Blackburn for clearing this out, As I said I had a strong feeling it was not allowed. Maybe the no. 2. "Incorporated into merchandise...." is what has changed since last time I looked it up.
  7. Thank you fredex and darla. Ok I didn't know that had changed. Have to read through that loooong text...
  8. I have a question about copyright, is there any of the purchases here at SS that permits usage of our images for print-on-demand products like wallpaper, vinyl decorations etc? I have a strong feeling there is not, just want to make sure I am right.
  9. Yes I agree get rid of the black and pink. Then you could also repeat it and make a seamless pattern
  10. I like these birds and the simplistic style. Maybe play with these shapes and make a few more different birds or animals. I also think you should remove the background. You can make a lot of stuff using these shapes.
  11. SS and IS comes first followed by DT, FT, 123, DP, VS. BS comes in last place.
  12. If you buy an image with Enhanced Licence doesn't mean that you can resell it or make it available as an instant dl as it is. You can use the image or parts of it and incorporate it in your own design on products that you sell, but the image itself should not be the main thing.
  13. I have reported a shop to Etsy who resold other peoples graphics, and that account was immediately taken down. So it is worth it.
  14. Anna Rusakova (ukrainian artist) is someone who has inspired me a lot:
  15. Probably they want to just drag the eps into their design and end up with a white square. I had problems with that too...
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